Scientists have discovered three new earth like planets, 39 light-years away from the earth, which are likely to give birth to life

Human beings have a history of about 6000 years since written records. For thousands of years, people often look up at the sky and record some data of the sky, hoping to discover the mystery of the universe. In the long period of observation, our ancestors also have a certain understanding of the sky. The records of some celestial bodies make modern people admire. We should know that the ancients observed the sky through the naked eye.

After the era of scientific and technological development, we soon realized the flying dream, went out of the earth to explore the universe. At the same time, we also have a powerful observation equipment – astronomical telescope. It is with the help of astronomical telescopes that we can see the stars, galaxies and planets in the distant universe.

There are two most concerned tasks for human beings to explore the universe, one is to find extraterrestrial life and civilization, the other is to find the second earth suitable for human survival. Looking for extraterrestrial life is that human beings want to understand whether there are extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization in the universe. Scientists believe that human beings are not alone, and there must be the same intelligent civilization as human beings in the universe.

Looking for the second earth is for the continuation of human civilization. As we all know, the rapid development of science and technology has brought great progress to the development of human civilization. At the same time, it is also aggravating the consumption of the life of the earth, the overexploitation of a large number of resources, the continuous destruction of the living environment, and the emission of a large number of industrial waste gas, resulting in the rising global temperature. Therefore, in the near future, the earth will face the pressure of resource depletion, environmental degradation, rising sea level caused by rising global temperature, the revival of various ancient viruses, and increasing global population.

It is the rapid development of science and technology that aggravates the life of the earth. In the future, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival, so we have to face the choice of emigrating to other planets. However, in order to emigrate to other planets, we need to find a new earth suitable for human survival. Such a planet does not exist in the solar system, but can only be found in the solar system.

Scientists have discovered hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth by observing and searching through telescopes. Recently, science is preparing to study a stellar system located 39.13 light-years away, where a second earth suitable for life may be found. Scientists are preparing to study the seven planets in this stellar system, five of which are similar in size to the earth, and three of which have the possibility of liquid water and life.

Through observation, scientists found that two of the planets are composed of rocks and have a close atmosphere, which looks like earth and Mars. These two planets are also the focus of scientists’ research. They are the most likely earth like planets suitable for human survival. The other one also has the conditions for the birth of life.

Although scientists believe that all the three planets have the conditions for the birth of life, they are not sure whether they have given birth to life or even intelligent civilization. If it’s just some primitive life and there’s no intelligent life, then human beings will have the possibility of colonization in the future. If one of these three planets has already given birth to intelligent life, developed technology and even become an interstellar civilization. Then humans will no longer be able to colonize the three planets.

Because these three planets are all in a stellar system, just like the solar system, as long as there is a planet that gives birth to intelligent civilization and is stronger than or inferior to human civilization, then we have no possibility of colonization. In fact, this stellar system is very similar to the solar system. It has seven planets, only one less than the eight planets in the solar system, and it has three planets with the conditions for birth of life.

In fact, apart from the earth, Venus and Mars may not have been like this for a long time. Mars is the Sister star of the earth, which should not be like this. Therefore, scientists believe that Venus was a green planet like the earth a long time ago, but later it became such a purgatory planet for some unknown reason.

Mars is the same. The probe has found many traces of liquid water on Mars. Recently, the probe has also found a huge ice water crater on Mars, which is full of ice water. This shows that Mars still has the possibility of a large amount of water. Scientists also believe that Mars was a planet of life long ago. In this way, the solar system used to have three living planets, but now there is only one, which is quite different from the stellar Galaxy 39.13 light-years away.

It is because of so many similarities that scientists pay special attention to this stellar system and prepare for a series of observations and studies to prepare for the future. Of course, at present, we can only observe and study them through the observation equipment. If we want to achieve the distance survey of 39.13 light-years last year, it may need the speed of human spaceship to reach at least sub light speed. Otherwise, it will be close to 40 light-years, and it will take hundreds of thousands of years to reach the current speed of human spaceship.

However, it’s not easy to make the spaceship fly at sub light speed. It requires a greater breakthrough in energy technology. Some scientists say that antimatter may make the spaceship fly at sub light speed. It’s just that human beings haven’t mastered controllable nuclear fusion yet, and we don’t know when to realize antimatter energy technology. It’s estimated that we won’t see it in our lifetime.

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