Scientists have discovered that koalas, who never drink water all their lives, actually lick the trunk of a tree to quench their thirst when it rains

Last year, a bushfire in Australia was like the end of the world. According to local ecologists, nearly 500 million wild animals died in the fire, not including some insects, frogs and other small animals.

Among these wild animals, koalas and kangaroos suffer the most, especially koalas.

More than 8000 koalas died in the burning fire in recent months, which accounted for about 30% of the total number of koalas in the local area.

It’s been almost eight months since this happened. How is the koala now?

Introduction of Koala

Koala bear, the English name of koala, is derived from the ancient Aboriginal Language, which means “no drink”, that is, do not drink water.

Koalas almost never drink water, they only eat eucalyptus leaves, so water is also drawn from Eucalyptus leaves.

An adult koala eats about 500 grams of fresh eucalyptus leaves a day.

Koala is Australia’s national treasure, but also Australia’s unique precious primitive arboreal animals.

Adult koalas can grow to about 70 cm and weigh 10 kg.

Their bodies are light gray to light yellow, the color around their abdomen is relatively bright, their nose is bald, big and round, their head is round and rolling, their hair on their ears is very fluffy, their body is fat, they have no tail, their forelimbs have very strong claws, they are good at climbing, and they are generally very lovely.

Koala’s life is almost spent in the tree, most of the day will be used to sleep, foraging time accounts for less than 10% of the day, the rest of the time is sitting in the tree.

Koalas, who never drink water in their life, were found to lick the trunk of trees to quench their thirst when it rained

Since the Australian jungle fire, the destruction of the jungle environment has put great pressure on the survival of animals. Scientists are very worried about the problem of animals drinking water because of the arid jungle.

And for koalas who hardly drink water in their life, scientists are paying close attention to them. They want to know how koalas keep water.

According to the recently published journal ethology, biologists have found that koalas begin to drink water. Koalas lick tree trunks to quench their thirst when it rains, and drink water from trees just like other animals. The discovery of koala’s change excited researchers.

In fact, this amazing discovery has been seen in the wild by private scientists and independent ecologists from 2006 to 2019.

They licked the trunk of the tree at a steady rate of 30 minutes per second.

Since the discovery, researchers have recorded 46 times of koalas drinking water from trees during and after the rain.

Every time they watch in the rain, koalas are drinking water. And koalas seem to prefer the smooth parts of the tree trunks and branches, where it’s easier to collect trickles of water.

University of Sydney researcher Valentina mella said that one of the reasons why she didn’t notice koalas drinking water before may be that people don’t want to go out for observation work in rainy weather.

Xiaobian thinks that koala can drink water is a very lucky thing. If koalas don’t drink water, the water in their bodies will gradually lose. In addition, there is no eucalyptus leaves that can supplement water to eat, which will definitely cause dehydration and death.

Facing such lovely koalas, who can bear to see them die of thirst?

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