Scientists have discovered a new way of flying, which is one step closer to making flying saucers. It brings inspiration

When it comes to aliens, what comes to mind first? Xiaobian came to UFO first. UFO is usually a UFO. Why is it called UFO? This is because its shape is similar to the dish structure, which does not conform to the aerodynamic principle. As far as the present level of human science and technology is concerned, it is impossible to make flying saucers. Therefore, we usually default to UFO as alien black technology, so when it comes to alien Xiaobian, we will think of UFO.

Not long ago, Naomi Nakayama, a botanist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, accidentally discovered an unconventional flight mode while conducting routine research with colleagues. This unexpected discovery may contribute to the future study of various types of aircraft, including flying saucers.

In our daily life, they studied a very common plant, which is the seed of dandelion. As a child, many of us may have played with dandelion seeds, as long as a little blow, dandelion seeds will fly to the sky, we all thought it was very interesting when we were young. So many people grow up thinking about its flying principles? It looks like a parachute. But it has only spokes, no umbrella. According to that, air will be lost from these strip-shaped gaps, so how does it fly?

A team of scientists at the University of Edinburgh is studying dandelion seeds in a vertical wind tunnel, and that’s the direction of the problem. Then put it into the visible laser in the air stream. Finally, by observing and analyzing a large number of pictures and videos, scientists were surprised to find that there was a whirlwind hovering on the dandelion seeds in a very stable way. When the whirlwind blows there, the dandelion seeds will fly there, or it can be said that when the whirlwind blows there, the whirlwind will follow there. Scientists say this may be the key to the long flight of dandelion seeds.

As this is a new discovery, there is no scientific evidence yet. So scientists gave it a new name, the separation vortex ring. But how is the vortex ring separated?

Scientists found that dandelion seeds on the soft hair in general between 90 to 110 roots. The wind blows through the soft hairs of the dandelion seeds, creating a pressure difference between the moving air around the dandelion seeds. When the pressure difference appears, the separated vortex ring will form. The separation of swirl ring can increase the air resistance. He gently holding the dandelion seed, slowly let it fall. As long as there is a breeze from the air, dandelion seeds will fall further with the wind.

What if the dandelion seed’s soft hair is not between 90 and 110? There must be maldeveloped dandelion seeds. These few immature dandelion seeds will not fly very steadily, and may not be able to fly. Therefore, the very strict number of soft hairs determines its flight stability.

At the same time, scientists pointed out that bees, which are very small insects, can fly smoothly because of the dandelion like structure on their wings and legs.

In the future, we can use this structure to make new airplanes, the scientists said. Because it can maximize the aerodynamic load and use less materials. That is undoubtedly an exciting discovery!

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