Scientists have calculated the PI to 30 trillion. Why should they continue to do so?

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Mathematics is a great science, which is called “beauty of reason” by countless scientists. It is also the basis of many disciplines. If you want to make great achievements in a certain physics discipline, you must first have a very solid mathematical foundation. Those great scientists in the history of human science, such as Newton and Einstein, have excellent mathematical skills.

Later, in order to go further on the road of physics, Einstein re studied and consolidated mathematics for 10 years. It can be seen that mathematics is such an important subject. If you can’t learn mathematics well, it’s difficult for you to make great achievements in other physics subjects. Moreover, mathematics is not only the foundation of physics, but also the foundation of many other disciplines, such as psychology, sociology and so on.

Mathematics is a great subject to study numbers and various formulas. Some people once said that the mystery of the world can not be solved by mathematics. Whether it is a fixed law or some abstract law, we can find the answer in the palace of mathematics. The study of numbers is inseparable from the study and exploration of various numbers. One of them is very mysterious. It was discovered more than 2000 years ago, and scientists have been studying it until now.

This number is pi. I believe everyone is very familiar with PI. When we were in primary school, we began to contact it. And the teacher told us that it is an infinite non cyclic decimal, can never be calculated. Since ancient times, I do not know how many mathematicians have devoted their lives to the calculation of PI.

However, human ability is limited. Although mathematicians have been calculating pi for more than 2000 years, the number of digits they can calculate is very limited. It was not until mankind entered the era of science and technology, when computers appeared and scientists entered formulas to calculate pi, that the position of PI increased rapidly. Now, people have calculated pi to more than 10 trillion.

At this time, many people may have such a question: Although PI has some applications in daily life, it can’t use many digits in general applications. Why is it that it has reached 10 trillion digits now? Scientists should continue to persevere. What’s the significance of doing this? Is there any special mystery in Pi?

Maybe many people are puzzled by scientists’ persistence in PI. What’s the use of tens of trillions of PI data? Is it useful for the progress of human science and technology? Many people have such doubts because they don’t know much about PI. Many people may think that PI has little effect and significance on human beings, but the real situation is not so.

PI plays an important role in the development of science and technology. What’s the role of PI in science and technology? First of all, it is an important ruler in the field of computer. We want to judge the performance of the computer, usually through some test software, but the software test data is not particularly accurate.

And scientists test the performance of the computer, not a simple application software, but with the PI. The same two computers, which one has better performance, can be seen by calculating pi, and PI can also detect some software and hardware bugs, many bugs are often hidden very well, general software testing is not found.

However, when the computer is running PI, it is possible to detect bugs in the computer. For example, when Intel released Pentium series processors, it used pi to find bugs in the design.

Secondly, PI has an extraordinary position in the field of cryptography. As human beings enter the information age and network age, the confidentiality of information is becoming more and more important. A lot of information and data need to be encrypted, and even if the traditional encryption method is more rigorous, it is easy for experts to find loopholes to crack. And to make the password hard to crack, it’s to use completely random infinite numbers.

In the field of mathematics, the only number that can realize infinite random is pi, so Pi is used in the field of cryptography. Many important information encryption are based on PI number, because of the completely Infinite Random attribute, it is very difficult to crack, and the security is also very high. Finally, PI has important applications in the field of modern chips.

With the continuous progress of human science and technology and the increasing application of PI, more and more scientists begin to realize that PI may not be a simple number as we imagine. It may have a very mysterious and complex origin. I believe that in many people’s cognition, we all know that there is no infinity in everything.

In human’s scientific cognition, if anything is infinite, it is estimated that it is the scope of the universe. In human cognition, the universe may be an infinite vast space, so is the universe really infinite? In fact, many scientists have doubts about this. The reason why we say that the universe is infinite is that human beings have limited observation ability and can not really observe the extreme position of the universe.

Probably the universe is not an infinite space, it also has boundaries. In fact, from the perspective of science, the universe is unlikely to be infinite, because in the world of science, there are no infinite things. The so-called infinity is only the product of human limited science. Because our scientific and technological strength is limited, so many beyond the cognitive things will be crowned with the concept of infinite mystery.

In the same way, we call PI an infinite non circulating decimal. It is also because of our limited knowledge and technology that we can not really uncover the mystery behind PI and think it is an infinite number. In the minds of scientists, in fact, they don’t agree that Pi is an infinite number, and its large probability is also limited, but we can’t calculate it completely, or PI can’t be calculated completely with the current mathematical system.

Scientists continue to calculate pi persistently, but also want to see where its limit is, hoping to find out more about the mystery of PI. If one day, a scientist has calculated the PI completely and put forward the evidence that Pi is not an infinite non circulating decimal, it will surely be a great event that will stir up the whole scientific community, and this scientist is believed to be included in the history of manned spaceflight.

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