Scientists have found evidence in the human body that humans may have evolved from fish. Have you found it?

Scientists have found evidence in the human body that humans may have evolved from fish. Have you found it?

Although Darwin’s theory of evolution is the mainstream of science, it has been controversial since it was put forward, because there are still many loopholes in the process of ape evolution to human. Secondly, this view only explains the evolution of human beings, and can not directly explain the origin of life on earth.

At present, the mainstream view is that the ancestors of human beings are apes, and the ancestors of apes are some primates on earth. Primates are evolved from reptiles, and reptiles have a lot to do with amphibians. They evolved from the ocean. Therefore, many people in the scientific community believe that in fact, the ancestors of human beings are fish. To prove this, they also found some evidence in humans.

I don’t know if you have ever found that there is a very small hole next to some people’s ears, which is called the ear blind tube. According to statistics, one out of every 10 people will have an auditory canal. In fact, its existence is not accidental, but the result of human evolution. In fact, this hole is evolved from marine organisms. This small hole is a manifestation of atavism, which is what we often call atavism.

Fish from the ocean into the land life, which means that the role of gills is becoming smaller and smaller. At this time, the ancestors of human beings had some characteristics of amphibians and mammals, and began to slowly degenerate. This is when the blind tube appears. In fact, in the early stage of human embryonic development, the whole process of human development is very similar to that of fish. First of all, like fish, human will appear gill and gill row, and then gradually develop into some organs such as maxilla, mandible, larynx, ear, etc. many people do not fully integrate in the process of development, and will form ear blind tube beside the ear.

If you have a certain understanding of the structure of the human body, you will find that there are many structural designs in the human body that are very unreasonable, such as the vas deferens in the male body. Vas deferens connection is not a straight line, but around a big circle, this design seems very unreasonable. The body structure of fish is very special. Their testicles are close to the heart. However, from fish to mammal, the temperature of the body is gradually rising. In order to maintain sperm activity, the testicles evade and the rising temperature begins to transfer to the outside of the body. However, the vas deferens can’t bypass the pelvis, so there will be a big circle. It seems that the design is not perfect It is often unreasonable. This strange phenomenon has also been witnessed in the opening of the human market, because the baby’s testicles are also in vitro at the beginning, and slowly move out of the body with the growth of age.

There are still many such phenomena, such as the strange layout of human abdominal muscles and recurrent laryngeal nerve, which seems to prove that human evolution may not be as simple as we think. What’s your opinion about human ancestors?

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