Scientists have discovered a special kind of insect that feeds on stones and has a strong digestive capacity

The earth is a life world rich in physics. In addition to intelligent life, there are more than hundreds of creatures. In the biological world of nature, different creatures have different living habits. For example, some creatures are carnivores, and they eat meat. Some animals are vegetarians, and they eat plants.

Fish on the sea floor usually eat plankton or small fish and shrimp, while plants only need water and sunlight. Humans are omnivorous animals, only have not seen, do not dare to eat, so in the biological world, humans can also be called food. Many creatures on the earth were eaten and extinct by human beings.

Different creatures have different living habits and like to eat different foods. But have you ever seen a creature that feeds on stone? Seeing this, some people may say, what’s strange about this? When we raise chickens in the countryside, we all like to sprinkle a handful of sand on the chicken food, and then the chicken food is eaten with the sand. Isn’t this the chicken that feeds on stone?

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. When we feed chickens, we really like to mix some sand for chickens to eat. The purpose of doing this is to help their intestines and stomach wriggle, wear out food and strengthen the digestion ability of chickens. The sand that is eaten by the chicken will eventually be discharged from the digestive tract, not completely digesting the sand.

Although chickens have eaten stones, their digestive tract can’t absorb them, so it can’t be regarded as eating stones. The main components of the stone are silica, calcium carbonate and some impurities, and most organisms have no ability to digest them. Even for advanced organisms like humans, it is impossible for the digestive tract to digest stones. If we eat sand, it will eventually be drained out with the digestive tract instead of being absorbed.

So are there creatures in nature that can digest stones? In the past, scientists thought that this kind of creature might not exist, but this view changed when scientists first discovered a special creature in the Philippines. This special creature discovered by scientists actually belongs to insects. Its whole digestive system is very powerful, and it feeds on stones in daily life.

Scientists have found that there is a kind of corrosive mucus in their digestive tract. This mucus can perfectly decompose some organic matter in the stone, and it can be used by themselves and absorbed by their own bodies. What’s more amazing is that no matter what kind of stone, they can use corrosive solution to corrode the stone and absorb it into the body.

The discovery of this insect, which feeds on stones, gives scientists a new understanding of life. It’s a world of wonders. Many incredible things can be seen in the biological world. No wonder scientists say that life is the most mysterious and complex thing since the birth of the universe.

Before the discovery of this kind of stone eating creature, we always thought that stone should be the most tenacious thing in nature. They can withstand the corrosion of years and keep for a long time. The elegant demeanor of ancient times on the earth is preserved by stones. We know some history of the earth and the history of life by studying stones.

But now the discovery of stone eating organisms makes us realize that stones may not be able to be preserved for a long time. If you meet this insect, even the oldest stone will become their food. From this we can think of, in the long history of the earth, in the long years of life, I do not know how many important stones were eaten by this insect.

Moreover, the discovery of this insect also gives us another worry, that is, human houses may not be as safe as they used to be. You know, the houses built by human beings are basically related to stone. Whether it’s foundation or building materials, stone is the main material. In the future, if this kind of insect, which feeds on stone, will breed in large numbers in nature, it may have a significant impact on human architecture.

Fortunately, the number of these organisms is relatively rare, and they are not microorganisms, which we can see with the naked eye. So don’t worry that they will have a greater impact on human architecture in the future. In fact, we should be happy when we find this special insect that feeds on stones. We are not happy to find another special creature, which enriches the earth’s biosphere, but this special creature is likely to play a greater role in human civilization.

As we all know, rocky planets are mainly made of stones. To exploit the planet’s resources, we need to constantly excavate stones, which requires powerful mechanical equipment. If there is a special substance that can digest stone quickly and safely, can we exploit resources more easily? The answer is clear.

If there is such a powerful material that can easily decompose the stone, then human beings will be much easier in the future resource exploitation, space mining and other aspects. For example, if we want to mine an asteroid by machinery, we need to pay more efforts in terms of cost and safety. But if we can take a special potion to the asteroid, it will be much easier to mine the asteroid without large mining equipment.

But does this substance exist? In the real world of human beings, chemical materials that can corrode stones naturally exist, but it is difficult to digest food as easily and safely as the digestive tract of organisms. But now the discovery of this stone eating insect by scientists gives us hope. As long as we can understand the mystery of this biological digestion of stone, we may be able to develop a powerful stone eating substance according to the same formula.

At that time, when we were mining ore, we didn’t need large-scale mechanical excavation. We just need to pour this material into it, and they can easily eat the useless stones. In this way, the efficiency of resource exploitation can be greatly improved, which is of great significance for human beings to carry out space mining or go to other planets to exploit resources in the future.

In a sense, the earth’s rich biological world is the greatest wealth of mankind, and each kind of creature has its own special and powerful ability. If we can continue to crack these powerful capabilities for our use, then human civilization will also have a qualitative improvement and enter a new stage.

Guys, what do you think of this stone eating creature? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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