Scientists guess that 2020 is just the beginning of disaster? Will the Mayan prophecy come true?

In recent years, great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment. After seeing all kinds of natural disasters on the earth, many people have also turned out the predictions of forecasters. Although these forecasters say different things, they all mentioned a common year, that is 2020. In the eyes of many people, 2020 is a crucial turning point. In this year, we have experienced too many bad things. Many people are hopeful to welcome 2021, but scientists are worried. Maybe the situation in 2021 is not optimistic. What’s the matter?

What happened in 2020?

The extreme disasters in 2020 are too frequent. At the beginning of the new year, an epidemic will come quietly. Human beings have been fighting against the virus for more than a year, and they have not been able to win the final victory until now. From this point of view, even if the medical level of human beings has been greatly improved, there are still some problems with the spread of the virus. In addition, the locust plague in East Africa has also affected human life. As long as the locusts experience the place, the crops everywhere are not immune, and people in many places are also facing the food crisis.

In 2020, the word we mention most is high temperature. According to the latest research results of scientists, 2020 is likely to be the hottest year in recent years. As the global temperature continues to rise, although the north and south poles are the most remote two points on the earth, they are not spared. Glaciers begin to melt in large quantities, and the permafrost layer gradually emerges. The ancient creatures hidden in the permafrost layer appear in front of human beings. After tens of millions of years of frozen storage, the remains of these creatures are still relatively intact. Although these biological remains are of great significance for scientists to study the evolution of life, in addition to biological remains, there are unknown viruses waiting for human beings in permafrost.

Mayan Prophecy

Global warming has become a fact, even if many countries have formulated measures to control global warming, but the effect is still relatively simple. It is precisely because the high temperature continues, so the frequency of forest fires is also higher and higher. The mountain fires in Australia and California are a test for human beings. After seeing this situation, people say that 2020 may really be just a warning. In the future, such disasters will become more and more frequent. Is the end of the world really coming for the Maya population?

Today, however, people who predicted that the fifth year of human life would come to an end on earth at that time thought that it would be a good time for us. So some people speculate that we may have miscalculated the Mayan calendar, and the end of their life may be 2021.

The important argument is that there is no scientific basis, and Xiaobian naturally does not believe it. However, if the earth’s environment is allowed to deteriorate, then human beings will lose their habitat and the earth’s environment will be in a state of poverty. What’s the difference between that time and the end of the world?

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