Scientists have found a diamond planet in the Milky Way galaxy, 40 light years away from the earth. It’s impossible to get rich

The universe is vast and vast, with countless galaxies and stars. At the same time, the universe is also a huge treasure land of resources. There are countless precious resources to make people greedy, such as gold, rare metals, etc. Some planets may be full of gold. People also dream that if they can get such a planet, they will get rich.

In fact, gold is nothing. There are many more precious metals on earth than gold. For example, we all know that diamonds are much more valuable than gold. Diamond refers to the polished diamond, which is a kind of natural mineral and the original stone of diamond. In short, diamond is a kind of elemental crystal composed of carbon formed under the conditions of high pressure and high temperature in the deep part of the earth. Diamond is beautiful and rare. It is a symbol of love and loyalty, representing the eternal love.

Diamonds are relatively rare, especially a large diamond, which is very rare. Every time it appears, it will sell at a sky high price. On May 16, 2017, Sotheby’s auction house held a spring jewelry auction in Geneva, Switzerland. A pair of colored pear shaped diamond earrings set a new record in the history of auction with a total price of about US $57.4 million and RMB 395 million. As like as two peas, the pear shaped eardrop is almost the same as the South African, except for different colors and shapes. It weighs about 16 carats. In January 2018, a 910 carat D-COLOR IIA diamond, equivalent to the size of two golf balls, was excavated from the mining area of Lesotho, an African country, ranking fifth in the history of diamonds.

Diamonds are also women’s favorite jewelry. Unfortunately, the price is too expensive for ordinary people to afford. The reason why diamonds are so expensive has a lot to do with their formation conditions. In fact, diamonds are not complicated. Their essence is carbon. From a chemical point of view, they are related to the black carbon in our impression. The relationship between the two is professional It’s called homomorphism.

Diamond is formed under high temperature and high pressure environment, so it generally exists in the interior of the planet, so it will be very difficult to mine. Even if there are a large number of diamonds in the interior of the earth, our current technology is also unable to mine, so it is rare and precious. Many people may think that mankind has discovered many precious resource planets in the universe, so is there a planet composed entirely of diamonds?

Not to mention, the universe is so big that scientists have discovered a super big planet in the Milky way, bigger than the earth, and its internal structure is diamond. The discovery of this diamond planet has once again refreshed people’s understanding of the universe. Many people will think, if we can mine this planet, how big a diamond will we get, and then we will be rich.

It’s a beautiful idea, but it’s very difficult to realize it. At present, it’s impossible. We should know that the diamond planet is 40 light years away from the earth, which is a difficult distance for human beings. At the speed of our current spacecraft, it will take about 10000 years to fly a light year. I’m afraid that it will take at least 400000 light years to reach the 40 light years. What’s wrong A time of despair.

In addition, since the interior of this diamond planet is made up of diamonds, it means that its temperature is very high and it is very difficult to mine. Moreover, if we really want to fully mine a diamond planet larger than the earth, then the earth’s diamonds will become worthless. Scientists say that there are many, even more incredible, planets like this in the universe. We can only explore and exploit them if we work hard to develop science and technology.

The main factor that affects the exploration and exploitation of the space is the speed. Only when the speed of the spaceship reaches or exceeds the speed of light, can we really leave the solar system and go deep into the universe to explore and exploit the stars rich in resources. Take the diamond planet 40 light years away from the earth. If we want to exploit the space, the speed of the spaceship must at least reach the speed of light, even if it is at the speed of light It will take more than 40 years to fly at the speed of light to reach this planet. Of course, if we can fly faster than the speed of light, it will be better. It may take only a few minutes or even less to arrive. In space exploration, speed is the king.

With our current science and technology, for a long time in the future, we can only exploit the asteroids in the solar system, and the solar system has a huge Kuiper belt, which surrounds the solar system and contains numerous asteroids and other celestial bodies. As long as human science and technology go further, we can exploit the planetary resources in the Kuiper belt to develop human civilization. The resources in the solar system are enough for human civilization to continue to use for more than a thousand years. When the resources in the solar system are almost consumed, and we have the ability to go out of the solar system, we can explore and exploit the resources outside the solar system. Step by step, human civilization will eventually become the top civilization of the universe and stand at the top of the universe.

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