Scientists have found evidence that aliens once lived on earth and plotted against humans

Does it say that aliens have destroyed human civilization many times? We found evidence. So it means that aliens have been to earth? Recently, some scientists said that so far, scientists have found a lot of evidence that many aliens on earth have destroyed human civilization. These evidences not only record that aliens once lived on the earth, but also record the destruction of human civilization. Let me show you the following.

Archaeologists have discovered in their archaeological studies that the earliest “Australopithecus” fossil discovered on the earth more than four million years ago could only use the simplest tools at that time. It was in the stone age that humans really evolved into humans. At that time, humans were very close to ancient times. Many things have proved that we are not the only intelligent creatures on the earth.

Scientists believe that shortly after human beings appeared on the earth, a big explosion occurred, which was based on the fact that the ancestors of the “Dagong” indigenous people were carved on the stone wall. In 1984, archaeologists found some reliefs on the “Temple of inscriptions”, carved on a huge stone chamber with nine people in ancient costumes, one of whom was operating some kind of machine.

The former part of the machine is streamlined and looks very precise and complex. There are dashboard like things in the front, internal combustion engine like equipment in the back, and fire spraying equipment in the back. Of course, there are many such things that cannot be explained. Scientists have confirmed that there have been several mass extinctions on the earth, and each time there has been an extinction of life.

For example, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, comet impacts, and the rise and fall of continental plates. So some people boldly infer that there have been several highly civilized events on the earth, but they have only been destroyed. Our modern human civilization has only been destroyed once.

If there are too many unexplained phenomena on the earth, such as Egyptian pyramids, stone statues on Easter Island, stone pillars in England, spaceship reliefs in the palanque temple, etc., and even pottery pots with astronauts’ heads excavated at the Banpo site in China, scientists predict that human beings will use nuclear energy in the first civilization two billion years ago, and will eventually be destroyed by nuclear war.

This can explain why South Africa’s nuclear reactors existed as early as two billion years ago. The second civilization 500 million years ago will create spaceships that can fly to earth and space, discover aliens, launch interstellar wars and eventually destroy them. So we can explain that the moon is a hollow, earth monitor. After landing on the moon, the United States also kept many of its information secret. After 42 years, it never went to the moon again.

Meanwhile, in 2014, archaeologists from the United States and Peru jointly announced a major discovery in the history of Maya Archaeology – they found three tombs in a huge pyramid on the northern coast of Peru, which contained a large number of mysterious cultural relics.

To the surprise of archaeologists, they found three unusual skeletons in three ancient tombs – three “giant” skeletons. They are called giants because the bones are more than 2.8 meters long, compared with the average height of a local man of 1.49 meters. The giant skeleton has also been found in other parts of Mexico, including a giant skull as big as an iron pot.

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