Scientists have found a huge hole under the Antarctic glacier, nearly 300 meters high

The earth is a living planet with 71% of the ocean area. Water is the source of life. It is the earth with so much liquid water that can give birth to life and human beings. However, too much water is not good for human survival, which will lead to the reduction of land area and the compression of living space.

The earth has two levels, the Antarctic and the Arctic. These are two cold worlds, especially Antarctica has more glaciers. Since ancient times, Antarctica has been a forbidden zone for life. It is extremely cold and has extreme weather. However, with the rise of human science and technology, the greenhouse effect caused by industrial pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the global temperature is also rising.

Nowadays, Antarctica is no longer as cold as it used to be, and glaciers in many places are beginning to melt. The melting of Antarctic glaciers is not good news for the living environment of the earth and for the survival of human beings. Therefore, in recent decades, many countries have set up observation stations in Antarctica to study the glaciers in Antarctica and find solutions to the problem of glacier melting.

With the deepening of scientists’ research on Antarctica, they know more and more about it, and now scientists have begun to use satellites to explore Antarctica in more detail. Satellite exploration of Antarctica can cover the whole picture of Antarctica, and can see the situation that we usually can’t see. Through satellite exploration, scientists have really made a wonderful discovery. It turns out that there is a huge mysterious hole hidden under the Antarctic ice.

When scientists discovered the huge hole hidden beneath the glacier, they became very interested in it, and then invocated the satellite to enter a more powerful penetration detection. At the same time, they used a series of advanced instruments such as spacecraft to conduct a series of detection. Through these data, scientists initially understand some of the situation of this huge hole.

This huge cave hidden under the Antarctic ice is close to 300 meters high. This mysterious cave was detected at the bottom of the Switz glacier in southwest Antarctica. Of course, the huge caves in this place also lead to the rapid melting of the ice covered above. This huge cave can hold at least 14 billion tons of ice.

However, due to the fact that there are some gaps between the siweitz glacier and the bedrock beneath it, the sea water is constantly flowing in, and the ice in the cave is constantly melting. Now the cave is not entirely ice, but a mixture of ice and water, and the melting trend is accelerating.

The melting of ice in the cave below the ice also affects the glacier above the cave, so we can see that the glacier in this place is also melting rapidly. Moreover, the area of Weitz glacier is similar to that of Florida. If all the glaciers in this place melt, the water level of the whole ocean will rise at least 65 cm, which is a very terrible height. It indicates that many coastal cities will be drowned, and countless residents will lose their homes. It will become a huge disaster.

Now scientists don’t know how this huge Antarctic underground cave formed. It may have been hidden underground for a long time. Soon after the formation of Antarctica, this subglacial cave may have existed. In the long history, due to the extremely cold weather in Antarctica, this huge cave is also in a frozen state.

Only in recent decades, due to the rising global temperature, the Antarctic glaciers began to melt slowly. The melting water flowed into the cave again, melting a lot of ice in the cave, and then the influence slowly reached the surface through the ice. If this trend cannot be controlled, it will become a disaster in the future.

Although scientists also know what it means for the earth to melt all the Antarctic glaciers, until now, scientists have no way to stop the melting of Antarctic glaciers. Its main reason is the continuous warming of global temperature, and the root of global warming is the industrial pollution caused by human science and technology. If human beings can’t solve various pollution problems such as industry and industry, the trend of Antarctic glacier melting will be irreversible and may accelerate.

However, it is very difficult to solve the problem of global environmental pollution. Scientists’ research goal is to slow down the speed of global warming, but can not completely stop global warming from the root. If we really cut off the source of pollution, we will cut off the development of human science and technology and the progress of human civilization. In fact, it is easy to understand that the rapid development of human science and technology is inseparable from the use of chemical energy, and the use of chemical energy can not avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

There is only one way to really solve global warming, that is to develop a completely clean and pollution-free new energy to completely replace the existing chemical energy. This new energy is controlled nuclear fusion, which scientists have been exploring for hundreds of years. Only it can completely replace chemical energy and let human science and technology get rid of the dependence on chemical energy.

However, the research of controllable nuclear fusion is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go, which may be 50 years, or 100 years or longer. Before that, the rapid development of human science and technology also depends on chemical energy, so that the emission of greenhouse gases is inevitable, the trend of global warming will not change, and the trend of Antarctic glacier melting is also difficult to change. It is possible that in the future, 71% of the ocean area will become 91%, the earth will really become a water ball, and human cities will be built on the sea.

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