Scientists have discovered a super earth, 22 light-years away from the earth, which is 85% similar to the earth

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only intelligent civilization planet in the solar system. Our solar system is a single star system, only the sun is a star. But in the universe, there are many binary and multi star systems.

Recently, in a very popular science fiction movie “wandering earth”, the target galaxy that the earth leaves the solar system for is biling, a three-star system with three stars. Sirius, 42 light-years away, is a binary system.

Whether it is a multi star system or a single star system, the overall difference is not very big, the only difference is that standing on the planet, you will see multiple suns in the sky. The earth once had the legend of Hou Yi shooting at the sun. Nine suns suddenly appeared in the sky. From the perspective of modern science, if there is such a galaxy in the universe, it is a nine star system.

In a stellar system, there are many suns, which means that the brightness and temperature will increase a lot. Of course, such a stellar system often manages more planets. Our solar system is just a single star system, which only manages eight planets. Today, we are going to talk about the glitzer 667c system, which is located 22 light-years away. It is a Samsung system. The number of planets discovered so far has reached 20.

Glitzer 667c system is a typical three-star system. There are three stars protecting and balancing each other. The third star belongs to a red dwarf because of its low brightness and mass. Scientists believe that there should be a habitable planet around this red dwarf star. Through the observation of astronomical telescope, a super earth, glitzer 667cc, was really found here.

Glitzer 667cc is in the habitable zone. At the same time, scientists have found three other planets in the habitable zone. So far, we have found four planets in the habitable zone, three of which are earth like planets and one is gaseous planet. Through the observation and analysis of scientists, only Gliese 667cc has the highest similarity with the earth, reaching 85%.

The main star of this super earth is a red dwarf star, so the temperature it receives is only 90% of the temperature the earth receives from the sun. However, this temperature is still a very comfortable temperature, which makes it possible for this planet to have liquid water and atmosphere. As for whether there is a magnetic field, it is not sure because of the distance.

Of course, the super earth, which is so similar to the earth, is in the habitable zone, and there may be liquid water and atmosphere, so the possibility of life on such a planet is also great. However, it is hard to say whether there is an intelligent civilization like human beings. If intelligent civilization has been born on this planet, it may pose a threat to the earth in the future.

The resources of the three-star system are often richer than those of the single star system. Our solar system is a galaxy with relatively scarce resources. The three-star system exists in no less than 20 super earths. So many planets mean that there are more resources. Once such a galaxy has civilization, it will not worry about resources for a long time to come.

I believe many people have read the novel “three bodies”. The galaxy in which the three body civilization is located is a three-star system, and the three body civilization is far more powerful than human civilization. Although the novel is only a fictional plot, it can be understood from a scientific point of view. The size of the solar system and the number of planets it can attract mainly depends on the mass of the sun. The mass of the sun determines the size of the sun’s gravity and the range it can influence.

Samsung system has three stars, their gravitational range is naturally wider than the general single star system, and they can attract more planets. In the three-star system like glitzer 667c, the smallest star is only a little smaller than the sun. It is a red dwarf star, and the other two stars are bigger than the sun. Therefore, the number of super earths in this system is also very large. At present, 20 have been found, and more will be found in the future.

Of course, the Samsung system is not necessarily suitable for the existence of life. A large number of stars means that planets in the habitable zone receive more radiation and higher temperatures. This is why scientists believe that only glitzer 667cc in the Samsung system may have life, because the star it revolves around is a red dwarf.

Due to the influence of the gravity of three stars at the same time, the stability of the planets in the three-star system is naturally inferior to that of the single star system. Therefore, in wandering earth, the target of the earth’s new home is Bilin. This three-star system may not be a good choice. After the movie was broadcast, many astronomers also commented on it, believing that the earth’s choice of Bilin as its new home is a good choice It’s a wrong choice.

In the future, scientists will find more earth like planets similar to the earth, but such planets are outside the solar system, a few light-years away from the earth, and a few hundred light-years away. It’s impossible for human science and technology to reach it. It takes tens of thousands of years for our spaceship to fly at the speed of one light year. Only when the spaceship has realized the speed of light can we initially explore the galaxies near the solar system and realize the super speed of light, can we explore the whole galaxy.

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