Scientists have found important information on meteorites, which may reveal the origin of life on earth

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The earth is an earth like planet, but also a beautiful planet of life. When human beings walk out of the earth, they can see a different and shining blue earth. This is Lei Feng, the home where human beings have lived for millions of years.

Scientists have discovered many earth like planets through astronomical telescopes, including two earth like planets in the same habitable zone in the solar system. They are Venus and Mars. However, compared with the earth, Mars and Venus are very desolate. There is no beautiful ecosystem of the earth. So far, no life has been found on these two planets.

Among the hundreds of earth like planets discovered outside the solar system, the blue planets that are completely comparable to the earth have not been found yet, but a few are similar to the earth. It is not sure whether these earth like planets, which are believed by the earth, have life.

In any case, through the exploration of the universe, scientists have come to a conclusion: Life planets may be very rare in the universe, especially the planets like earth that can give birth to civilization. Thus, scientists have a question: How did the simple life of the early Earth come from?

For the origin of life on earth, scientists have no more than two views, one is born from the earth itself, the other is from asteroids or comets outside the earth. There is no definite conclusion as to which of these two views is correct, and scientists have not found any definite evidence. Of course, more people think that it is more likely that early life on earth originated from the universe.

The birth of life needs a lot of conditions: suitable temperature and sunshine, all kinds of materials needed for life and so on. For life on earth, water is the source of life, is a very important material. The earth happens to be a planet with abundant surface water resources. Scientists also have two views on the source of the earth’s water. One is the combination of material from the earth itself and the other is the impact of comets.

Of course, more scientific views support the theory of comet impact. In the early days of the earth, the galaxies in the solar system were hit by a large number of asteroids and comets. These asteroids and comets from the edge or outside of the solar system hit the planets in the inner galaxy. Not only the earth, but also other planets such as Venus and Mars. As a result, Venus and Mars may have been very rich in water resources a long time ago.

Although we still can’t land on Venus for exploration, we don’t know whether there are traces of water on the surface of Venus, but the ancient river bed discovered by Mars probe has basically confirmed that there are a lot of liquid water resources on the surface of ancient Mars. It was only later that great changes took place that it became the desolation it is now.

The impact of comet has brought a lot of water resources to the earth. Under the suitable temperature and light, the hotbed of life is formed. At this time, we need the emergence of early simple life, and there are two possibilities for the birth of life here. One is that the earth itself, after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, has all the conditions for the birth of life, thus forming the initial simple life itself.

Another possibility is that at this time, an asteroid carrying life information hit the earth, and then these seeds of life entered the ocean, where they gave birth to early simple life. Scientists have found amino acids in meteorites, so more people think that the origin of life on earth comes from space meteorites.

Some time ago, some scientists said that the bases extracted from meteorites may provide important clues for the origin of life in space. It is reported that bases, as an important component of DNA, can help scientists determine whether there is extraterrestrial life. If bases can be found in more meteorites, then the origin of life on earth may really come from space, which will be of great significance to human beings.

The results show that there are two bases in the known carbonaceous chondrites. Of course, we can’t be completely sure that life on earth comes from space only by relying on these two pieces of life with bases. Only in the future can we obtain more meteorites and find bases in more meteorites can we finally prove the origin of life on earth.

Of course, if we find bases in more meteorites, it will also tell us another fact: life is universal in the universe. In the past, scientists have always believed that the earth can become a planet of life because the earth is very lucky and has more conditions to meet. However, through continuous exploration and discovery in recent years, scientists began to doubt the universality of life in the universe.

Perhaps the planet of life with rich species like the earth and the planet of civilization like human beings are indeed very rare in the universe. However, life may be everywhere in the universe, but most of them may be simple early life. It takes a long process and more conditions for early life to gradually upgrade into complex life and finally grow into intelligent life through evolution.

Through the discovery of bases in meteorites, it is not only possible to uncover the mystery of the origin of life on earth, but also of great help to human exploration and search for extraterrestrial life, which can help us to provide new ideas. People can’t help but imagine that a meteorite carrying bases and amino acids accidentally fell on the earth hundreds of millions of years ago, and the simplest form of life began to appear, slowly making a desolate planet full of vitality. Finally, human beings evolved millions of years ago to create such a splendid civilization.

Life is full of magic. The discovery of bases in meteorites will break people’s inherent cognition and open the door to a new world. If we study the origin of life code, it will be presented to us. In the future, if we find important material bases on asteroids or planets in the solar system, the universality of life will no longer be doubted. At that time, we may find that the solar system is full of extraterrestrial life, Mars and Venus have life, Jupiter and Saturn’s moons have life, and even gas giant planets like Jupiter, There may also be some special life.

Therefore, extraterrestrial life is a very mysterious thing for human beings, but in the future, extraterrestrial life will no longer be rare. At that time, the focus of human exploration will be on extraterrestrial civilization. Life in the universe may be very common, but intelligent life like very advanced life may be very rare. Most planets meet only a part of the conditions for the birth of some simple life or preliminary complex life.

However, there are many conditions to be met for the birth of intelligent life, and none of them can be achieved. Moreover, the universe itself is an environment full of all kinds of dangers. Even if some planets give birth to life, there are still many uncertainties whether they can evolve to give birth to intelligent life. Take Venus and Mars for example. Scientists speculate that they may have been beautiful life planets long ago, and they also gave birth to early life. However, they did not come to the end, and life ended halfway.

It can be seen that the birth of cosmic life may not be difficult, but it is very difficult for life to grow into intelligent life through evolution. Human beings are so lucky to be born. We should cherish the ecological environment of the earth. Only a beautiful ecological environment can make human beings survive for a longer time.

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