Scientists have found a huge hole under the Antarctic glacier, which can hold 10 billion tons of ice and has melted

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Basically, every planet has two poles, and the two poles are often synonymous with cold. Mars has two poles, and the water resources on the surface of Mars discovered by the probe are also concentrated in the two poles. Venus, the so-called purgatory planet, according to the latest exploration and research of scientists, it is also very likely to have water resources at its poles.

As the only intelligent life planet in the solar system, the Earth naturally has two poles. We call them the South Pole and the North Pole. These two places are frozen all the year round. They are a world of ice and snow. There are two forbidden zones for human beings on the earth. One is the vast desert. Entering the desert may never come out. The other is the freezing South Pole.

Compared with Antarctica, the Arctic is very different in scale and cold environment. Antarctica is the coldest region on earth. In the eyes of many people, Antarctica is an area that can’t be set foot on. It’s frozen all the year round, and the cold environment makes people shy away. However, in recent years, Antarctica has become a tourist destination for many people. More and more people go to Antarctica for sightseeing in the appropriate season to enjoy the beautiful ice and snow world and see the lovely penguins.

Why can more and more people travel to Antarctica now? Isn’t it cold in the South Pole now? Yes, with the rapid development of human science and technology, a large number of greenhouse gas emissions and the increasing greenhouse effect, the global temperature has been rising, especially in the past five years. The resulting rising ocean temperature and the temperature of the north and south poles are also rising.

Nowadays, the ice and snow in the north and south poles melt very fast. In the past, it was too cold to walk in the South Pole. Now, due to the rising temperature, people can travel in summer. The rising temperature in Antarctica also provides a lot of convenience for researchers to study Antarctica. However, due to the wide coverage of Antarctica, many regional scientists and technicians are not unable to enter the exploration.

At this time, scientists thought of using satellites to carry out a systematic detection of Antarctic glaciers. The United States has carried out a comprehensive and systematic survey of Antarctic glaciers by using a new generation of satellites, and found an amazing event. The original satellite through the ice penetration detection, found a huge cave hidden under the Antarctic ice, this cave preliminary detection height of 300 meters, can hold at least 10 billion tons of ice.

This mysterious cave is located at the bottom of the siweitz glacier in southwest Antarctica. Through exploration, it is found that the ice inside this huge cave has basically melted. At present, it is permeating and melting towards the upper layer. Scientists believe that the size of this huge cave under the glacier in this place actually plays an important role in the speed of melting the surrounding glaciers That is to say, as the cavity becomes larger and larger, more heat and more water will enter into the bottom of the glacier. Of course, the melting speed of the glacier above will continue to accelerate.

The area of the siweitz glacier is similar to that of Florida. For now, it accounts for at least 4% of the global sea level rise. If all the glaciers in this place melt, the melting water generated by it may cause the water level of the whole ocean to rise at least 65 cm. This is a very terrible number. At that time, many cities and residents in coastal areas will lose their lives Go to the home where you live, and even bring a devastating disaster.

This huge hole under the Antarctic glacier is only a typical one of many holes in Antarctica. In fact, there are many large and small holes under the Antarctic ice. They are all caused by the rising global temperature. The Antarctic glacier connects with the ocean, and the rising ocean temperature gradually melts the ice below through the continuous infiltration under the ice to separate it from the rock layer I’m away.

Therefore, we will now find that many huge ice blocks in Antarctica do not seem to have melted. In fact, they have begun to melt and loosen below. They have changed from immovable ice blocks to movable ice blocks. The rising temperature in Antarctica may be a very happy thing for many friends who like to travel. Finally, they can enjoy the beauty of Antarctica.

However, in the eyes of scientists, the rising temperature in Antarctica may be a great test, even a great disaster, for the ecological environment of the whole earth and for the living environment of human beings in the future. If the Antarctic ice and snow melt completely, the sea level will rise by at least tens of meters. However, if the Antarctic ice and snow melt completely, it means that the global temperature has risen enough to make the global glaciers melt completely. At that time, the sea level will rise by about 60 meters.

We can imagine what it will be like if the global sea level rises by about 60 meters. It is estimated that most of the land will be drowned at that time. Originally, the land area of the earth is only 29%, one third of which is desert. Once most of the land area is flooded, less than 10% of the land area can be used for human survival.

Of course, the total melting of glaciers in the north and south poles will not only affect sea level rise. Although the rise of sea level will have a great impact on human life, with the rapid development of science and technology, we will build marine cities in the future, and more people will migrate to live in marine cities, which will not affect people’s living life because of the rise of sea level.

The more serious and unknown impact of the rising temperature in Antarctica is the recovery of the frozen layer. There are two important frozen layers on the earth, one is the Siberian frozen layer, the other is the frozen layer under the Antarctic ice layer. In these frozen layers, ancient bacteria and plants are frozen. Plants may have little influence on us, but once the ancient bacteria and viruses recover, the influence may be huge.

Scientists have been studying ancient bacteria in permafrost in recent years, and have successfully recovered some ancient bacteria through technical means. These ancient bacteria are much larger than our current bacteria, so it is not too much to call them superbacteria. By studying them, scientists can find out the characteristics of these bacteria and whether they will do harm to the earth’s ecological environment and human beings. If there is any harm, we can find a way to deal with it in advance, so as not to catch us by surprise when they all recover in the future.

Although scientists began to study these ancient bacteria, we know very little about them, and it is unknown how many kinds of ancient bacteria and viruses there are in the frozen soil. In any case, the rise of the earth’s temperature has been difficult to reverse, and the continuous melting of glaciers in the north and south poles is also the general trend in the future. For human beings, what we can do is to speed up the development of science and technology. As long as science and technology are strong enough, all possible problems can be solved.

In the future, mankind will not only face the problem of rising temperature on the earth, but also many disasters outside the earth, such as the impact of asteroids, the expansion of the sun and the transformation to red giant stars. To deal with these problems, we can only rely on powerful science and technology to explain. Science and technology can change the future, and science and technology can also change the fate of mankind.

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