Scientists have discovered a new earth like planet with water, atmosphere and possibly life

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life. At the same time, they are also looking for a new earth suitable for human survival. Many people may not understand why we are looking for a new earth? Isn’t life very good on earth. But when you really understand the current situation and future of the earth, you will not think that scientists are looking for a new earth for the continuation of human civilization and the future of mankind.

Human beings have been born on the earth for millions of years. From birth to going out of the earth, human beings have created a miracle. We should know that in the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, there have been countless creatures, some of which are much longer than the time that human beings lived on the earth. For example, dinosaurs 65 million years ago were the overlord of the earth. They have lived on the earth for 160 million years. For such a long time, dinosaurs have not evolved into intelligent life, let alone civilization. It can be seen that it is not so easy for organisms to grow into intelligent life. It takes tens of millions of years at least and hundreds of millions of years at most. However, it takes only millions of years for human beings. We have to say that it is a miracle of life.

In fact, the great development of human civilization started from the industrial revolution. Human civilization began to develop towards scientific and technological civilization. It took only 200 years to go out of the earth and explore the universe. The rapid development of scientific and technological civilization makes people’s life higher and higher, but at the same time, it also speeds up the consumption of the earth’s resources, and the more serious is the continuous destruction of the environment.

I believe friends can feel all kinds of natural disasters brought about by environmental damage. The natural environment with birds singing and flowers fragrance is in sight. There is a large amount of greenhouse gas emission, and the blue sky is rarely seen. The greenhouse effect has led to the rising global temperature, the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, the rising sea level, and the increasing frequency of typhoons. It can be seen that natural disasters are emerging in recent years Rising trend, which is the result of human damage to the environment.

The earth is a planet, and it also has a life span. Coupled with the rapid development of human science and technology, the consumption of life on the earth is increasing. The future Earth is bound to be slowly unsuitable for human life. If human beings want to continue to develop and continue, interstellar migration is the inevitable choice. To immigrate to other planets, we must first find earth like planets suitable for human survival.

The universe is vast and there are countless planets. There must be many earth like planets suitable for human survival. Although we can’t get out of the solar system now, astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment can see some stars and planets within thousands of light-years. Scientists have discovered many earth like planets in the universe through astronomical telescopes. Some of them are very similar to the earth and may be completely suitable for human survival. However, these planets are too far away from the earth, ranging from tens of light-years to hundreds or thousands of light-years.

Due to the limitation of human science and technology and the development speed of science and technology in the future, even if we can observe planets hundreds of light-years away that are exactly the same as the earth, we can only see but can’t reach them. We have to find earth like planets that are closer to the earth, so that human beings can hope to arrive and immigrate in the future.

The latest exploration satellite “Tess” launched in April this year has detected an earth like planet 4.8 light years away from the earth. This earth like planet is very similar to the earth, which is called pirated earth. Through observation, it is found that the earth like planet is about 1.65 times the size of the earth, and its gravity is larger than that of the earth.

At the same time, scientists also found that this earth like planet, like the earth, has a thick atmosphere, and there is oxygen in the atmosphere, which is too important for human beings. No matter how good the planet environment is, we can’t survive without oxygen. In addition, water vapor has been detected in the atmosphere, which indicates that there is liquid water on the planet. According to orbital calculation, it is also in the habitable zone of the star system, and it also has four seasons. No wonder when scientists found this planet, they called it pirated earth, which is too similar to the earth.

Scientists are very happy with the discovery of this new earth like planet. It is so similar to the earth that human beings may live directly. More importantly, it is not far from the earth, only 4.8 light years. As long as the speed of human spaceship is broken through again in the future, it can reach sub light speed, and there is no problem to reach this earth like planet.

However, while scientists are happy, they also have a worry: will such a beautiful planet already have life? If it’s just primitive life or intelligent life with low civilization level, human beings are still afraid of it. However, if the extraterrestrial civilization on this planet is higher than that of human beings, and the technology is much more developed than ours, it’s impossible for human beings to immigrate to this planet in the future. And there’s another worry: will extraterrestrial civilizations have discovered the existence of the earth?

We can find the existence of this earth like planet in 4.8 light years. If there is intelligent life on this planet and the civilization level is higher than that of the earth, it is possible to find the existence of the earth. If it is not done well in the future, there will be interstellar war, and the earth is the weak side. Although human beings have not found the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, scientists have no doubt that there is no extraterrestrial civilization in such a vast universe.

There should be more than a few civilizations in the universe, and the earth may be just a very weak civilization. There will be many civilizations that are countless times stronger than human beings. It is possible that the position of the solar system is remote, so it will not be noticed by powerful alien civilizations. However, with the rapid development of human civilization, sooner or later, human beings will come out of the solar system. At that time, it is estimated that they will connect with alien civilizations The probability of touching it will be very high.

Despite this worry, the pace of human civilization will not retrogress, and the pace of searching for a new earth suitable for human survival will not stop. We believe that with human wisdom and development speed, sooner or later, we will become the advanced civilization of the universe and stand at the top of the pyramid of the universe.

Guys, what do you think of this newly discovered earth like planet? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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