Scientists have discovered a “time hole” in Antarctica, where time may stagnate

Einstein once put forward such a theory in the theory of Relativity: some physics with huge mass will bend the surrounding space-time due to the influence of gravity, resulting in the phenomenon of “time retention” here. For example, if the mass of the mobile phone you are holding becomes very large in an instant, the gravity will also become very large in an instant. In this case, the phone you are holding is likely to make the time around stagnate.

Scientists have also found such a place on earth.

Many years ago, scientists found a tangled “white smoke” in Antarctica. You can think of it as cotton candy, eh. At first, scientists just thought it was an ordinary smog, but after many years, when they studied it again, they found that after such a long time, the shape and position of the smog had not changed, just as time was still.

In fact, for things like smoke, you may know that even if there is no wind, the smoke will disperse quickly. But this cloud of smoke over Antarctica, instead of dispersing, did not move. Therefore, some scientists doubt this. They think that time here is as static as ever.

However, there are many people who are against it. In their eyes, time itself is set by human beings, just like some software in a computer. There is no time in nature. How can we say that time is still from this point of view? In this way, the time gap itself is human imagination.

In fact, many people are very interested in time loopholes, but they have never found any. Whether time loopholes really exist is always a mystery.

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