Scientists have discovered that water, which has been preserved for 2 billion years, will help us explore the mystery of life on Mars

Born 4.6 billion years ago, the earth is the only living planet discovered on earth. Although human beings were born millions of years ago, the earliest microorganisms on earth were about 3 billion years ago. Water is the source of life, so there have been water resources on the earth for a long time. These water resources exist not only on the surface, but also in underground rocks.

Scientists have found that the earth’s surface water loss every year, the loss of water is into the underground rock, this cycle has lasted for billions of years. The earth is a planet of life. Life not only exists on the ground and in the ocean, but also has rich life systems underground.

An article was published in the journal Nature. According to the article, a few years ago, Canadian scientists collected water more than 2 billion years ago in a 3000 meter deep zinc copper mine mountain in Ontario. The existence time was determined by the isotopic content of inert elements (helium, neon, xenon, etc.), making it the oldest preserved water so far.

The accumulated water has no material exchange with the outside world for a long time. The content of heavy metals in the water is high and there are many impurities. Compared with pure water, it is more viscous and transparent. When the outside air enters, the substances in the water are oxidized quickly. A geologist on the scene at that time plucked up the courage to take a sip. According to him, the taste of water was salty, bitter and sticky. It was not good to drink and even disgusting.

Later, regular scientific detection found that the sulfate content in the water is high, and there is also single cell life in the water. These organisms have established an independent system in this underground space, and they may have existed for as long as 2 billion years. If they are not disturbed by human beings, they may continue to exist for billions of years.

Through this discovery of ancient groundwater, scientists not only learned about the geological conditions of 2 billion years ago, but also helped scientists improve their understanding of the tenacity of life, which provides an important basis for human beings to search for the possibility of life on Mars.

Mars is the most concerned planet since human beings came out of the earth and explored the universe. It is the neighbor of the earth and has many similarities with the earth. One reason why scientists pay so much attention to Mars is that they regard Mars as the most likely planet for human beings to explore extraterrestrial life. The other reason is that Mars may become the second earth for human beings to survive in the future.

With decades of continuous exploration and Research on Mars, scientists have found water resources on Mars, not only ice water in the polar regions, but also a large amount of water resources under the surface of Mars, which may have been stored underground for billions of years.

Scientists believe that life may still exist on Mars because after exploration, many traces of water have been washed on the surface of Mars, which indicates that Mars may have been a beautiful blue planet like the earth long ago, with not only magnetic field, atmosphere, ocean, but also life.

But later, I don’t know why, the disappearance of Mars’ magnetic field made Mars become a desolate scene. Although billions of years have passed, traces of water can still be found on the surface of Mars. Although the water on the surface of Mars has gradually disappeared, there may still be a lot of liquid water under the surface of Mars.

If there was life on Mars a long time ago, is there still life in the underground water of Mars? This time, scientists found ancient water 2 billion years ago underground, and found the existence of microorganisms in the water, which shows that the survival ability of life is far beyond our imagination. Since there is life in the ancient underground water resources of the earth, there is a great possibility that there will be life in the groundwater of Mars, even from the ancient Martian life.

If life can form a complete ecosystem under the earth for hundreds of millions of years, it is also possible for life to appear underground on Mars. Not only on Mars, but also on other planets with groundwater resources, there may be life. We should know that the solar system is a planet with abundant water resources.

Although there is only one planet with liquid water on the surface of the planet in the solar system, there may be many planets with underground water resources. Several moons of Jupiter and Saturn have a lot of frozen water on the surface, and there may be liquid oceans under the thick ice layer, in which there may be life.

The edge of the solar system is a planet without water shortage. It is far away from the sun, and the water molecules in space will not be swallowed by the solar wind, so they can gather on the surface or inside of the celestial body. The water resources on the planets of galaxies in the solar system may be brought by comets at the edge of the solar system, which hit the planets and then brought the water resources to the earth and other planets.

Human exploration of Mars is deepening. The Mars probe insight, which landed last year, has already begun to explore the interior of Mars. I believe that we will soon get information about whether there are water resources and life inside Mars. I believe we will not be disappointed. Once it is confirmed that there are water resources and even life under the surface of Mars, it will be the most exciting time since human exploration of the universe I’m sorry to hear from you.

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