Scientists have discovered a strange celestial body, which emits blue light all over its body and lives on absorbing energy

Since the big bang 13.8 billion years ago, all kinds of celestial bodies have been formed. The most common ones are stars and planets. Of course, there are some other special mysterious celestial bodies, such as black holes, neutron stars, pulsars and so on.

Scientists don’t know how many kinds of celestial bodies there are in the universe. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of observation technology, there will be no new celestial bodies, strange celestial bodies will be found. The object we are going to introduce today is the most peculiar and difficult to understand object discovered by scientists. It’s more troublesome for scientists than black holes and neutron stars, because it completely subverts the theory of celestial bodies.

Its name is blue discrete star, which is actually a star. In our stellar theory, due to the internal nuclear fusion reaction, stars consume hydrogen fuel continuously, and their lifespan is also decreasing. According to the different mass of stars, their lifespan will be the same. The larger the mass of a star, the shorter its lifetime. But the blue straggler has overturned who the existing star is. Instead of getting older with the passage of time, it is getting younger and younger. What’s the matter?

The blue discrete star is called the vampire in the universe by scientists. From the astronomical telescope observation, it is found that it is emitting blue light. The appearance of this light in the star indicates that the star is very young. However, to the surprise of scientists, the astronomical telescope observation is the old galaxy cluster. Here are the stars whose life is coming to an end. These stars have turned to red giant, red super giant How could such a young star emerge from the star transformation?

At the beginning, scientists thought that the blue emitting star should be a lanter supergiant, but later they found that the star was very young. An extremely young star appeared in a pile of old stars, which was impossible in the universe. Moreover, scientists have observed and found that this extremely young star with blue color was actually born at the same time as those ancient stars.

But those old stars are getting older and older, life is coming to an end, but why can the blue straggler live younger and younger, which makes people think of the legendary vampire. Scientists speculate that the main reason why the blue straggler is not getting old, but getting younger and younger may be that it absorbs the energy of the surrounding celestial bodies, just like a vampire, swallowing the energy of other planets to maintain its own life.

This kind of strange celestial body surprised scientists. They didn’t expect that there were such strange and terrible celestial bodies in the universe, which seemed to be more frightening than black holes. Because the blue discrete star itself is a huge star, relying on its strong gravity can attract a lot of objects around it. A normal star, such as the sun, will only have planets or other celestial bodies around it, and nothing special will happen.

However, the celestial bodies moving around the blue stragglers are unlucky. The energy of these planets is constantly absorbed by the blue stragglers, constantly expanding themselves, and finally devouring all the surrounding planets. This scene is terrible when you think about it. It is different from the phagocytic power of a black hole. A black hole is directly hegemonic. As long as the celestial body enters its horizon, it will be torn and devoured by it without any drag.

Blue stragglers will not directly devour the surrounding celestial bodies, but slowly devour their energy. A planet lives on energy. If the energy is gone, the planet will be destroyed. If the star in a galaxy is a blue discrete star, it is definitely a disaster for all the celestial bodies in the galaxy. It can not bring light and hope to the whole galaxy, but brings fear and despair.

Not only planets are afraid of its appearance, but even massive stars are also afraid of it. Blue stragglers seem to have their own blood sucking bug. No matter what kind of celestial body it is, it can absorb energy from it to maintain its life and make itself stronger, bigger and younger. This is not in line with the laws of science, just as life does not have birth and death. Therefore, scientists say that such celestial bodies should not exist in the universe.

Although blue stragglers are not expected in the universe, they are real objects. Fortunately, this kind of strange star is very rare in the universe, even rarer than massive black holes. At present, scientists have only discovered one through astronomical telescopes. Of course, there can not be only one blue discrete star in the universe, but such stars are often in some ancient galaxy clusters, which are very far away from the earth and are not easy to be observed.

So how did the blue straggler, a blood sucking star, come into being? There is no unified answer to this question in the scientific community. There are only two possible conjectures. One is the theory of blood sucking. A star is not willing to grow old, so it looks for a star companion with larger mass as its hunting target. When it finds the hunting target, it lures it to dance with itself and circle each other in a close structure. When the time is ripe, slowly absorb fresh fuel material from the body of the higher quality companion, the quality of oneself gradually increases, and the temperature also gradually increases (turns blue). Fresh fuel materials, like fresh human blood, stimulate the burning of “blood sucking star”, so as to make it more hot and extend life.

Another point of view is the theory of touching porcelain. Another kind of star, who is not willing to grow old, is more irritable and rushes directly to collide with another star. The two bodies are mixed together, licking and swallowing the “blood” of the other star in Nirvana, thus mixing the nuclear fuel of the two stars, and nirvana reborn to form a blue discrete star. After its formation, it also has its own blood sucking technology, which can rely on continuously absorbing the energy of the surrounding celestial bodies to become stronger and younger.

The scientists published a detailed analysis of both theories in the journal Nature. Of course, at present, this is only a guess of scientists. We have no exact answer to what the blue discrete star is because there are few observation data and it is too far away from the earth. Perhaps when human science and technology go further and have a more powerful astronomical telescope, we will get more relevant data to reveal its mystery step by step.

Of course, it’s almost impossible for some people to say that close observation is possible. To explore these ancient galaxies, the speed of the spacecraft should be far faster than the speed of light. Maybe only the wormhole that may exist in theory can be reached. If we can get close to the blue straggler, its mystery will be revealed. However, due to the long life span of the blue straggler, human beings have enough time to develop. We hope that one day we can reach it and see what the glamour of this celestial body, which is more terrible than black hole, is.

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