Scientists have discovered that underground life, which should have disappeared for a long time, has reappeared!

Scientists have discovered that underground life, which should have disappeared for a long time, has reappeared!

About the origin of human life, has been in the discussion, how the earth’s first life is formed, this is also a problem worth pondering. The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years in the universe. In this long process of development, it has experienced five mass extinctions, each of which is shocking. There is the birth of life and the passage of life. Fortunately, in the mass extinction of so many species, human beings have become the leader of the earth. The birth of human beings promotes the development of the earth’s civilization and makes the earth more vibrant.

There is no doubt that the earth is the only home for human beings, and human beings are also the most special life on the earth. They have the wisdom and history of independent thinking, which other animals do not have. Humans can walk upright on both feet and dominate the earth’s resources. The earth is a very huge star. In fact, the power of human beings on the earth is not as great as imagined. It seems to contain infinite power. In fact, in the face of natural disasters, human beings can do nothing. Scientists have discovered that underground life, which should have disappeared for a long time, has reappeared!

Human’s exploration of the earth is limited. After all, there are many areas where technology has not yet set foot. If we do not explore these areas carefully, we can not solve the mystery. Human beings have lived on land for a long time and have a good understanding of everything on land. Underground is different. Human beings have never touched the underground world. Scientists have been wondering what is in the underground world. Since the earth’s environment is suitable for human survival, does it mean that there is life underground?

In order to solve the puzzles, scientists have made countless researches and devoted themselves to exploring the underground environment. To be sure, the underground environment is not as good as the land environment. The interior is extremely dark and the environment is bad. If there is life, it is obvious that their vitality is extremely tenacious. What’s more, there has been no sunshine in the earth’s inner world for a long time. Even if there is life, their living habits are quite different. They can change their body’s mechanism to adapt to the environment. If they don’t do so, they will hardly survive.

Some scientists once explored 3000 meters underground, and were surprised to find new life. These new life are very different from what we imagined. They are all small microorganisms. Scientists are worried. After research, these microorganisms contain ancient bacteria and viruses, which are a great threat to human life. Once released, the consequences will be unimaginable, and the earth’s environment will be damaged by the potential migration.

Not only that, because of global warming, many permafrost layers in the north and south poles are gradually melting, and a lot of bacteria and viruses are also found. This is not a good thing. Both the microorganisms in the permafrost layer and underground microorganisms deserve human attention. They are always threatening human health. What do you think of these microorganisms in the underground world? You can leave a message for interaction.

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