Scientists have discovered a new earth, in the constellation Centaurus, where life may exist

Human civilization is a great civilization. From the industrial revolution, human beings embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. From then on, human civilization began to rise. With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s living standards continued to improve. In particular, the development in the past 100 years can be described as a rocket. The speed of technological innovation makes people feel incredible. If you don’t contact the world for three years, you may not be able to catch up with the trend of the times, and it’s a bit out.

This is the welfare brought about by science and technology. Science and technology has enabled human civilization to make explosive progress and development, enabling human beings to go out of the earth and explore the universe. It has realized the human dream of going to space for tens of thousands of years. However, the rapid development of science and technology has also brought huge burden and damage to the earth, the most obvious is the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the emission of industrial waste gas makes the greenhouse effect more and more serious, the global temperature is rising, and a series of natural disasters are also increasing.

At the same time, the rapid development of science and technology also accelerates the consumption of the earth’s resources. As the earth’s resources are limited, once the earth’s resources are consumed, where will mankind go? At that time, we had only one way to go, that is, to leave the earth and emigrate to another new earth suitable for human survival.

If you want to immigrate to other planets, you need to find a planet suitable for human survival first. Scientists have not found another planet suitable for human survival in the habitable zone of the solar system. The only planet similar to earth is Mars. However, Mars can not live directly. It needs to be transformed into an environment suitable for human survival, but it’s impossible to transform a planet It’s not easy.

What scientists want most is to find a planet like the earth. This natural living environment is the best. Of course, it’s hard to find such a planet. Although the universe is vast and there are countless planets, there must be many planets that are very similar to the earth’s environment, and even many planets that are far better than the earth’s environment, but the universe is too big and the distance is too long Taking light years as a unit, even if we find a planet thousands of light years away that is exactly the same as the earth, it’s useless for human beings. We can’t reach it. It’s too far away.

Therefore, what scientists hope most is to find a new earth in the galaxies near the solar system, so that human beings can hope to arrive. Although we can’t leave the solar system now, with the development of science and technology, as long as the speed of spacecraft can reach the speed of sub light, there is still hope to go to some galaxies around the solar system.

In order to search and find more earth like planets, scientists use intelligent detection equipment to implement a plan. The plan aims to use intelligent systems to comprehensively search for possible habitable planets outside the earth, hoping to find some planets that have been ignored by us.

With the efforts of scientists, we finally found a very unique planet. It is very similar to the earth in size, mass and gravity. The key is that it is not too far away from the earth, only 4 light-years away. It is located in the constellation Centaurus. This star system is the closest galaxy to the solar system, which many scientists once cherished It is suspected that Centaur may have the existence of alien civilization. And a very famous science fiction novel “three bodies” describes the powerful alien civilization is from Centaurus.

Maybe in the past people thought that the description in the three bodies was just a science fiction story, but now scientists have found this earth like planet in the constellation Centaurus, which is very similar to the earth, and it is full of mystery. Scientists also found that the planet is likely to have a lot of liquid water resources. In the use of spectral analysis to determine the atmosphere of the planet, scientists see that the oxygen content of the planet is more abundant than that of the earth.

It’s not hard to see that this planet is a replica of the earth? Almost as like as two peas, is it the second home that mankind has been struggling for many years? Although scientists are very happy to find such a new earth, they are also worried about whether there will be life on this planet? Will there be a powerful alien civilization as described in the three bodies.

Human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe for more than half a century. Of course, they will not insist that there is only one civilization in the universe. More scientists believe that life in the universe may not be very rare, it may be an ordinary existence, but the existence of life in different forms, human science and technology is difficult to find it. There may not be many intelligent life in the universe, but considering that the universe is so large, although the distribution distance may be very far away, the alien civilization of the whole universe may also be a very large number.

Even if there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in a small galaxy, there will be at least thousands of alien civilizations according to one in 100 billion probability. If there is an alien civilization in Centaurus, maybe it’s not surprising. What’s more, a planet so similar to the earth has been found. However, human science and technology is still lagging behind. Although it is only 4 light-years away, it is also an unattainable distance for human beings.

However, with the rapid development of science and technology, as long as we can master the controllable nuclear fusion, we can develop a nuclear fusion engine. At that time, the speed of the spaceship will increase explosively, and the hope of achieving sub light speed is great. As long as the spaceship has sub light speed, it will not be difficult to leave the solar system, and it will be difficult to go to Centaurus four light years away It’s about 10 years.

Only when the spaceship can reach Centaurus, can we determine the situation there and understand whether there is life on this new earth. If there is no intelligent life, it is good to say that once there is an alien civilization and its strength is equal to that of the earth, it is basically impossible for human beings to colonize that planet, and we can only look for other new earth.

As long as the speed of the spacecraft can be greatly improved, it will be able to explore further space, explore further star systems, and find planets suitable for human survival. It is believed that there will be many earth like planets similar to the earth in the Milky way, and there will be no planet to immigrate in the future.

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