Scientists have discovered that the most terrible celestial body in the universe can release 10 billion years of energy from the sun in three seconds

With the help of science and technology, mankind came out of the earth and finally saw a vast and mysterious universe. And in the vast universe, the protagonist is all kinds of celestial bodies, among which stars are the most common and beautiful celestial bodies in the universe. They can generate very powerful energy all the time.

Stars can be said to be the most beautiful scenery in the universe. Through the internal nuclear fusion reaction, they make themselves a flaming fireball, bringing some light and warmth to the dark and cold universe. And the birth of life is inseparable from the help of stars. It is precisely because of the help of stars and the sun that the earth can be lucky to become a planet of life, and finally the birth of intelligent human beings.

The survival of human beings is inseparable from the light and heat generated by the sun. These energies are the basis for the survival of life on earth. Without them, we will not be able to survive. If one day the sun disappears or does not shine, then it will be darkness and the end of life to greet the earth. For human beings in the age of science and technology, the sun is not only the basis for the survival of life on earth, but also a powerful energy source.

I believe many people know that the development of human science and technology and ecology are inseparable from energy. In the solar system, there is no energy more powerful than the sun. If all the energy radiated by the sun per second can be absorbed and applied by us, it can be used for 200000 years. Visible, the energy of the sun how huge.

So is such a powerful Henderson energy the most powerful in the universe? Of course not. Just before human beings stepped out of the earth, due to the limitation of observation scope and ability, at that time, we thought that stars were the most powerful energy objects in the universe. After all, they were the most conspicuous existence in the universe. However, with the continuous improvement of our observation technology, after we were able to observe celestial bodies 10 billion light-years away, we found that there are still powerful celestial bodies thousands of times and tens of thousands of times more terrible than stars in the universe.

I believe many friends may have heard of a kind of celestial body: quasar, which is a kind of celestial body similar to stars and can also emit strong energy radiation. The reason why quasars have not been observed for a long time is that they are too far away from the earth. They are basically in the distant sky more than 10 billion light-years away from the earth.

Quasar is a kind of high luminosity object which can be observed in the very far distance. More than 80% of quasars are radio quiet. Quasars are much smaller than galaxies, but they release thousands of times more energy than galaxies. The extraordinary brightness of quasars enables their light energy to be observed at a distance of 10 billion light-years away.

We all know that the speed of photons is the speed of light. It takes 10 billion years for photons to reach the earth. The photons emitted by such distant quasars can still travel to the earth over 10 billion years, which shows how powerful their energy is, far beyond the energy of other celestial bodies in the universe.

So how powerful are quasars’ emissions and energies? Let’s take the sun as a comparison. The life span of the sun is about 10 billion years, and the energy emitted per second can last 200000 years. However, the energy emitted by quasars in three seconds is equivalent to the energy consumed by the sun in 10 billion years. That is to say, the sun exhausts the energy emitted in its lifetime. Quasars can do it in only three seconds.

From this we can see how terrible quasars are. They are the most terrible objects discovered in the universe. So how did this kind of celestial body come into being? What is the essence of them? For quasars, scientists know very little about them. They are too far away from the earth. If it wasn’t for the powerful energy they emit, we wouldn’t be able to observe them at all.

Some scientists speculate that quasars may be the “upgraded version” of black holes, and their center may be a massive black hole, which may also be the main energy source of quasars. We should know that supermassive black holes in the universe are all domineering, and they will form strong and obvious bright accretion disks around them.

If the essence of a quasar is also a supermassive black hole, will the bright region that can be observed around it also be a huge accretion disk. If it is so simple, scientists may not pay so much attention to quasars. But in fact, through a lot of research, scientists have found that quasars are obviously different from the accretion disks formed by other supermassive black holes.

Although the energy radiation of supermassive black hole is also very strong, its photons are difficult to transmit to 10 billion light-years away. The supermassive black holes that can be observed by human beings are basically within 100 million light-years. For example, the first real picture of a black hole published by scientists last year is a supermassive black hole located 55 million light-years away from the earth.

The energy level of a quasar is much higher than that of a supermassive black hole, and its brightness can reach 145 trillion times that of the sun? If it’s used to light up the stars, that’s enough energy to light up 1000 galaxies. If the quasi celestial bodies are placed in the solar system, the energy released will not only completely engulf the solar system, but also greatly affect the Milky way.

If the center of a quasar is a black hole, then the mass of the black hole is at least 100 million times that of the sun, which is beyond our imagination. What’s more, quasars are almost 10 billion light-years away from the earth. We can observe them now, which indicates that it took at least 10 billion years for quasars’ photons to reach the earth in the universe.

The age of the universe is only 13.8 billion light years, which indicates that quasars were formed in the early stage of the universe. Scientists speculate that quasars may not be as simple as we think, it may not be the black hole in our cognition. It may even have nothing to do with black holes. Since quasars were formed in the early universe, they may contain the origin of the universe and the mystery of the early universe.

The reason why scientists attach so much importance to the study of quasars is not only to understand what it is, but also to understand how the universe came from it? And the reality of the early universe. Although there are many mysteries in the universe, the most important one is about the origin and early development of the universe.

As long as we understand the early situation of the universe, we may be able to finally uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe. Moreover, due to the rapid expansion of the universe and the limitation of human science and technology, we are afraid that only quasars can be observed in the early universe. Of course, for the research and exploration of quasars, we can only use astronomical telescope observation and some simulation experiments at present.

If we really want to understand the nature of quasars, we may need to go to the field for close observation and data collection in the future. To achieve this goal, it is a great challenge for human beings. You know, it’s a vast journey of 10 billion light years. Maybe only the wormhole shuttle of human beings in the future realization theory can do it. We are looking forward to this day.

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