Scientists have discovered that the new earth, with water and magnetic field, is one billion years bigger than the earth, and there may be life

How big is the universe? No one knows. From the range we can see at present, the earth is just a cusp in the universe. Compared with other planets in the universe, the earth is very small in size and not rich in resources. This is the earth, but the birth of a wisdom race: human, and formed the earth civilization. It can be imagined that there are hundreds of millions of planets in the universe, which are better than the earth. Earth like planets are also common in the universe.

Recently, the planetary research team of Japan University of science and technology, using the Kepler II mission space equipment of the United States, discovered an earth like planet which is highly similar to the earth. It is about 201 light-years away from the earth and is located in the star system of a red dwarf star. Through the preliminary observation of astronomical telescopes, it is found that the planet contains a lot of water.

The volume of this planet is about 1.6 times that of the earth, but it is still a little close to that star. If there is no good protection measures, it is easy to be destroyed by cosmic rays. Fortunately, there is a lot of liquid water on it, which can protect the planet well. The existence of liquid water is an important parameter for human beings to search for extraterrestrial life Kao, the Martians only found a part of frozen water and thought that Mars is very likely to have life, not to mention that there is a lot of liquid water on this earth like planet.

The existence of liquid water indicates that the temperature of the planet is still mild. If it is too cold, water will form ice. If it is too hot, liquid water can not exist in large quantities on the surface of the planet. Scientists are excited to find a large amount of liquid water. Since there is such a large amount of liquid water, does it also indicate that this earth like planet has a magnetic field? If it turns out that there is a magnetic field like the earth’s, the possibility of life on the planet is even greater. If there is water and magnetic field, the atmosphere is more likely to have it. Otherwise, a large amount of water is unlikely to exist.

No matter how you look at this earth like planet, it is possible that it is a planet of life. However, we have to consider whether the planet has advanced intelligent life, whether it has formed civilization and how civilized it is? As mentioned above, scientists found that the age of this planet is 1 billion years older than that of the earth through exploration. 1 billion years is not a short time, which is enough for many things to happen. If this planet had life long ago and developed into a civilization, its scientific and technological level may be far higher than that of the earth. Even if life was 10000 years earlier than that of the earth, the scientific and technological development of 10000 years is not what we can imagine.

Human beings have just stepped out of the earth and have not yet been able to carry out long-distance voyage in the universe. The deep observation of the universe is only realized through astronomical telescopes. We can find earth like planets 201 light-years away. Does that mean that the intelligent creatures of that planet have already found us? Their technology may be more than 10000 years advanced than that of the earth. But they found us. Why don’t they come to earth?

Discovery and arrival are two concepts. Perhaps the advanced life of that planet has also discovered the earth through their high technology. Although they are countless years more advanced than the earth’s science and technology, perhaps they have not yet developed a speed beyond the speed of light. After all, the distance of 201 light years is a hard injury. Even sailing at the speed of light will take 201 years, which is the root of the earth at present What is impossible is to send it out. With the current technology of the earth, we can’t get there in tens or millions of years. If you want to visit this distance, you must develop a spaceship that can surpass the speed of light. But the speed of light is an unimaginable speed for human beings. Even scientists believe that the speed of light is impossible to achieve, let alone surpass the speed of light.

We can’t get there, and the other side’s technology level has not reached the ability to surpass the speed of light. Naturally, we can’t visit the earth, so we can only look at each other across the air. But I believe that one day in the future, distance will no longer be a problem. When we really develop a spaceship that flies faster than the speed of light, 201 light-years may be only a few days away, and we are looking forward to that day.

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