Scientists have discovered that the new earth is one billion years older than the earth, with water, atmosphere or life

Human beings have been living on the earth for millions of years, and human science and technology are also making continuous progress. Especially after the industrial revolution, human beings have really stepped onto the fast lane, and the development speed of science and technology has exceeded people’s imagination. It took only a short period of less than a hundred years to realize the pace of going out of the earth and preliminarily exploring the universe.

When human beings began to explore the universe, they found that the universe is really too big, the earth is just a dust of the universe, people can’t help thinking: is there any other extraterrestrial intelligent life in the universe? If we can find a planet like the earth, does it mean that this planet will probably have extra terrestrial life or even intelligent life?

Therefore, human beings began to search for the existence of earth like planets in the universe through astronomical telescopes. With the efforts of scientists, many earth like planets have been discovered through astronomical telescopes. However, the similarity between these earth like planets and the earth is not particularly high. What we are looking for is planets that are more than 80% similar to the earth, at least with liquid phase The existence of water and atmosphere.

Recently, when some scientists observed the universe, they found another earth like planet, which is very similar to the earth. It is also a blue planet, which shows that there is a large amount of liquid water on the planet. The volume and mass of the planet are 1.6 times that of the earth, which also shows that its gravity is about 1.6 times higher than that of the earth.

Scientists observed the stellar system of this earth like planet through astronomical telescope, and found that it is located in the stellar system formed by a red dwarf star. Moreover, it is relatively close to the main star, and there is also a large amount of liquid water, which indicates that the planet has a high probability of having a thick atmosphere, whether it is an enlarged version of the earth.

When scientists search for extraterrestrial life, liquid water is a very important reference index. In our view, water is the source of life. When we search for life in the universe, we will inevitably use the earth as the template and condition to look for it, although the planet with life in the universe may be very different from the earth’s environment, or even the extreme environment we think. However, life is more likely to exist on a planet that is very close to the earth’s environment, and this is also an important condition for human beings to find suitable conditions for our future migration.

This earth like planet is 201 light-years away from the earth, which is still a distant distance for human beings. We have no ability to reach a planet to explore. However, this planet has liquid water, atmosphere and magnetic field, which is too similar to the earth. Apart from being 1.6 times larger than the earth, other conditions are fully met for human beings to find suitable immigrants.

Of course, if we have the ability to reach this planet in the future, we have to consider many conditions for immigration. One condition is whether intelligent life has been born on it. If there is no intelligent life, it’s OK. If intelligent life has been born and even civilization has been formed, it will have a great impact on human immigration plans.

Through observation, scientists found that the newly discovered earth like planet is 1 billion years older than the earth, that is to say, it formed 1 billion years earlier than the earth. It is possible that its star system is also older than the solar system. If a life planet is 1 billion years older than the earth, if intelligent life was born on it very early, even if it was only 10000 years earlier than human beings, then their scientific and technological development will be great We can’t imagine the degree of expansion. At that time, human beings didn’t expect to immigrate, but worried about whether they would be invaded by the other side.

Another condition is the composition of the atmosphere on earth like planets. Humans breathe with oxygen, but not all planets with atmosphere have oxygen. The proportion of oxygen that humans need to breathe should not be too large or too small. Too large is too much for humans, too small is too big for humans to breathe. If the oxygen content of the atmosphere on this planet just meets the needs of human beings, then there will be no big problem for migration. If there is no oxygen on it, and the life on it does not live on oxygen, but on other gases as breathing gas, then human beings can hardly want to migrate, unless the composition of the atmosphere is artificially changed, and the composition of the atmosphere changes, if there is a lot of life on this planet Life, that will usher in the mass extinction, whether human beings will do so is unknown.

Finally, there is the problem of gravity. Since this earth like planet is 1.6 times larger than the earth, the gravity on it may also be about 1.6 times larger than the earth. If other conditions of this planet satisfy the survival of human beings, we have to adapt to its huge gravity. This gravity is not suitable for human beings just landing on this planet. Every step you take, you will feel that you are carrying a Bibi You have to have a heavy load.

But people’s adaptability is relatively strong. Although the gravity is great, people can adapt slowly. Moreover, after living on this planet for a long time, there will be some evolution of human body. For example, the body will become shorter, the bones will become stronger, and the human physique will be greatly improved.

These are just people’s conjectures in advance. What is the situation on this newly discovered earth like planet, and whether there will be life and intelligent life? We don’t know. Only when the future human spaceship can surpass the speed of light, we can go to this earth like planet for detailed field investigation. If we meet the living conditions of human beings and have no problems With the existence of intelligent life, human beings can safely immigrate. We are looking forward to this day.

Do you think there will be intelligent life on this planet? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your unique views.

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