Scientists have deciphered a mysterious signal 50000 years ago, which makes people confused

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The universe is so big that we can’t imagine, and the earth where human beings live is just one of the countless earth like planets in the vast universe. Although the earth is very small in front of the universe, but the earth from another point of view, it is very great. Because the earth is the only living planet we have found so far, and intelligent human beings have also been born.

At the moment when human beings walk out of the earth, a problem we have to face appears, that is, does alien civilization exist? Before human beings go out of the earth, before they really see the vastness and mystery of the universe, many people will doubt the existence of alien civilization.

But when we really see the vast universe and have more and more knowledge of the universe, most people no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization. From a scientific point of view, the most ridiculous thing is that there is no alien civilization in the universe, and the existence of human beings itself shows that there are other intelligent life in the universe.

Of course, if we want all human beings to recognize the existence of alien civilization, we still need to really find the evidence of the existence of alien civilization. Soon after human beings stepped out of the earth, they began to search for extraterrestrial civilization. Scientists mainly took two ways to search for extraterrestrial civilization. One way was to search for luck through deep space probes, such as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both of which carried a CD recording the earth and human information.

If the Voyager spacecraft is lucky enough, it may be captured by the alien civilization after going out of the solar system in the future, so as to know the existence of the earth and human beings through the above CD-ROM. Through the earth coordinates recorded in the CD, as long as the alien civilization has the ability of interstellar navigation, it can come to the solar system. At that time, we will know that the alien civilization really exists.

Of course, it is the worst way to search for alien civilization through the detector. The success rate of this method is very low. The reason is that the gravitational range of the sun has reached 4 light-years, and the speed of the detector is very slow. At this speed, it may take up to a few million years to fly out of the solar system. Only when we get out of the solar system, can the probe meet the alien civilization.

Therefore, the main hope for scientists to search for alien civilization is in the second way, that is, to search for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe. If there are many more powerful scientific and technological civilizations than human beings in the universe, then these civilizations cannot do without the use and spread of radio communication. The more powerful the interstellar civilization is, the more they need stronger radio technology, so there is a great probability that there will be a lot of civilization signals in the universe.

The expectation of scientists is to search for cosmic wireless signals through radio telescopes and find out the regular and mysterious signals, which may be sent out by alien civilizations. Then we try to decipher these signals, and maybe we can get some information about alien civilization from them. So have scientists searched the universe for signs of suspected alien civilization?

So far, scientists have found two most likely radio signals from alien civilizations. One is that on August 16, 1977, Jerry R. Ehman received a narrow-band radio signal with a large ear radio telescope at Ohio State University. The signal scientist went through all kinds of hardships to decipher only one word “Wow!” So this signal is also called “wow signal”.

Another mysterious signal was a mysterious repetitive signal intercepted by the deep space radio telescope in Australia in 2015. According to the signal attenuation curve, scientists speculated that the signal was sent out 50000 light-years away from the earth, near the constellation Ursa Major.

Last year, some scientists said that they had deciphered this mysterious signal from 50000 light-years away, but the content made people confused: “please direct us to the fourth universe, where there is an explosion, which is very dangerous, located in the 12 galaxy.” We can get a lot of relevant information through this passage. For example, this may be a fleet of alien civilizations in danger at the position of Galaxy 12, which is obviously a distress signal.

It’s just that we wonder what the fourth universe means? Where is the galaxy? These two important words mentioned in this passage are very important for human beings to understand the universe. If the content of this mysterious signal decoded by scientists is correct, then we have found evidence of the existence of alien civilization.

Moreover, we also know such an important thing as the fourth universe, which may be an area that we haven’t touched yet, and it may be the name of different regions of the universe given by advanced civilizations in the universe. As we all know, human beings have also divided the earth into different regions and marked different names, so that we can better explore the earth.

The same is true of the universe. If there is an alliance of advanced civilizations in the universe, then for the convenience of interstellar navigation, advanced civilizations will definitely divide the different positions of the universe. The name of the fourth universe may be the region where the galaxy is located. Later, we also mentioned Galaxy 12, which may be a more detailed regional division of the galaxy.

If this mysterious signal comes from 50000 light-years away, judging by the distance, it may be located near the center of the galaxy. This makes us have to think about a problem, that is, the center of the galaxy may be the gathering place of civilization. In fact, scientists have speculated about this problem for a long time, because near the center of the Milky way is the most concentrated region of stars and galaxies.

The concentrated area of galaxies means that there are more resources and energy here, and there is a supermassive black hole, which may also be an important reason to attract advanced civilizations to gather here. Of course, at present, all this is just a guess for us. For human beings, our technology is still very backward, and we still have a long way to go out of the solar system, let alone go to the center of the galaxy for exploration.

And whether the mysterious signal decoded by a scientist last year is completely correct has not been generally recognized by the scientific community. The science and technology of alien civilization may be totally different from that of human beings. If the radio signal modes of the two civilizations are totally different, it is very difficult for human beings to decipher the signals of alien civilization.

In any case, searching for the possible existence of alien mysterious signals in the universe is the most likely way for human beings to explore alien civilization. If human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation, they can naturally explore other galaxies, so that it is easy to understand the existence of alien civilization. But now, we are far from the interstellar civilization, so it is impossible to go to other galaxies. Therefore, the search for alien civilizations can only rely on astronomical telescopes. Unless one day, alien civilizations will come to earth on their own initiative, but at that time, it is difficult to say whether it is a blessing or a curse for human beings.

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