Scientists have discovered a new water circulation system on Mars, some of which have escaped to space

There are eight planets in the solar system. There are three planets in the habitable zone, namely Venus, earth and Mars. According to the truth, all of these three planets are likely to become life planets. But now we see that only the earth is a beautiful life planet, and the other two planets have no life. Moreover, Venus is a purgatory planet, with a surface temperature of more than 400 And it often rains acid rain.

Scientists don’t know why the environment of Venus turned out to be like this. Normally, it shouldn’t be like this. This has always been a mystery. The harsh environment of Venus puzzled scientists, and the environment of Mars also made scientists have a lot of questions. Fortunately, the environment of Mars is much better than that of Venus.

In order to explore the mysteries of the Martian environment, scientists have launched a lot of probes in recent decades. It can be said that after human beings stepped out of the earth, the most concerned planet is Mars, and Mars is the one with the most probes. One of the reasons why scientists pay so much attention to Mars is that they want to find out why Mars, which is in the habitable zone, has become what it is now. If we can solve this mystery, it may guide the changes of the earth’s environment, so that the earth will not repeat the mistakes of Mars.

There is another important mission for scientists to explore Mars, that is to hope that human beings can migrate to Mars in the future, so that Mars will become the second earth for human beings. Whether it is the continuous depletion of the earth’s resources, or the continuous destruction of the ecological environment, coupled with the continuous increase of the earth’s population, the future human migration to the planet is an inevitable trend.

If human beings want to immigrate, they must first choose a planet that is very similar to the earth. An important condition is that the planet should be in the habitable zone. Besides the earth, there are only Venus and Mars in the habitable zone of the solar system. The situation of Venus is so bad that it is difficult to transform it into a habitable place for human beings. Mars is relatively mild and has the possibility of successful transformation.

Through decades of continuous exploration and discovery of Mars, scientists have learned a lot about Mars. One of the important discoveries is that there is water on Mars. Therefore, scientists speculate that Mars, like the earth, was a beautiful blue planet billions of years ago. There were oceans on the surface of Mars, but later, for some unknown reason, it became what it is now.

Through the probe, scientists have found traces of ice water in the Martian arctic region, and according to the latest report, scientists have found a new “Martian water cycle”. This “water cycle” is different from that of our earth. It does not appear every day, but only at special times and places. According to the observation of scientists, it appears every two earth years, which is very important A new “water cycle” will appear. When Mars’ southern hemisphere reaches summer, and only in this season, Mars’ water vapor will effectively rise from the bottom to the upper atmosphere. There, the wind carries the noble gases to the North Pole. As part of the water vapor decays and escapes into space, the rest sinks near the poles.

This water cycle system also well explains why the probe found water ice in the polar region of Mars. It turns out that the reason is that the Martian groundwater appeared at the characteristic time, some of which escaped into space, some of which sank and converged to the polar region. However, there is a question that puzzles scientists, that is, how does the Martian water vapor overcome the cold air screen in the Martian atmosphere and go into space?

If it’s on earth, it’s not unusual for water vapor to run to a higher atmosphere due to the high atmospheric temperature. However, the atmospheric temperature on Mars is relatively cold. In this way, water vapor will be frozen in the process of rising, and it’s unlikely to run to a higher atmosphere and escape into space. Through research, simulation and analysis, scientists believe that there may be a “pump” phenomenon on Mars. This special area is about 160 kilometers above the surface of Mars.

When a certain time comes, in the upper atmosphere, the airflow carries the gas along the longitude to the north pole, where it cools down again and sinks. However, some of the water vapor escaped the cycle: under the influence of solar radiation, water molecules disintegrated and hydrogen escaped into space. So only part of it reaches the polar regions of Mars.

After scientists discovered this special water circulation system on Mars, they also understood why there is less and less water on Mars. It is possible that the water on Mars now is only 20% of that of Mars decades ago. These water are basically under the surface of the earth. Moreover, at a specific time every year, the water circulation system on Mars will send part of the water to space. In the long run, the water on Mars will only get more and more water Less, until it becomes a completely waterless planet.

This is not good news for human beings. You know, if human beings want to migrate to Mars in the future, the problem of water must be solved. If there is no water, human beings cannot survive. There is very little water on Mars. If we continue to escape to space, once Mars becomes a waterless planet in the future, the human migration to Mars may fail. If there is no water on the planet, it is difficult for human beings to survive.

It can be seen that there are many difficulties for human beings to overcome if they want to make Mars the second earth. One reason is that the atmosphere of Mars is very thin, and the other is that there is no magnetic field. Scientists guess that Mars has a strong magnetic field for billions of years, but later it may encounter an asteroid impact, which directly destroyed the operating system of the earth’s core and led to the disappearance of Mars’s magnetic field.

Without the protection of the Martian magnetic field, the Martian atmosphere is constantly dissipating, and the water on the surface is constantly being carried away and decomposed by the solar wind. If human beings want to survive on Mars, it is necessary to reactivate the operation of the Martian core. However, according to the current human science and technology, it is impossible to do so. We can only wait for more advanced science and technology in the future. I believe that with the rapid development of human science and technology, it will not be difficult to transform a planet in the future. At that time, there will be many planets for human survival in the solar system.

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