Scientists have discovered a super earth with suitable temperature, which may be suitable for human survival

The earth is the home for human survival. In ancient times, people thought that human beings could survive forever in this beautiful world. However, as human beings entered the era of science and technology, they understood more and more about the world and the universe, they gradually understood that the earth might not become the permanent home for human beings.

First of all, we know that there are all kinds of risks in space, such as the risk of asteroid impact. 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth, ending the reign of dinosaurs for 160 million years. At the same time, 80% of the earth’s creatures died out with dinosaurs. The number of asteroids in the solar system is too large to be estimated. Maybe when a larger asteroid will hit the earth, the earth will usher in the sixth mass extinction. If the asteroid is big enough, it can even directly destroy the earth’s core, making it impossible for the earth’s ecology to recover, and turning it into a desolate planet like Mars.

Even if human beings are very lucky, with the protection of Jupiter and the moon, there will be no asteroid impact. After billions of years, the sun will expand and turn into a red giant, and the earth will still be engulfed by the sun and eventually disappear into the universe. In addition to these factors in outer space, the destruction of the earth’s ecological environment caused by the rapid development of human science and technology is the most difficult fate to predict.

Although the development of science and technology is rapid in the last hundred years, the rapid deterioration of the ecological environment is obvious to all. The continuous destruction of the earth’s ecology is difficult to complete self-healing in a short time, and the deterioration of the living environment is far more than the self-healing speed of the environment. It is possible that the earth can not wait for the disaster from outer space and has been destroyed by human beings At that time, if human beings wanted to survive, they could only migrate to other planets.

To achieve space migration, we need to find a new earth suitable for human survival. Although there are innumerable earth like planets in the universe, with the development speed of human science and technology, the area we can reach is very limited for a long time in the future. Even if human beings achieve sub light speed flight, the area we can migrate is limited to less than 1000 light years.

If the future ecological environment of the earth has deteriorated to the point where it can not survive in hundreds of years, the area that can be reached by human science and technology at that time may be within 100 light years at most. Therefore, scientists are looking for earth like planets in the universe that may be suitable for human survival, and their main goal is within 100 light-years. Through astronomical telescope observation, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth, among which the most similar one is hd85512b.

According to the observation of scientists, hd85512b belongs to the constellation Vela. It orbits a red dwarf star and is located in the habitable zone, about 36.4 light-years away from the earth. This distance is already a very short distance at the cosmic scale. Scientists believe that hd85512b may be a new earth suitable for human survival. Why do you say that?

The reason why scientists say this is that through observation, it is found that the planet has more than 50% cloud coverage, which is close to the cloud coverage of the earth. More than 50% of the cloud cover represents an extraordinary significance. It indicates that this planet will probably have a very close oxygen and nitrogen content to the earth. In addition, there will probably be liquid water on the surface of the planet, with ecosystems very similar to the earth.

Although life in the universe may have different requirements for the ecological environment, suitable greenhouse, oxygen content close to the earth, and liquid water resources are indispensable for human beings. Without the above three, no matter how beautiful the planet is, human beings can not survive. And this planet may all meet these conditions, which is a planet made for human beings.

Moreover, through observing its main star, scientists also found that the main star of hd85512’s Galaxy is older than the sun, which means that it is a very stable star. We should know that the planet that humans choose to immigrate should not only have a very similar ecological environment to the earth, but also have a stable Galactic environment. If it is a relatively young star, it has not been completely stable In recent years, if human beings want to immigrate, they will face more unknown risks. For example, stars may be unstable, powerful electromagnetic explosions may often occur, and the radiation is more intense, which can not be used for human survival.

In addition, the scientists also used computers to simulate the temperature. Through the relationship between the star and the planet, they finally came to the conclusion that the surface temperature of the planet is likely to be around 25 degrees Celsius, which means that its temperature is similar to that of the earth. Of course, the planet also has an imperfection, that is, gravity. Since the mass of the planet is 3.6 times that of the earth, the gravity on its surface may be 1.5 times that of the earth.

If human beings immigrate to this planet in the future, they may feel a heavy pressure at first. However, this is only a small matter for human beings. It is basically impossible to find earth like planets that are exactly the same as the earth. Gravity is larger than the earth, which does not affect the survival of human beings. And as human beings gradually adapt to such gravity, it is possible that the human body will undergo an evolution to make its bones stronger.

Everything seems to be very beautiful. Hd85512 seems to be a planet specially prepared for future human migration. However, such a beautiful planet may be older than the earth, and there is a great possibility that life has already been born, even intelligent life. If this planet only gives birth to some life without wisdom, there will not be too much obstacles for future human migration.

But if hd85512 has been born with intelligent civilization, and has developed to the point that it can go out of the planet, if human beings want to immigrate, it is possible to break out the interstellar war, which is not good news for human beings. Of course, at present, these are just conjectures. The details of the planet still need to be closely observed by a probe in the future.

No matter which habitable planet will migrate outside the solar system in the future, the spacecraft will need to be ultra fast, and this speed must at least reach sub light speed. Therefore, what we need to do now is to strive to develop science and technology, and strive to break through the speed limit as soon as possible. Only with faster speed can we freely traverse the universe, and any cosmic disaster at that time, We all have the ability to cope. Human civilization will spread to every corner of the universe.

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