Scientists found the tunnel 13000 years ago in Brazil. Who built it? It’s not like a human masterpiece!

Scientists found the tunnel 13000 years ago in Brazil. Who built it? It’s not like a human masterpiece!

Scientists all over the world have found many mysterious tunnels, which can also be called caves. There are many mysterious traces here, and many caves have found murals left by ancient humans. In the era of imperfect public facilities in ancient times, it is normal for ancient people to live in caves. Such caves are very common. However, from 2005 to 2016, when scientists from Brazil visited southern and southeastern Brazil, they found some mysterious caves different from those found in the past.

Because these caves are located in granite and basalt, these areas have been weathered for a long time, and there are some other cave structures with different sizes. The longest tunnel can reach 10m, the diameter can reach 2m, and the width can reach 4m. In this way, thousands of staggered caves have been found in the south of Brazil, and there are obvious caves in the caves Because the number of traces after excavation is too large, scientists can only choose to analyze them at the same time. After the identification of archaeologists, they found that these caves existed at least 13000 years ago. How large was the prehistoric human group at that time? Thousands of caves can be dug out.

In fact, the discovery history of these caves can be traced back to the 1930s, when archaeologists discovered the existence of tunnels in the Amazon basin. Because the research at that time was very limited, scientists could not know what these huge cave groups were used for. Finally, archaeologists came to the conclusion that 13000 years ago, humans built such a huge cave group for shelter from the rain.

At the beginning of 2000, the media reported that a 10 kilometer long tunnel was found in South America. The emergence of this report attracted the attention of the whole world, because they all wanted to know who built these tunnels. In addition, the 10 kilometer long tunnel is really attractive. In fact, some of these caves are 10 meters, some are thousands of meters, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with splicing these tunnels together for 10 kilometers. After this news report, someone sent out the letherta archives, which made these crisscross tunnels seem particularly mysterious.

With the continuous development of science and technology, archaeologists and scientists have arrived at this huge cave together. They want to know who built these caves? Was it left by aliens? Scientists think that this is definitely not natural, because its structure is very complex, which does not meet the standard of karst cave.

If you look closely at the rock walls of these tunnels, you will find a lot of excavation marks, which have not been carefully polished, just like someone carved them one by one with a shovel. According to the traces left in the cave, scientists seem to have found the answer. They seem to know who built this thing. Its builders are not human beings, but from the lazy earth living in South America. These traces and its footprints also fit perfectly. More than 10000 years ago, the earth was still in the ice age. The earth sloth was one of the giant creatures at that time. They could walk upright, stand on two feet, and have sharp forepaws. These thousands of caves are probably left behind by them. What do you think of this?

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