Scientists found “underwater pyramid”, related to Atlantis? So far there is no answer!

When we talk about ancient Egypt, many people think of the pyramid. As a miracle of World Architecture, the pyramid is still a controversial topic in the scientific community. How did people build such a magnificent building thousands of years ago? There is still no answer to this question. In fact, pyramids are not exclusive to ancient Egyptians. In 2013, scientists discovered a huge underwater pyramid. What’s the matter? Can humans survive on the bottom of the sea?

Underwater pyramid

According to news reports at that time, this is a pyramid discovered by scientists near the Azores. At that time, a man named Silva was marching on the sea. He was driving a yacht with great style. Just as he finished his yacht journey, he found a strange signal on his radar. This signal attracted his attention. He carefully identified the radar signal and found that there seemed to be a huge building in front of him, which was actually like a pyramid. Silva had never seen such a phenomenon. Because he loved the ocean very much, he also heard about many lost civilizations. At that time, he suspected that this huge pyramid might have been built by Atlantis.

He claimed that the structure of the underwater pyramid was exquisite and perfect. The height of the pyramid reached 60 meters, and the base area was 8000 square meters. At that time, he reported this phenomenon to scientific research institutions. When scientists came here to explore, they were also very curious. Is such a huge building natural or human built?

How did the pyramid come into being?

Until now, human beings can’t survive in the ocean, so some people think that such a huge building is not made by human beings at all, and it is likely to be a masterpiece of aliens. After all, the scientific research level of aliens is very high. Only aliens can spend such a long time on the seabed to build such exquisite buildings.

Some people think that perhaps in the distant past, here is not the ocean, but a piece of land. At that time, the Azores probably had a civilization. People built pyramids on land. Later, as the plate moved, it became an ocean pyramid and sank to the bottom of the sea. When everyone was talking about it, geologists put forward a different view. They thought that the building was probably just an underwater volcano.

Until now, the underground building is still controversial, and scientists have not forgotten that the underwater pyramid is still under study. They found that there are two other pyramids near the underwater pyramid. Is this really just a coincidence? I don’t know what you think?

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