Scientists have discovered that the “eggshell wall” of the universe, spanning 3.5 billion light-years, is suspected to be made by a super civilization

At present, there are many human lives on the earth. Outside the earth, the solar system has been protecting the earth. Although human beings can’t survive in the universe, we should know that the earth is inside the solar system. If the sun doesn’t protect the earth, then the earth can’t provide such a good living environment for human beings. Now, with the continuous development of human science and technology, human beings want to survive To solve some mysteries of the earth, we want to enter the universe to find some phenomena.

With the deepening of human’s understanding of the universe, human beings begin to realize that they are really very small in the universe. The universe is so vast that even the solar system exists in the universe. Unfortunately, human beings can’t even fly in the solar system now, which makes people very embarrassed. In the last century, the United States and the former Soviet Union successively landed on the moon, but they only landed on the moon, and there are still some problems Without going deep into the solar system, human beings have launched many detectors, but they can’t fly out of the whole solar system. Human beings can’t leave the solar system now, which means that human beings can only live on the earth forever.

For human beings, with the continuous progress of science and technology, our exploration of the universe has never stopped. So scientists think that we live in a universe with boundaries, even though there is no knowledge of the scope of that boundary. However, when scientists found a wall outside the universe, they wrapped the universe like an eggshell. What’s the matter?

Through a low power mirror, astronomers discovered the wall, which began 10 billion light-years away from the earth. After measurement, they found that the wall could be 3.5 billion light-years thick, probably in the constellation BOJIANG. Is there a super civilization to protect the universe?

Perhaps the super civilization that protects the universe does not exist, nor does the earth. The astronauts couldn’t see anything. They speculated that the temperature should be higher than the average temperature of the universe. It’s like a uniform wall, blocking the upper and lower space of the universe. What’s the matter?

Obviously, this is not the first time that scientists have found this kind of existence. In the universe 5 billion light-years away from the Milky way, 830 galaxies with a diameter of about 1.3 billion light-years and a mass of 2.8 trillion solar masses have been found, which are evenly distributed in space, but it is not clear what these barriers are.

In our current understanding, the boundary of the universe is, of course, that there is nothing in the universe but a vast space. The cosmic wall discovered by scanning the electromagnetic waves in the universe is considered to be an important basis for confirming the parallel universe. Perhaps with the continuous progress of our science and technology, astronomical observation can slowly uncover its mystery. So, what’s your guess about the balanced universe? Is it really to protect the universe to build a cosmic wall for this discovery?

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