Scientists have found a huge hole at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, 150 million light-years in diameter and expanding

There are countless large galaxies in the vast universe, and the Milky way is just one of them. There are hundreds of billions of star systems in the Milky way, and the solar system is one of them. What is the space between galaxies? We call them interstellar space.

I believe we all know that the universe is not like the earth. It is a very large space with dense matter. The distribution of objects in the vast universe is very broad. A large amount of matter is basically concentrated in galaxies. In interstellar space, the density of matter is very small. So interstellar space is an open, dark, extremely cold place.

In many people’s opinion, the density of matter in interstellar space is the smallest in the universe, but in fact, there is a special phenomenon in the universe, which is huge and incomparable void. I believe many friends know that black holes, where massive black holes exist, are often very dazzling. There are accretion disks around them, so it is difficult to really hide their existence.

Although holes and black holes are both holes, they are totally different. Black holes are celestial bodies, but holes are not. So what is emptiness? In fact, it’s matter. There’s almost no region in the celestial body. In the cavity, there are no stars, no planets, no nebulae and interstellar gas. What’s more strange is that the temperature of cosmic microwave background radiation in this region is also low.

Usually, when the background microwave of the universe passes through the space, it will get a certain amount of energy and the temperature will rise. It is because of the particularity of the hole, so although it is not as dazzling as the black hole, it is not difficult to find the existence of the hole. The holes are equivalent to the holes that appear in the film of the universe without any matter intersection.

Astronomical telescope through the burst of light on the universe, get a galaxy map of the deep space of the universe, in this map, we can see dense dots, these dots are actually a large galaxy like the Milky way. In some star maps, you will find a very large blank area at a certain position. There are no galaxies in this area. This area is a void.

Cavity is a very strange structure in the universe, its diameter is often very large, can reach hundreds of millions of light years. Maybe many people think that the emptiness is very far away from us and has no effect on us? However, many people did not expect that there is a huge hole on the edge of the galaxy, with a diameter of 150 million light years, and it is still expanding.

In fact, this hole was discovered more than 30 years ago by scientists. At that time, an American astrophysicist and his team members discovered this hole at the edge of the galaxy by chance. Since then, they have been tracking it. Last year, scientists found that this hole is expanding, not only the interior is becoming more and more empty, but also the scope is becoming larger and larger. It can be said that in 30 years, this hole has been developing all the time.

So how do we find such a hole? You know, the hole doesn’t reflect energy. It’s completely dark. In fact, as we said earlier, although the void exists in nothingness, it is not as difficult to find it because of its very large span and its distribution in the background of cosmic stars.

Scientists have observed 20000 galaxies and their trajectories. After more than 30 years of efforts, they have finally outlined the scope of the hole. Scientists have also given this hole an interesting name, called “local universe”. This huge hole is on the edge of the galaxy. Will it affect the galaxy in the future?

In fact, this worry is superfluous. Unlike black holes and other galaxies, the hole itself is a space where there is basically no matter. Even if it enters the Milky way, there will be no collision event. Moreover, it has a diameter of 150 million light-years, and the Milky way is just a piece of dust in front of it. It is possible that this hole will devour the Milky way in the future, and the Milky way will become a rare Galaxy in this hole.

Of course, this is only a preliminary observation of the hole before. Now scientists know more about it and find that it is moving away from the galaxy at a speed of 260 kilometers per second. In fact, we are also relieved at this result, although theoretically, even if it engulfs the galaxy, it will not have any impact on us.

But all this is just our guess. We don’t know much about black holes, and we don’t know much about this kind of cosmic hole. It is still a mystery how the special structure of the cavity is formed. Is there really no galaxy or matter in it? In fact, it is also a mystery.

Scientists through the computer simulation of the structure of the universe, the results show that in the universe where the total density of matter is very low, light will suddenly die out. After calculation, the researchers believe that if the density of matter in a place is lower than a certain level, it will be difficult to form stars there, so it will not emit light, but the dark areas formed from this should not be simply regarded as empty. The researchers believe that these empty places may be where the “low-density universe” lies. They occupy 85% of the space in the universe, and their material composition is only 20% of the total amount of matter in the universe, which is called holes.

Holes are not rare in the universe. We can find many large and small holes in the background of the universe. They are also common in the universe. The formation of the hole may be related to the influence of dark matter and dark energy on the universe. We know nothing about dark matter and dark energy. So far, we haven’t found any dark matter.

Through these, we can see that human’s cognition of the universe may not even be the skin. The reason why we know little about the universe is that our spaceship is too slow to traverse the universe and explore those mysterious things.

If human beings are an interstellar civilization and can quickly cross the galaxy, then we can go to the huge hole at the edge of the galaxy and explore the mystery. I believe that in this way, we can completely uncover the mystery of the hole. Compared with the danger of black holes, a hole is a very docile baby. As long as we can get close to it, enter it and come out safely, I believe there will be no problem.

Therefore, human beings still need to strive to develop science and technology. Only when science and technology are powerful enough, the universe will become our back garden, and there will be no secrets in the universe. But I don’t know how many years it will take to realize such a willingness, which may be thousands of years, tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years. If human civilization does not continue to develop in the future, but is terminated on a certain time line, then the dream of exploring the universe can only be handed over to the newly born intelligent civilization.

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