Scientists have discovered that Panama monkeys may have entered the stone age. Are they a threat to humans?

The earth is a living planet. About 4 billion years ago, the most primitive and simple life was born. Later, after a long evolution of life, intelligent life human was finally born millions of years ago. The emergence of human makes the earth enter a new chapter, upgrading from an ordinary life planet to an intelligent life planet. When human beings enter the era of civilization, the earth will also be upgraded to a civilized planet.

So how did humans come from? According to a large number of archaeological studies, human beings actually evolved from apes. About 5 million years ago, due to the great changes in the ecological environment at that time, some apes had to give up the forest to live in the plains. It’s not easy to survive in the plain. Many beasts can threaten the survival of the apes. At this time, in order to adapt to the new environment and survive, the apes began to learn to walk upright, and their brains began to develop rapidly.

The environment forces the apes living in the plains to evolve into intelligent life. After millions of years of evolution, Homo sapiens is finally born, which is also the ancestor of modern human beings. It can be seen that humans and apes actually share a common ancestor, but they have different directions in the evolution of millions of years.

So what is an important sign of the evolution of apes to humans hundreds of years ago? Some people may say it’s upright walking. In fact, this is not the most important sign. The important sign that really represents the evolution of ancient apes to human beings is the use and manufacture of tools. Only intelligent life has the ability to use and manufacture tools.

Therefore, in the world of biological evolution, it is very important to use and make tools to judge whether a species has the trend of evolution to intelligent life. At present, there is only one intelligent race on earth, but we are not sure whether there will be a second or a third intelligent race in the future.

In 2017, German ecologists published a discovery. They found that on a remote island in Panama, the little white capuchin monkey on the island could use tools to get fruit, which may have entered the stone age.

After the publication of this important discovery, it caused quite a stir in the scientific community. Many biologists have said that these Panamanian monkeys may have really entered the stone age. They can use tools very much like our primitive ancestors. If so, does that mean these Panamanian monkeys already have primary intelligence?

Panamanian monkeys can use tools to make many people think that they may have entered the road of evolution to wisdom. Such discoveries once caused people’s panic. Some people worried that they would evolve higher intelligence along the direction of human evolution in the future, threatening human survival and the hegemony of the earth. So is this worry necessary? In fact, it’s totally unnecessary. Why do you say that?

First of all, we need to understand that an important sign of the evolution of human ancient ancestors to wisdom is the use and manufacture of tools, of which the manufacture of tools is the key. You know, in nature, animals that can use tools are not only Panamanian monkeys, chimpanzees, crows and other creatures can use some tools.

Although Panamanian monkeys have learned to use tools, their way of using tools is relatively rough. They only know how to use the existing tools in nature, but they can’t make tools. This is equivalent to the most primitive stone age of human beings. Just using tools can only show that the Panamanian monkey is smarter than the average monkey, and may be smarter than the chimpanzee, but it has not yet reached the level of wisdom.

In fact, there is a kind of creature in nature that may be smarter than PARCA Macaca. They are crows with very beautiful calls. I believe we are not unfamiliar with crows. Because the crow’s call is not pleasant, so many Chinese people do not like them, but in Japan, crow is a god bird, has a very noble status.

Crows have such a high status, mainly because they are too smart. We all know the story of crows drinking water. In addition to crows using stones to drink water, there are many other examples of their intelligence. If the IQ of crows is comparable to that of human children about 5 years old, crows will use some simple tools in nature, and their intelligence is no less than that of Panamanian monkeys.

So has crow been on the way of intelligent evolution? It is unlikely that only by learning how to make tools can a species really begin to take the road of intelligent evolution. However, the Panamanian monkey is far from learning how to make tools. It can be seen that they have not yet embarked on the road of intelligent evolution.

Even if the Panamanian monkey learns to make simple stone tools one day in the future, it will take a long time and arduous efforts to evolve into intelligent life like human beings. It took millions of years for human beings to go from the stone age to the present. In such a long time, there are many branches of human beings.

Humans evolved from apes, but the process of evolution is not a straight line, but there will be many branches, such as: from the earth ape to the Australopithecus, and then to the capable man, craftsman, Heidelberg man, Homo sapiens and so on. The evolutionary path is like a branch of a tree. Every node will produce a new branch. The branches that can adapt to the environment will be retained by natural selection, while those that cannot adapt to the environment will be eliminated by natural selection.

In the course of more than 5 million years of human evolution, there have been many different intelligent human races, but the only one that can survive is the African ape. This group of ancient apes finally evolved into Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern humans.

It can be seen that even if any race embarks on the road of intelligent evolution, it is very difficult to eventually become a high-level intelligent life. One of the important conditions is that the number of races should be sufficient. If there is no sufficient advantage in the number of races, it is difficult for this race to evolve into intelligent life.

The number of Panamanian monkeys is not large, and the survival area is also very limited. The number and activity area seriously limit their evolution and development direction. So there is very little possibility that the Panamanian monkey wants to evolve into intelligent life. Even in the future, the Panamanian monkey is very lucky to become an intelligent race. Can it threaten the survival and status of human beings? The answer is No.

Even if the Panamanian monkey evolves into intelligent life in the future, it will be hundreds of thousands of years at least. At that time, after continuous efforts and development, human civilization had already become a powerful interstellar civilization in the universe. It was no longer bound to a small earth, a small solar system, or even a small galaxy.

At that time, the worst human civilization might also spread all over the galaxy. The earth was just one of the planets inhabited by human beings. Even at that time, the Panamanian monkey became an advanced intelligent life, at most a primitive civilization. It was impossible for them to catch up with the development of human beings.

Even in the future, human beings will find more beautiful homes in the universe, and the earth is no longer very important to us. It is possible that human beings will voluntarily give up the earth and give it to the new born wisdom civilization. After all, the Panamanian monkey is also a creature of the earth. From the perspective of civilization, it is also a civilization of the earth.

Thus, it can be seen that the statement that Panamanian monkeys threaten human beings is totally absurd. As long as human beings exist on the earth, they can not threaten human survival and status. However, everything is changeable. If one day, human beings, like dinosaurs, completely disappear in the long river of history because of the end of the unknown primitive, then if the Panamanian monkey continues to exist, it may replace human beings and become the new intelligent life and new overlord of the earth.

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