Scientists have detected a 3 billion light-year cosmic wall outside the universe. What’s going on?

Human beings have been born on the earth for millions of years. In ancient times, due to the limitation of science and technology, people thought that the earth was the core of the universe, so they had the theory of geocentrism. However, with the continuous progress of human civilization, it was only after the appearance of astronomical telescopes and the first man-made satellite that people realized that the earth was just a grain of dust in the universe.

The universe is vast and vast, and there are countless mysteries waiting for human beings to uncover. How big is the universe? Whether it has boundaries has always been a topic of discussion. Modern science believes that the origin of the universe originated from the singularity big bang, and the universe has been expanding since the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. It is precisely because of the expansion of the universe that many scientists believe that the universe has boundaries, and there will be space outside the universe.

If there is no space outside the universe, it is impossible for the universe to expand. This is the same reason that if a balloon is enclosed in a fixed size space, it can’t keep expanding. Recently, scientists in Italy announced that they have detected a cosmic wall that spans three billion light-years 15 billion light-years away. After the announcement of this incident, many people were shocked. Do many people think that we have been locked up in 15 billion light years?

In fact, there is a wall on the edge of the universe, which has been speculated and studied by scientists for a long time, but scientists can’t figure out how the wall came from? Is it natural or man-made after the big bang?

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have never given up looking for the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. However, after decades of Chinese new year, we still have nothing to find, and we have not found any trace of extraterrestrial civilization. Is it true that only the earth has civilization in the universe? If you think so, what’s the difference between it and a frog in the well? Therefore, scientists firmly believe that there must be an alien civilization in the universe. We haven’t found it yet. It may be related to the relative backwardness of human science and technology. Now we can’t even go out of the solar system, let alone explore the vast universe.

If there are many alien civilizations in the universe, their development must be different from that of human beings. Their civilization level may be lower than that of the earth, or far higher than that of the earth. Human beings have only been born for a few million years, while other ancient civilizations in the universe may have been born for tens of billions of years. We can’t imagine what a civilization ten billion years more advanced than Earth Science and technology is like Maybe this kind of civilization is no different from God in our eyes.

Although human beings have not been able to get out of the solar system, astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment can see very far away, and can see some scenes in the deep universe. Through astronomical telescope observation, it is found that the universe has not been calm, and disasters are happening all the time. Some galaxies are destroyed, some stars are dead, and some places have supernova explosions.

What makes scientists strange is that some disasters are happening everywhere in the universe, but only the Milky way is calm. Besides the black hole found in its center, no large black hole has been found anywhere else in the Milky way. Is the Milky way so special? And the solar system is even more calm and terrible, no disaster, the biggest disaster may be the impact of meteorites, but in the solar system, the earth is a special existence.

There is an asteroid belt in the solar system, in which there are numerous asteroids. From time to time, asteroids will leave orbit and collide with other planets, but they rarely collide with the earth. Haven’t asteroids come to this position of the earth? Of course not. If we look at the moon, the earth’s natural satellite, we can see that there are countless craters on the moon, which are all caused by meteorite impact. From this, we can see that this area of the earth is often visited by small stars, but why is the earth safe and human civilization born? This is also a very strange thing.

All these irrationalities have made scientists more confused about the origin of the universe, especially the discovery of this cosmic wall in the depths of the universe by Italian scientists, which has made this suspicion more and more intense. What do scientists have to guess? Some scientists believe that this kind of cosmic wall may have been set up by advanced civilizations in the universe. Our universe is also a closed universe. If we want to go out, we have to go through this 5 billion light-year cosmic wall.

If this conjecture is true, it is true that there is a wider space outside the universe, and the multiverse that scientists once conjectured may also be true. But why should advanced civilizations set up such a 5 billion light-year thick cosmic wall 15 billion light-years away? This may not be what we can understand. It may be that advanced civilizations want to protect the universe from being discovered by other civilizations. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message to express your unique opinions.

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