Scientists have discovered “new ice fish” in Antarctica, which is small and difficult to survive in the environment of more than 5 degrees

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The earth is a very rich life planet. When mankind entered the era of science and technology, scientists began to explore the earth species. Although mankind has entered the era of science and technology for hundreds of years, our exploration of life types on earth is still only a part of it. Many new species may still not be discovered.

Although human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the universe, our exploration of the earth is still only a small part. We know very little about the ocean and the underground. So there are many creatures in the ocean, underground creatures that we don’t know about, and most of the new species that haven’t been found also exist in the ocean and underground.

As for the land, although most of the areas have been explored by human beings, there is still a relatively restricted area for human beings, and we know little about the creatures in it. This area is the cold Antarctic. I believe many people know that the north and south poles are the two coldest regions on the earth, especially the Antarctic, which is the last continent discovered by human beings. It has a vast area and many secrets.

Although Antarctica is very cold, it is a forbidden area for human beings, but there are many kinds of creatures in it. In addition to the Antarctic penguins that we all know, there are also some ice fish that are resistant to cold that we have never seen. With the rising global temperature, the temperature of Antarctica is also rising, and the ice and snow begin to melt. Scientists can also explore deep in Antarctica in the appropriate season, so as to find many unique new species.

Last year, scientists went deep into the Antarctic again and discovered a strange “new fish”. This is found in the deepest part of the cold continent of Antarctica, which can be said to be the most mysterious area of the earth’s continent. There are many strange marine creatures that are not found in other places. The strange “ice fish” discovered this time is a new species. Scientist Andrews turter said, “now I don’t know what kind of species it is. I’ve never seen the colorful patterns on the fins before.”

Since it lives in a cold place in Antarctica, it shows that it prefers a cold environment. If the ambient temperature rises, will it have a greater impact on this kind of ice fish? According to the research of scientists, this kind of ice fish is only suitable for living in the temperature area below 5 ℃. If the temperature exceeds 5 degrees, it is too hot for ice fish to survive.

Therefore, it is very difficult for scientists to take ice fish back for research, because it can’t leave the cold environment, which scientists also regret. They can only make them live happily in Antarctica. At present, scientists are applying for the name of this new species, and there may be another new species on the biological record.

It can be seen that with the rising temperature in Antarctica, scientists can go deep into exploration. In the future, there will be more and more “cold resistant” organisms hidden in Antarctica may gradually surface. In this regard, scientists are happy and worried. The good news is that they can find more exotic new species in Antarctica and gradually uncover the mystery of Antarctica.

The worry is that with the rising temperature, the temperature in Antarctica will also be higher and higher, and the ice fish living here may not be able to adapt to the new environment and gradually die out. It is possible that in the near future, we will never see these strange Antarctic ice fish again. They may disappear.

In fact, with the rising global temperature, the earth’s ecological environment will continue to deteriorate, there will be more and more extinction. Some scientists speculate that the earth may have entered the sixth cycle of mass extinction. We should know that every mass extinction can not be ended in a short time, and it will take a long time, from tens of thousands of years to tens of millions of years.

Therefore, even if we have entered the sixth cycle of mass extinction, it may be difficult for us to find out. However, it is an indisputable fact that the earth’s organisms are dying out every year, and the speed of extinction is accelerating. From this point of view, it seems that the earth may have entered a new round of mass extinction, which may last more than tens of thousands of years.

However, the sixth mass extinction is different from the previous five times. The previous five times are basically due to natural factors, whether it is the great changes in the earth’s ecology or the impact of asteroids. However, this time’s mass extinction is caused by human beings. Human activities, especially the rapid development of science and technology, and various kinds of pollution caused by a large number of industries are constantly destroying the ecology.

Although this kind of ecological deterioration is not as violent as the asteroid impact, its influence may not be inferior to the asteroid impact, and it may be even stronger. We need to know that although the ecological upheaval caused by asteroid impact is very violent in a short time, the self-healing speed of nature in the later stage will be very fast, and it can also restore the earth to its original beautiful environment.

All kinds of pollution caused by human industrial activities may be fatal and destructive damage to the ecological environment. Take the massive emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for example. With the continuous increase of carbon dioxide concentration, the greenhouse effect will be more and more terrible. Once the temperature exceeds a certain critical point, the ecological environment may collapse completely, and the earth will become a world without pollution This is a planet suitable for human existence.

Moreover, with the deterioration of ecology, the depletion of resources, the global population is increasing. In the future, the contradictions among human beings may become more and more intense. Once the contradictions are intensified to an irreconcilable level, a new world war may occur. You know, human weapons are totally different from the past.

Once the third world war breaks out, when it comes to the end of the war, there may be a nuclear war. Once the global nuclear war breaks out, the earth and human beings will really be ruined, and the earth’s environment will collapse completely. It may take hundreds of millions of years to repair, and human civilization may also end and disappear on the stage of history.

Thus, the ecological deterioration caused by human activities may make the earth become a new Mars, a desolate planet and unable to repair itself. If we don’t take good care of the earth and the environment now, we may suffer from the consequences in the near future. If we have the ability of interstellar navigation at that time, we may be able to migrate some human beings to other planets and continue to continue human civilization. Without the ability of interstellar navigation, the only thing waiting for mankind is the end.

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