Scientists have discovered 15000 mysterious caves on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which may have existed for more than 50000 years

The earth is an earth like planet, and also a beautiful planet of life. When we look at the earth from space, you will find that it is beautiful and brilliant in blue. The reason why the earth is a beautiful blue planet is related to 71% of the ocean on the earth’s surface.

Water is the source of life. It is the rich water resources on the earth’s surface that lead to the birth of early life, the evolution of life and the birth of human beings. Since ancient times, the attraction of the ocean to human beings has always been not low. Although human beings have entered the era of science and technology and have a certain ability to explore the ocean, their understanding of the ocean is still only about 10%, and most of the ocean mysteries are still unsolved.

The most mysterious area in the ocean is the underwater world. If you have ever visited the ocean, you will be shocked by the beautiful scene. Of course, this kind of beautiful underwater scenery is only available in the shallow sea. If it is in the deep sea area, the feeling we feel is not beauty but fear.

The undersea world is far more mysterious than the land world. In the long billions of years of the earth, there have been many geological movements. Each geological movement will bring great impact and changes to the earth’s ecological structure, and these changes can’t be seen on the land surface. Many traces of history will sink into the seabed.

Therefore, in addition to exploring life, it is more important for scientists to understand the history of the earth, especially the evolution of life, through some geological information preserved on the seabed. Some people even think that there may be an intelligent civilization under the sea. Of course, this is just people’s guess. At present, scientists have not found any trace of civilization under the sea.

In addition to some biological and historical geological structures, there may be some traces of prehistoric civilization on the seabed. In the long history of the earth, it is still a mystery whether there were prehistoric civilizations. Although we are not sure whether there were other civilizations before human civilization, there were some mysterious civilizations, such as Maya civilization and Atlantis, in the tens of thousands of years of human civilization.

We can find the remains of the Mayan civilization on land, but no relevant remains of the Atlantis civilization have been found so far. Some people speculate that the remains of Atlantis may be in a certain area of the seabed. The mysteries of the sea floor attract countless explorers and scientists.

According to the scientific report of the American Geophysical Union’s autumn meeting in 2019, scientists have discovered a mysterious undersea phenomenon off the coast of California, that is, thousands of mysterious “holes” lurking. According to the preliminary seabed survey data, there is a layer of soft sediment on these thousands of circular caves. With the passage of time, it seems that many caves have become a “living place” for the growth of the creatures.

The number of these caves is very large, about 15000, and there are many very large caves. Most of the caves have a diameter of more than 11 meters and a depth of more than 1 meter. It’s not surprising that there are caves at the bottom of the sea. If you have any experience in exploring the bottom of the sea, you should understand that the bottom of the sea is actually a place with many caves.

Many of the caves are related to the formation of methane gas. We should know that the resources of the ocean can far exceed those of the land. In particular, there are a large number of combustible ice resources in the ocean which are very important for the future of mankind. This is a very clean resource compared with coal and caves. Combustible ice is abundant in the seabed, and its decomposition will release methane, so the release of methane gas is relatively large, and the emission of these gases will form many caves in the seabed.

However, the caves formed by methane gas are relatively small, while the 15000 mysterious caves discovered by scientists in the Pacific Ocean are very large, which obviously can not be caused by the release of methane. Through further research, scientists also found that these caves may have existed for about 50000 years. These are ancient caves.

The team also used tools to explore and found these “micro depressions” with steep sides. Similar “tails” of sediments are also seen, and caves in many areas seem to shift in the same direction. How these large numbers of mysterious caves formed is still a mystery, which needs more exploration and research by scientists.

And exploring larger caves on the ocean floor often means more risk. You know, the caves on the bottom of the sea are extraordinary. They basically occupy all kinds of oceans repeatedly and become their homes. Experienced underwater explorers often go to underwater caves to catch some very precious fish. Of course, this is only for some small caves. If they are especially large in diameter, you should be careful when you enter them. If you don’t get them right, a giant will appear.

The underwater world still has too many secrets for human beings. However, human science and technology can’t realize the free exploration in the seabed, especially in the mysterious deep sea. Although some submersibles can dive to the bottom of ten thousand meters, they can’t explore freely. You can only stay in a limited area of the deep sea for a short time.

When human science and technology can freely explore the ocean, it will really conquer the ocean. At that time, the ocean will have no secrets for human beings. At that time, maybe we can really understand the history of the earth and the origin of life through the ocean. Moreover, the bottom of the sea is also the closest place to the interior of the earth. In the future, we will explore the underground world, and perhaps enter through the ocean.

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