Scientists have discovered a new quasar, about 13 billion light-years away, orbiting the black hole

The universe is vast and vast, with numerous celestial bodies, most of which are our common ones, such as stars, planets and so on. However, there are some rare and mysterious objects in the vast universe, such as pulsars, neutron stars, black holes and so on. If you want to ask which of these special celestial bodies is the most mysterious and concerned by scientists, it must be a black hole.

Maybe many people know that there are black holes in the universe, and that its gravity is super strong and it is the overlord of the universe. But few people know the existence of quasars. Quasars can be said to be the brightest objects in the universe. They can only be seen around some black holes. Their mass is millions of times that of the sun, which is a very special existence in the universe.

Quasars are very rare in the vast universe. They are very far away from the earth. Scientists believe that quasars may be the products of the early universe. Scientists believe that hundreds of millions of years of darkness passed after the big bang, followed by the birth of the first batch of stars. Shortly after the formation of the first batch of stars in the universe, hydrogen in the whole universe experienced a period of re ionization, during which some very powerful substances split atoms into single protons and electrons. Scientists don’t know what objects provide the energy, and quasars are one of the potential targets of suspicion.

In the 1960s, after scientists discovered the first quasar, quasars, a special mysterious celestial body, entered the search and research target of scientists. Quasars are different from other celestial bodies. They only exist around some supermassive black holes. Therefore, to discover the existence of quasars, the first thing is to find supermassive black holes in the universe.

According to foreign media reports, astronomers have recently discovered 83 supermassive black holes, all of which were formed at the beginning of the universe. These 83 supermassive black holes are surrounded by quasars, which can be said to be the center of quasars, and quasars run around the supermassive black hole. And the one who found so many quasars is the Subaru Telescope.

Before the discovery of 83 new quasars, the Subaru Telescope has discovered 17 supermassive black holes in space. Among the 83 newly discovered quasars, the farthest one is 13.05 billion light-years away from the earth. This means that the light emitted by it spreads to the telescope since the birth of the universe one billion years ago. This quasar is closely related to previous discoveries and is considered to be the second most distant quasar discovered so far.

The latest discovery shows that there is a supermassive black hole and a quasar in the cube space with one billion light-years on each side. The discovery is very important because it is a window into the earliest history of the universe. Scientists have always been interested in the early days of the universe. After the big bang, the universe has been expanding rapidly.

With the expansion of the universe, the matter and celestial bodies in the early universe are more and more far away from the earth, and quasars are produced in the early universe. Their volume and mass are super huge, because there is a giant supermassive black hole in their center. What role do these quasars play in the universe? It has always been an unsolved mystery in the scientific community.

For scientists, exploring and understanding the mysteries of these quasars may reveal many mysteries of the universe, understand the mystery of the formation of the early universe, and even understand the nature of the universe. Of course, scientists want to uncover the mysteries of quasars, which is still very difficult to achieve with current human science and technology. Every quasar is very far away from the earth, almost tens of billion light-years away.

With such a long distance, it is impossible for us to go near to observe in the future for a long time. We can only make some fuzzy observations and collect some data through telescopes. The mysteries of quasars that these observations can understand are very limited. However, this is also a helpless thing. We can’t even go out of the solar system now. Even if we go out of the solar system, we are still facing the Milky way.

If human beings want to cross and cross the Milky way or even go out of the Milky way, the speed of the spaceship must reach superluminal speed, and quasars are more than 10 billion light-years away from the earth. Even if they fly at ordinary superluminal speed, it may be very difficult to reach. To achieve such a long interstellar voyage, only the legendary wormhole shuttle and space jump can be realized, but these are of great significance to human beings It’s too far away.

If we give mankind a long time to develop science and technology, we believe that in the future, it is also possible to realize trans star navigation and travel across the universe. Now more than 10 billion light years is a distance that makes people despair. However, in the infinite future, it is possible that this distance can only be regarded as a distant distance and is hopeful to reach. However, it may take a very long time for mankind to achieve such a grand goal. It may take millions of years or hundreds of millions of years.

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