Scientists have discovered an asteroid, worth 50 trillion yuan, which may be detected in the United States in 2022!

Human survival on the earth is inseparable from all kinds of resources provided by the earth, whether ordinary elements or metallic materials. The earth has no ability and way to produce these elements. In fact, these elements existed before the birth of the earth. Scientists have predicted that it contains a large amount of precious metals, with a value of 5 billion yuan.

In the universe, in addition to tens of thousands of stars, there are many space rocks. These space rocks are attracted by the sun and will rotate with it. Their existence time is very old, so there will be many primitive materials. Some space rocks will also contain a lot of metal elements, just like the wandering planet rich in minerals. Today’s spirit star is such a star. According to scientists’ predictions, the planet is rich in iron and nickel, as well as gold and silver. How did such a small star come into being?

The value of spirit star

Scientists believe that it may have been the core of an asteroid with a diameter of 500 kilometers. With the expansion of the universe, the asteroid collided with other stars, exposing the metal core, which led to the creation of spirit star. Scientists have calculated that if the value of this planet is distributed to everyone on the earth, then a person can get 640 billion yuan. After seeing this huge number, many people feel exciting. If we can really bring the elements on this planet back to the earth, our economic level will achieve a qualitative leap.

But in fact, our level of science and technology is still very limited. At present, we have no ability to bring these elements back to the earth. In fact, there are many asteroids in the universe, such as spirit star. Moreover, some scientists predict that if our science and technology level advances by leaps and bounds in the future, we may be able to achieve the grand feat of “space mining”. In 25 years, we may be able to see such a spectacular scene.

U.S. exploration program

The value of spirit star is really amazing. Considering its great value, no country has launched a probe to this planet. As a space power, the United States will not give up this opportunity. According to NASA’s plan, it may launch a probe to this planet by using space X’s Falcon rocket in 2022.

This probe will arrive at lingshenxing in 2026 and start a 20 month exploration mission. If we can really bring back samples and transform the planet, maybe it will not be a dream for everyone to become a billionaire. What do you think?

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