Scientists have found a new fuel, with which the speed of the spacecraft is expected to achieve a qualitative leap

Exploring the mysteries of the universe has always been the dream of mankind. In ancient times, people dreamed that one day they could fly to the sky and see the stars in the sky from a close distance.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the dream of the ancients has been realized. Now we have realized the dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth, and also landed on the moon and Mars. It can be said that human’s cognition of the universe has been greatly improved. We know that the sun is actually a star, there are eight planets in the solar system, and those shining stars in the sky are also stars.

Before human beings walked out of the earth, they thought the earth was very big. After human beings walked out of the earth, they realized that the earth was so small. The universe is really vast. We don’t know how big the universe is. At present, the observable range of human beings has reached 93 billion light-years, but this may be just the tip of the iceberg of the universe. The universe is bigger than we think.

If human beings want to realize their dream of exploring the universe and want to travel all over the universe, they can’t do without super fast spaceships. Speed is the biggest problem that restricts human beings to explore the universe. In ancient times, people didn’t have developed means of transportation, so it was basically impossible for them to go out by walking. However, with the development of science and technology in the era of human civilization, with the rapid means of transportation, it’s not difficult to go around the earth now.

If you want to travel all over the universe, you have to have a super fast speed. This speed is not the speed of light, nor the speed of super light, but a kind of space shuttle mode beyond our cognition, which is far faster than the speed of light. Of course, for today’s human beings, this speed mode is too far away, and we still have a long way to go to realize the speed of light.

If you want to make a breakthrough in the speed of a spaceship, you must have a breakthrough in energy. In fact, speed is closely related to energy. Only when energy keeps making a breakthrough, speed will naturally keep making a breakthrough. Our current energy is mainly chemical energy. If a spaceship wants to enter space, it needs rocket boost. Of course, the speed is very fast in our opinion, but in the cosmic scale, the speed is too slow. It will take about half a year to fly from the earth to Mars, and even the solar system can’t fly out at this speed.

If our spaceship wants to fly out of the solar system to explore other nearby galaxies, it must at least achieve sub light speed, which requires a more powerful energy. Through research and exploration, scientists have put forward a bold idea: using antimatter to replace the traditional fuel used in spacecraft. With antimatter as energy and power, it is possible to make a qualitative leap in the speed of spacecraft and realize sub light speed flight.

For antimatter, modern science has proved that it exists. At present, a small amount of antimatter can be extracted and manufactured in the laboratory, but this amount is far from the real space application. Antimatter is the antimatter state of normal matter. When the positive and negative matter meet, the two sides will annihilate and cancel each other, explode and produce huge energy.

Antimatter is a more powerful energy source than nuclear energy. Its discovery will lead to the change of human beings and make the dream of human Star Trek come true. Previously, in a large number of science fiction, spaceships used for Star Trek were fueled with antimatter. To take the simplest example, if we want to send human beings to Mars, we need more than ten million tons of chemical raw materials. If we use antimatter as fuel, we only need tens of milligrams. At the same time, the time is greatly shortened. It may take only a few days or even less.

Using antimatter as energy to produce an antimatter engine, which can be installed on a spaceship, can make the speed of the spaceship be expected to achieve subluminal flight of more than 280000 kilometers per second. And antimatter spacecraft also has a characteristic, that is, light weight. If the fuel needed to be carried is greatly reduced, the spaceship can be made larger and the internal space larger with the same weight. This is the real starship.

If the future human spaceship uses antimatter as the energy source and makes the spaceship fly at the speed of subluminal, then mankind will usher in a new revolution and let the human civilization become an interstellar civilization. We can go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies. There are also more than 10 galaxies around the solar system. These galaxies are not too far away from the earth, and spaceships can reach them at sub light speed.

With the advantage of speed, spaceships can find many earth like planets in the surrounding galaxies, and find a new earth suitable for human survival. Human beings will also usher in a great interstellar migration. More importantly, as long as we get out of the solar system, the probability of discovering extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization will increase significantly. It is possible that there will be an extraterrestrial civilization in Centaurus, which is only four light years away from the earth. At that time, we can contact and communicate with extraterrestrial civilization, and greatly accelerate the development of human civilization.

It can be seen that whether antimatter energy can make an effective breakthrough is too important for human beings. It can enable human beings to realize a new revolution, and let human beings really get rid of the shackles of the solar system and go to a broader space for development. Of course, antimatter energy is only the first step for human beings to go to the interstellar. Although it can make the spacecraft fly at sub light speed, in front of the vast universe, the speed of light is only the most basic speed.

If you want to get out of the galaxy, it is possible for the spaceship to fly faster than light. If you want to achieve this speed, I’m afraid you have to master dark matter, a more mysterious and increasing energy source. However, we have to go step by step. We believe that with the development speed of human science and technology, energy will continue to make breakthroughs in the future, and the speed of spaceships will continue to make breakthroughs, so as to realize the dream of traveling all over the universe and uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe.

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