Scientists have found a planet with a new record temperature. The surface temperature is as high as 4327 ℃, and the metal is vaporized

The universe has a history of 13.8 billion since the big bang of singularity. In such a long time, no one knows how much the universe has expanded. We only know that the universe is vast, with countless galaxies, stars and celestial bodies. In the universe, there are no celestial bodies that don’t exist, only celestial bodies that you can’t imagine.

There are two types of celestial bodies in the universe according to their motion patterns: stars and planets. One is motionless and the other is moving. Stars are stationary objects. Most of the stars are in a high temperature state and are always undergoing nuclear fusion. Therefore, the surface temperature of most stars is very high. Where there are stars, there are always planets revolving around them. For example, in our solar system, the sun is a star, eight planets revolve around it, and other celestial bodies are also bound by the sun’s gravity.

In our cognition, the temperature of planets varies from high to low, but it will not be too outrageous. For example, the surface temperature of Venus in the solar system can reach more than 400 degrees, which is beyond our imagination. People call Venus purgatory planet because its surface temperature is too high. But if you put Venus in the whole universe, compared with other extreme planets, the temperature is “cold”.

Scientists discovered a hot Jupiter in 2010, which is a gaseous planet. The reason why it attracts people’s attention is that its surface temperature is extremely high, up to 2178 degrees Celsius, which frightens many people. When the temperature of a planet is so high, gold will melt on it. You should know that the melting point of gold is only 1064 degrees Celsius.

At that time, the discovery of this hot Jupiter excited scientists, thinking that it might be the hottest planet in the universe. It was difficult to find another planet that broke the record, but only seven years later, the record was broken. In June 2017, scientists announced that the record of the hottest planet in the universe has been broken, and the creator of the new record is the planet named kelt-9b. Its surface temperature is as high as 4327 ℃.

The planet is in the constellation Cygnus, 650 light-years from earth. Its main star has a temperature of 9897 ℃, almost twice that of the sun. And this planet named kelt-9b is very close to its main star, only about 5 million kilometers. Many people may not know how close this distance is. Let’s compare it with the revolution period. Mercury in the solar system is the closest to the sun, and it takes 88 days to circle the sun.

Do you know how many days kelt-9b orbits its main star? It’s only 1.5 days. You heard it right. It’s 1.5 days, which is one of 58 times of Mercury’s revolution. Is it very close. It is precisely because it is too close to the main star, so its surface temperature is also very terrible, the surface temperature has reached a terrible 4327 degrees Celsius, almost reaching the temperature of the sun’s surface.

It’s not surprising that a star has such a high surface, but it’s a planet. What material can exist at such a high temperature? Among the known metals on the earth, tungsten has the highest melting point, about 3430 degrees Celsius, which is 1000 degrees lower than the surface temperature of the planet. Therefore, when the metals on the earth arrive on the planet, all of them will melt, and many of them will directly gasify into metal gases.

Many people may think that it is a miracle that such a planet can still exist. Can it exist all the time? Scientists believe that it is impossible. Because it is too close to the main star, the temperature of the main star’s surface is as high as 9000 degrees, and it continuously releases energy and radiation. Coupled with the high temperature of 4327 degrees on its surface, many substances are basically in liquid or gaseous state. Every moment when it revolves around the star, there will be vaporized substances scattered in the universe, which is observed by scientists When it rotates, it has a long tail. In fact, this long tail is the result of the continuous gasification of material on the planet.

The end of this planet in the future is to disappear completely, but how long it can survive is unknown. Scientists are also staring at it and continue to observe and study. It is very difficult and valuable to find such an extreme planet in the universe. When the matter on the planet is almost vaporized and the planet becomes smaller, we may not be able to observe it, If it can’t be observed, it will disappear completely, which may reveal the material in the earth’s core.

A lot of people will wonder what its core will look like? Is it a rock or a huge metal core? Is it a high temperature resistant metal that has not been discovered by human beings? Unfortunately, the distance of 650 light-years can only be imagined but not reached by human beings. Only when human science and technology are developed in the future and have the ability to travel faster than light can we reach this stellar system for close observation and research. I hope that the planet named kelt-9b has not completely disappeared at that time.

The universe is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. Will the planet with surface temperature as high as 4327 degrees be the hottest planet in the universe? In the future, there will be planets with higher temperatures to break this record. We are looking forward to discovering more incredible planets.

Do you think there is a planet with higher temperature than this one in the universe? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your views.

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