Scientists have discovered new energy on the moon, which is enough for human to use for more than 10000 years. What is it?

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only planet of intelligent life. The earth has a natural satellite called the moon. In fact, the moon is what modern people call it. In ancient times, people called the moon Taiyin, xuantu, Chanjuan and yupan. It is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system.

Unlike other satellites, the mass and volume ratio of the moon to the earth are very large. The mass of the moon is about 81% of that of the earth, and its volume is 49% of that of the earth. This is a very incredible mass in the satellite family. According to the theory of celestial bodies, if an celestial body wants to be a satellite of a planet, the smaller the mass ratio between it and the planet, the better. If it is too large, it is difficult to be a satellite. However, the mass ratio between other satellites of the solar system and the main planet is basically more than several thousand times, except that the mass of the moon is less than 100 times that of the earth.

The moon can become the earth’s satellite, full of a lot of coincidence and luck, and the moon after becoming the earth’s satellite is not fixed, but constantly away from the earth. Therefore, the moon in ancient times was much larger than it is now, so the ancients could see some landforms on the moon more clearly. Due to the lack of scientific and technological knowledge, the ancients regarded the mountains or other natural materials on the moon as some man-made buildings, so many beautiful myths and legends were born.

With the development of science and technology, with the astronomical telescope and other observation equipment, we can see the moon clearly. At this time, we can understand that the moon is a very desolate planet without atmosphere. There’s no such thing as mythology. And 50 years ago, human beings successfully landed on the moon, and have more knowledge of the moon.

With the continuous exploration and research of the moon, it is found that although the moon is very desolate, it is a planet rich in resources. There are not only all kinds of common metal resources on the earth, but also a very rare and important new energy. This kind of energy has epoch-making significance for the future development of human science and technology. I believe many friends have thought of it What kind of energy is it? Yes, it’s helium-3.

Many friends may know about helium-3. In fact, it is a kind of nuclear fusion fuel, and it is the most perfect nuclear fusion fuel discovered by human beings. Using helium-3 as nuclear fusion fuel not only makes nuclear fusion change easy to happen, but also does not produce any pollution. It is the most ideal nuclear fusion energy in the future.

As we all know, after entering the road of scientific and technological development, although science and technology are changing rapidly, the side effects of environmental deterioration are also aggravating. The reason why the rapid development of science and technology makes the earth’s ecological environment continue to deteriorate is that the resources and energy we are using are mainly traditional chemical fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on.

These traditional energy sources will produce greenhouse gases and other harmful gases. Even new energy sources such as combustible ice will not produce other harmful gases, but it will still produce carbon dioxide, which will also aggravate the greenhouse effect and make the global temperature rise. We should know that the biggest environmental problem facing mankind now is the rising global temperature.

Although scientists have taken various environmental protection measures, it is difficult to effectively control the emission of atmospheric greenhouse gases before the root cause of human use of traditional chemical energy has been solved. This is also the reason why the carbon dioxide content in the earth’s atmosphere announced this year has reached a new high.

In order to solve the problem of rising global temperature, we need to completely control the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and completely replace the traditional chemical energy with new energy. And this new energy is controlled nuclear fusion. As long as it is realized, the ecological environment problems of human beings will be basically solved, and the ecological climate of the earth will gradually return to normal.

After the realization of controllable nuclear fusion, fuel is also needed. Although there are many fuels that can undergo nuclear fusion, the range of fuels that we can effectively use is limited after the realization of controllable nuclear fusion, and helium-3 is the perfect fusion fuel that we urgently need. However, the reserves of helium-3 on the earth are too small, less than one ton. Such a small amount of reserves is not enough for experiments, let alone comprehensive application.

However, the reserves of helium-3 on the moon have reached more than one million tons. If it can be developed and sent back to the earth for use, it will allow us to use it for another 10000 years or so. Enough human science and technology to achieve a leap forward. This is why the exploration and research of the moon have been accelerated all over the world in recent years.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the time to realize space mining is not far away. The first station for human to enter space mining is the moon. I believe that in the near future, we will establish a base and a moon city on the moon. Many people will go to the moon to do mining work and live in the moon city. And the moon will become an important tourism planet for human beings, ordinary people can also travel to the moon.

Scientists believe that the reason why the moon has such abundant helium-3 reserves may be related to the origin of the moon. Modern scientific research suggests that the moon may have originated from a big impact of celestial bodies. About a few billion years ago, a Mars sized celestial body had a friction collision with the side of the earth. A large amount of material produced by the collision splashed into space and formed a planetary ring around the earth.

These materials include the material of the earth and the material of the celestial body. They surrounded the earth and finally formed the moon. And helium-3 may have come from the huge object that collided with the earth. A small part of the debris with a lot of helium-3 from the impact of the Mars sized object fell to the earth, and most of it condensed with the earth’s material to form the moon.

Therefore, during the lunar exploration, scientists found that the material contained in the lunar soil is similar to that of the earth. Apart from helium-3, other materials are also found on the earth. This also proves that the moon is most likely originated from the earth and formed by the material impacted from the earth.

No matter what the origin of the moon is, its rich helium-3 resources will surely become an important resource for human beings in the future. We are looking forward to this day.

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