Scientists have discovered that the solar system has five peculiarities, which seem to be tailor-made for the earth

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and the solar system is the parent galaxy of the earth which can develop stably and safely. Therefore, the solar system is also the home for human survival, but this home seems to be something special.

With the help of science and technology, human beings quickly realized the dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth. With the rapid development of science, people are constantly thinking about a very important question: where do human beings come from? Is there any other intelligent life in the universe?

For the origin of human beings, modern science has always been divergent. Some people think that human beings originated from the evolution of life and evolved from simple life to intelligent life step by step. However, through exploration and research, scientists found that the emergence of human seems to be very sudden, completely different from the evolution and development of other life. The evolution and growth of human beings is too fast, so many scientists have doubts about the origin of human beings.

When human beings began to explore the universe, they found many galaxies, but scientists found that the solar system seems to be a very special galaxy. Such galaxies have not been found outside the solar system, so what is special about the solar system? Scientists have discovered five strange things in the solar system through exploration. These special things seem to tell us that life on earth seems to be “deliberately designed” by someone?

1、 The position of the earth in the solar system is in the habitable zone. Only the planets in the habitable zone can give birth to life and civilization. Neither too close nor too far from the sun. In fact, there is not only one planet in the habitable zone of the solar system, but also Venus and Mars. But the environment of these two planets is totally different from that of the earth.

The environment of Venus can be described as purgatory. The surface temperature is as high as 460 ℃ and there is an acid rain layer. I don’t know how such a bad environment was formed. Is it the result of natural selection or other reasons? Although the environment of Mars is not as bad as that of Venus, it is also a planet unsuitable for human survival. Is it really a coincidence that the earth is in such a good position in the solar system?

2、 The earth has a strong magnetic field, the earth can become a living planet, from the invasion of solar wind and other cosmic radiation, a big reason is that there is a strong magnetic field, the earth’s magnetic field coverage can reach thousands of kilometers, for the earth such a planet is incredible.

In the universe, there are many earth like planets with magnetic fields, but the strength of the magnetic field is very different. It’s not surprising that a super earth has such a strong magnetic field as the earth, but the mass of the earth is not much in the family of earth like planets. Many planets similar to the Earth found by scientists have much larger mass than the earth.

According to the truth, it is very difficult for a planet of such mass as the earth to have such a strong magnetic field, but the earth has a planet with a strong magnetic field. How does this magnetic field come from, is it formed naturally or is there other factors? You know, the earth’s neighbors Venus and Mars are earth like planets, but these two planets have no magnetic field. What’s the matter?

The earth has such a strong magnetic field. The explanation of modern science is that there is a huge iron core in the earth, which can continuously produce a strong magnetic field. How is this huge iron core formed? Isn’t there such a core in the center of Venus and Mars? There is a great probability that there will be a metal core in the earth like planet’s core. Why did Venus and Mars not produce a strong magnetic field, but the earth formed such a strong magnetic field? This is still an unsolved mystery.

3、 In front of the earth, there is a powerful protective Shenmu star. As we all know, the solar system is not a galaxy without threat. In fact, there are countless asteroids in the solar system. There are two planetary belts in the solar system. One is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with no less than 100000 asteroids. The other is the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system, where there are countless asteroids.

Asteroids are not as stable as planets. They may fly out of orbit to the inner planets at any time, and the earth will also be threatened by these asteroids. However, the earth has been developing steadily for billions of years without the end of life caused by asteroid impact. The life of the earth has been able to continue until now, a great contribution is Jupiter.

Jupiter is a gas giant planet. It is the largest planet in the solar system. All the other seven planets are not as big as Jupiter. It is because of Jupiter’s huge mass and volume that it just blocks in front of the earth and blocks many asteroids that collide with the earth. Jupiter has so many moons, most of which are asteroids pulled by its strong gravity.

Without the existence of Jupiter, the probability of the earth being hit by an asteroid will be greatly increased. It may be difficult for the earth to continue the development of life all the time, and it may also become a barren planet like Mars. So why is the position of Jupiter right in front of the earth? Is it a coincidence or some other reason?

4、 The earth has a special satellite. It is not surprising that planets have satellites. Many planets in the universe have satellites, but the moon is different from other satellites. Its biggest feature is its large size.

According to the normal planetary theory, the satellites of the planet are very small, so that they can operate stably. However, the moon is different. Its volume is 1 / 49 of that of the earth, which is incredible for a satellite. If the ratio difference between a satellite and a planet is too small, it will be difficult for the satellite to run around the planet stably, either to go far away from the planet, or to hit the planet directly.

Scientists have observed and found many satellites of planets, but not one like the moon. How does the moon orbit the earth stably because of its huge mass and volume? As for the origin of the moon, the common view of modern science is that it originated from a planetary collision.

In the early days of the earth’s formation, a Mars sized planet hit the side of the earth, and the material produced by the impact formed the moon. However, such a view leads us to two questions: why the moon formed by the impact is not pulled by the earth’s gravity to hit the earth, but runs stably around the earth. To know that such a large moon to run around the earth, but it needs a very accurate orbit, as long as it is almost impossible to become a satellite of the earth.

Another question is, where is the planet that hit the earth? You know, this is a planet the size of a planet, and it can’t disappear out of thin air. If it did hit the Earth billions of years ago, it should still be in the solar system, but we can’t find this planet.

5、 There is a peculiar Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system. In fact, the Kuiper belt is composed of countless kinds of celestial bodies. It is like a protective shield surrounding the solar system. As for the origin of the Kuiper belt, the scientific community thinks that it was formed by the solar wind blowing some dust debris to the edge of the solar system in the early days of the sun.

However, there are still many questions about this explanation. If the solar wind could blow some debris to the edge to form the Kuiper belt during the early formation of the solar system, why did other galaxies outside the solar system not have such a Kuiper belt? The formation process of other galaxies should be similar to that of the solar system, which also produces a lot of debris and dust. Why is the solar system the only one to form the spectacular Kuiper belt? This is another unsolved mystery.

From the above five unique features of the solar system, we can also feel the extraordinary features of the solar system. It seems that all of these are customized and arranged by a mysterious force. The purpose may be to protect the earth, the planet of life. If this is the case, there may be great doubts about the origin of human beings. I believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, these mysteries will be solved one by one.

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