Scientists have discovered a new earth outside the solar system. There is liquid water and there may be life

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and it is also the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. According to the normal development, the life of the earth is still very far away. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s resources are greatly consumed, and the earth’s environment is also deteriorating. Coupled with the increasing global population, the earth is speeding up the consumption of its own life, and it may not be suitable for human life in a few hundred years.

For the continuation and development of human beings, we must find a second earth suitable for human survival in the universe, and then immigrate to the new earth. In recent decades, scientists have been looking for earth like planets suitable for human survival. We are looking for earth like planets mainly through astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment. For example, the Cape astronomical telescope is a very powerful extraterrestrial planet detector.

The universe is vast and has numerous celestial bodies. Naturally, there are many earth like planets similar to the earth. Through decades of exploration and search, scientists have found many earth like planets that are very similar to the earth, but these planets are far away from the earth. For example, kelp 452b, which is the most similar planet to the earth, is 140 meters away from the earth 0 light years, this distance makes human despair, we can only look at it from a distance, we can’t reach it at all.

If human beings want to immigrate to other planets in the future, they still need to look for a galaxy not far from the earth. A few years ago, scientists found a new earth like planet in Libra, which is not far from the earth. It is about 20 light-years away from the earth and has a high similarity with the earth. However, the size of this earth like planet is larger than the earth, and its mass is 5.5 times that of the earth The gravity of the earth is also greater than that of the earth. If human beings want to survive on it, they must first slowly adapt to its gravity.

The main star of this planet is a red dwarf star, and its brightness and temperature are far lower than that of the sun. However, the planet is relatively close to the red dwarf star, which makes the temperature of the planet warm and suitable for life. The temperature above it is similar to that of the earth, about zero to 40 degrees. At this temperature, there is a large amount of liquid water on this earth like planet, which is the source of life. For human beings, it can’t survive without water.

This planet is very much in line with the goal of future human migration, but scientists also have a worry: will there be intelligent life on it? If it’s just some primitive life, it will have little impact on human beings. But if it has intelligent life on it, it will be a bit difficult to do. If you want to immigrate, you will inevitably have traffic with the aborigines on the planet, and there may be conflicts.

Some friends will say that it doesn’t matter if they have intelligent life. It mainly depends on their level of civilization. If the alien civilization on the planet is just in the primitive society, it will be easy to do. Alien civilizations don’t know the existence of the universe at all. When they see human beings coming, they will regard human beings as gods. There is no great difficulty for human immigrants, and there will be no conflict with primitive aborigines.

If in feudal society, people already have a preliminary concept of the universe, it is not easy to deal with the fact. Although human science and technology are much more advanced than alien civilization, we can easily win the battle, but this is also a very undesirable way. If we do not eliminate alien civilization, it is not likely that human beings want to immigrate to this planet safely, and it is very difficult for a planet It can accommodate two intelligent civilizations.

If the technology of this planet is similar to that of the earth or even surpasses that of human beings, then we will have no choice but to look for other earth like planets suitable for human survival. However, the universe is so big that there are bound to be many earth like planets like the earth. It is really unnecessary for human beings to occupy a planet with wisdom and civilization.

If human beings want to find more new earth suitable for human survival in the universe, the key still depends on science and technology. We can’t get out of the solar system now. It takes at least several hundred thousand years for human science and technology to reach the distance of 20 light years, which is obviously not feasible. Only when human beings have realized the speed of light or superluminal flight, can we have the ability to explore the universe and find a new earth.

Spaceships have the ability to fly at a good speed of light. We can go out of the solar system and explore some surrounding galaxies. We will find more earth like planets, so that we can find more earth like planets similar to the earth. Without the advantage of speed, we can only be enclosed in the solar system. We don’t want to immigrate to exoplanets at all. At most, we can transform planets like Mars in the solar system to immigrate. However, the remoulding of Mars can’t be compared with the natural earth. Moreover, it’s impossible to completely transform Mars with human technology. We can only build some enclosed living environment on Mars Strong survival.

Therefore, mankind is now racing against time. Before the earth can survive, science and technology has made a major breakthrough. Spaceships can fly at the speed of light, leave the solar system to find a new earth, and then complete the migration. I believe that human beings can do it.

Guys, do you think humans can do it? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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