Scientists have found a new way to find alien civilization, which is an eye opener

The universe is vast, there are countless galaxies and stars, and the earth is just one of the dust, that is, the tiny dust like the earth has given birth to intelligent life. From this, we also understand that the vast universe is not only the earth has life, there are many extraterrestrial life in the universe, and there are also many extraterrestrial civilizations, some of which are far more civilized Far beyond the earth, some ancient civilizations may be billions of years ahead of the earth.

Human beings were born millions of years ago. It took only millions of years from the birth of human beings to their evolution into intelligent civilization. We have to say that this is a miracle of life. What’s even more incredible is that human science and technology has only developed for more than 200 years, which has enabled human beings to walk out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. This is another miracle of civilization.

The reason why human development is so fast is inseparable from human wisdom, so intelligent human nature also understands that there may be countless extraterrestrial civilizations in the vast universe. Human beings wonder what aliens look like? How powerful is alien civilization? If we can get in touch with the powerful alien civilization and learn their technology, human beings will develop faster and can enter the interstellar civilization earlier.

It is for various reasons that human beings have never given up looking for the existence of extraterrestrial civilization since exploring the universe. In order to find extraterrestrial life, scientists launched Voyager 1 to fly out of the solar system as early as 40 years ago. Now, more than 40 years later, Voyager 1 has crossed the edge of the solar system, and it is also the closest detector for human navigation.

Voyager-1 records a lot of information about human civilization, including the coordinates of the earth. As long as it is captured by alien civilization, it can easily understand everything about the earth. Unfortunately, decades later, voyager-1 has not found any shadow of alien civilization. In addition to searching for alien civilizations through explorers, scientists also detect and receive various kinds of radio signals deep in the universe, determine which signals may be sent by alien civilizations through analysis and screening, and then understand alien civilizations by decoding the signals and converting them into human language, for which the Chinese heavenly eye serves.

In addition to these methods, scientists are also actively exploring new ways to find alien civilizations. Some scientists think that they can use space garbage to find aliens. Maybe many people don’t understand how to search for extraterrestrial civilization with space garbage? In fact, the principle is not complicated. Let’s talk about space junk first.

Space garbage, in short, is some debris in space. These debris are either discarded satellites, or some space materials, as well as some spacecraft debris and man-made garbage. Due to the limitation of science and technology, it is very difficult to recycle these space wastes, so they basically move around the orbit of the earth, and the speed is very fast.

In recent years, with the rapid development of space science and technology, there are more and more space garbage. Because these space garbage are moving at a high speed, they are a threat to the space station, spacecraft and artificial satellites. However, there is no way to recycle these space garbage. At present, human science and technology can not do it, or the cost of recycling is too high, so we have to give up They will remain in earth orbit.

After reading the introduction of space waste, we understand that space waste is the product of civilization. As long as space garbage can be found in the universe, it indicates that there may be alien civilization in this place. So much space garbage can be produced when human beings go out of the earth. As long as other alien civilizations go out of the earth to explore the universe, they will inevitably launch satellites, probes, and spaceships, which will inevitably produce more space garbage.

However, it is impossible to directly see the space garbage around a star with astronomical telescopes. The space garbage is too small, so it is impossible to directly observe it. However, if there are a lot of space garbage and a large number of them gather around the star, some opaque bands will be formed, and these space garbage will directly block the light source from the star it surrounds, just like us Today’s earth, although the space garbage situation is not particularly serious, but the size of the earth’s opaque belt is increasing.

Through the existence of extraterrestrial life in space garbage, we can actually observe the scale of the opaque belt of these extraterrestrial planets. If we find that there is a large and obvious opaque belt around a planet deep in the universe, it means that there will probably be extraterrestrial civilization on this planet. According to the scale of the opaque belt, we can judge the quantity of space garbage. The more the quantity, the more likely it will be The more powerful a civilization is.

Of course, with the continuous improvement of civilization strength and the ability to recycle space garbage, it will be difficult to observe space garbage around the planet. However, at this time, these high-level civilizations may create more huge man-made buildings, such as spaceships as big as the star, spacefortresses, and the Dyson sphere around the star. These are much bigger than space junk. If they are not too far away from the earth, astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment may directly observe them.

When scientists observed a star deep in the universe, they found many abnormal light darkening phenomena. They inferred that there might be artificial buildings like the Dyson sphere around the star, which also indicated that there might be an alien civilization far stronger than human beings in this stellar system.

No matter which method is used to search for extraterrestrial civilization, it needs the support of human science and technology. Only with the continuous development of science and technology, when we have the ability to go out of the space system and explore further galaxies, it will be easy to find extraterrestrial civilization. However, there are certain risks in contacting with aliens. As Hawking said, aliens are not always friendly. If we encounter a kind alien civilization, human contact and communication will speed up the development of human civilization. However, if we encounter a malicious alien civilization, it may bring disaster to the earth.

What do you think of using space garbage to find alien civilization? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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