Scientists have found a lot of mysterious red lines on these two satellites. What will they be?

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies like the Milky way, and the solar system is just one of the hundreds of billions of small galaxies with the Milky Way coefficient. There are eight planets in the solar system, and the earth is the only planet with intelligent life.

Many planets in the universe have their own satellites. Among the eight major planets in the solar system, except mercury and Venus, the other six have different numbers of satellites. The earth has only one moon, and Saturn has the largest number of moons, about 60.

In the process of exploring the solar system after human beings go out of the earth, apart from being interested in the eight planets, they will also be interested in the satellites of these planets. Among them, the satellites of Saturn and Jupiter are highly concerned by scientists. This is because there are a lot of ice layers in several satellites of Saturn and Jupiter. Under the thick ice layer, there may be liquid ocean and liquid water It means that there may be life, so they are highly concerned by scientists.

In order to explore the situation of Saturn and its satellites, in 2004, the Cassini probe was launched by ESA, NASA and the Italian Space Agency to systematically explore Saturn and its satellites. The probe has carried out a series of explorations on several satellites of Saturn and continuously sent data back to the earth.

Some time ago, scientists found that Titan showed unusual red lines, which made scientists very happy. Titan is almost made up of water ice. Its surface is covered with thick ice. Scientists believe that there are huge liquid oceans under the thick ice, which are likely to have life.

This time, scientists found red lines on the surface of Titan, located in the northern hemisphere region of Titan. These red arc lines have not been found before. Scientists believe that the discovery of red lines may be due to different lighting conditions caused by seasons. These unusual colored landforms are quite clear and the lines extend widely, which puzzles scientists.

So what are these weird red lines? Some scientists believe that these red lines may be caused by chemical reactions, exposing some metal elements in the ice layer, or by the overflow of some gas inside Titan. This red line did not appear on Titan before, but this time it appears, indicating that something unknown may have happened on Titan.

Although this peculiar red line is rare in the solar system, it is not only found on Titan. In the past, scientists also found a larger scale of red lines on Europa, which makes scientists marvel.

The number of red lines on Europa is too large to be estimated. When it appears, it almost covers one third of the planet’s surface. It looks like the red blood vessels on human eyeballs from a distance. It seems that the whole Europa is full of red incisions and scars.

Why is there such a red line on Europa? What does it tell us? Some scientists speculate that this is not a biological feature? Is there life on Europa? Europa is the sixth and fourth largest moon of Jupiter.

Like Titan, Europa is also a planet made of water ice. Its surface is covered with ice as thick as 100 kilometers, and there is an energy source inside Europa, because scientists believe that under its thick ice, there is a liquid water world. And Europa has a thin atmosphere and oxygen.

Scientists have long believed that Europa is one of the most likely planets in the solar system to have extraterrestrial life. In addition, the discovery of a large-scale strange red planet has strengthened some of scientists’ conjectures. Some scientists believe that these numerous red lines may be caused by organisms in the underground ocean, and there may be some unknown life in the underground liquid water world of Enceladus.

Now, the same red lines have been found on Titan. Is there any connection? It’s possible that the red lines on Titan and on Europa are similar in formation mechanism. If a large number of red lines on Europa are caused by underground life, does it mean that there is life similar to that in the underground ocean of Europa on Titan?

Scientists have found the same red lines on Europa and Titan. What’s the connection between them? It’s not clear yet. If you want to understand the true situation of these red lines, you have to send a stronger probe deep into the atmosphere. Maybe it’s better to land on these two satellites. Maybe you’ll get the answer.

ESA will also plan to launch a probe in the future. Its mission is to detect several moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and it is expected to reach the Jupiter system by 2030. We hope that it can uncover the mystery of the red lines on Titan and Europa. If more life features are finally found on the two satellites, it will be an explosive news, which may rewrite the theory of the origin of life in the solar system, and it will also be a major discovery of human exploration of extraterrestrial life. At the same time, it will enable human beings to have more knowledge of extraterrestrial life and search for the future More extraterrestrial life provides direction.

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