Scientists have discovered the South Pole anomaly, with a touch of red. What on earth is this?

Scientists have discovered the South Pole anomaly, with a touch of red. What on earth is this?

At the beginning of 2020, there has been a big storm. The sudden epidemic has made many people lose their lives, and many people are still suffering from the epidemic. In the face of this kind of disaster, there is nothing we can do, so we have to be obedient. Not only the epidemic situation, many countries also have other natural disasters, such as volcanoes, earthquakes and so on, which have seriously endangered human survival.

In fact, the occurrence of many natural disasters is closely related to human activities. Many people are very concerned about the temperature of the earth. Global warming causes the melting of glaciers in the north and south poles, and the rise of sea level endangers many coastal areas. This summer is coming faster than usual. The temperature in many polar regions has reached 20 degrees Celsius, which is not a good thing. Scientists have discovered the South Pole anomaly, with a touch of red. What on earth is this?

How can scientists describe this strange phenomenon in Antarctica? In the course of exploration, researchers found that there was a touch of red in Antarctica. According to the truth, Antarctica should be all snow, the environment is bad, few people live, the emergence of this scene caused the agitation of scientists.

Now all this has completely changed. Global warming has caused more and more serious problems, triggering a chain reaction. Many animals have lost their original homes, become homeless, and even many animals are in danger of extinction. I don’t know when Antarctica became like this. It’s unimaginable that many animals died in this bloody land.

Through the understanding of scientists, we finally found the real reason for the appearance of this blood red snow. It turns out that the rapid rise of Antarctic temperature has led to the rapid proliferation of a large number of algae, which will absorb a lot of light and heat. If this cycle continues, it will only accelerate the melting of glaciers. This is a rare spectacle in many Antarctic regions, but there are too many dangers behind it . Scientists have also warned that if human beings do not pay attention to their own behavior and do wanton damage to the earth, not only the north and south poles will be affected, but even the sixth mass extinction will be advanced, which is very terrible.

Many people think that human beings are the masters of the earth, so there is no need to take good care of the earth. In fact, the earth is very fragile. In the face of human destruction, it is powerless to resist. The occurrence of many natural disasters has changed the earth beyond recognition. If it continues like this, the future of mankind is worrying. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the protection of the environment. We should pay attention to global warming and other issues. How do you feel when you see this anomaly in Antarctica? You can leave a message for interaction.

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