Scientists have found something unexpected in Antarctica. We should be alert. What’s the matter?

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I believe many people know that the earth now has seven continents, which are separated by the ocean. The most mysterious of the seven continents is Antarctica. Now we all know the Antarctic continent, but few people knew it before human beings entered the era of science and technology.

The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. The ancient earth did not have seven plates, but only one land, which we call Pangea. Most of them, 234 million years ago, the geological movement led to the continuous division of Pangea continent. After millions of years of division activities, the present seven continents were finally formed.

Because the seven continents are separated by the sea, forming a different ecological environment, coupled with the lack of transport support, people from different continents have little contact. Asians don’t know about the existence of the other six plates, and the other six plates don’t know about each other. Later, some daring explorers began to go out to explore, and then they found other lands.

Antarctica is the last land discovered by human beings. It is totally different from the other six plates. It is a world of ice and snow. In ancient times, the Antarctic continent was set as a forbidden area for human beings, where it was more cruel than desert, and the ultra-low temperature made the people who walked into it almost dead.

The total area of the Antarctic continent is 13.9 million square kilometers, equivalent to the total area of China and India Pakistan subcontinent, ranking fifth in the world. The whole Antarctic continent is covered by a huge ice sheet with an average altitude of 2350 meters, which is the highest continent in the world.

It was not until mankind entered the era of science and technology that, with the help of science and technology, mankind began to have a strong interest in Antarctica, where many scientific research stations were built. Basically, every large and medium-sized country has its own scientific research station in Antarctica. Once a forbidden area for human beings, there are some people.

Maybe many people have a question: Why are scientists all over the world actively studying and exploring Antarctica? Is there any secret there? As the most mysterious and complex Antarctic continent among the seven plates of the earth, it is normal that there are some mysterious and unknown things. After mankind entered the era of science and technology, the understanding of the land has been almost the same, and the last thing we don’t know much about is the Antarctic continent

The original scientists explored Antarctica mainly to explore some unknown creatures and things there. However, with the rapid development of human industry and the rising global temperature, more and more scientists are deeply worried about the melting of Antarctic ice and snow. You know, the whole Antarctica is a big ice block, and the amount of water stored here is amazing.

Once the Antarctic melts, a large amount of water will be injected into the ocean, and the migration will make the sea level rise greatly, which will bring great crisis to the survival of the earth and human beings. Therefore, the main task of many Antarctic scientific research stations is to monitor the melting of Antarctic ice and snow. Once we find a special situation, we should study and analyze it in time to see what it will bring to human beings?

Originally, the melting of ice and snow in Antarctica has been in a relatively normal state, but scientists found an unexpected situation through the latest observation of Antarctica. It turns out that there are large and small water holes in the east of Antarctica. Maybe for many tourists, these water caves appear in Antarctica, which is a very beautiful scenery. However, when scientists saw these water holes, they were not happy at all. Instead, they were full of deep worries.

What kind of warning does the appearance of these water caves give us? In fact, we all know that the appearance of water caves is actually the result of ice and snow melting. However, the normal melting of Antarctic ice and snow is from the outside to the inside, that is, the rise of Antarctic temperature first melts the outside of the ice layer. This melting rate is relatively slow, which can give people more time to think and study.

But when these large and small water holes continue to appear, the situation completely changed. It tells us that the melting of Antarctic glaciers is not only from the outside to the inside, but also from the outside to the outside. This is not a good phenomenon. If the Antarctic glaciers melt from the outside to the inside, then the whole Antarctic plate can still maintain a relatively stable state.

But now that the melting of glaciers is a combination of internal and external factors, the stability of Antarctic ice will be worse and worse, and the whole ice will continue to split and drift to the sea. The whole glacier is constantly disintegrating. Once it enters the ocean, it means that the glacier will melt faster. This makes scientists see the human crisis. Once all the Antarctic glaciers melt, it means that all the Arctic glaciers will melt.

All the glaciers in the north and south poles will melt, and the most conservative estimate is that the sea level will rise by 50 meters. What’s the concept? In fact, it is equivalent to another global flood on the earth, and most of the land will disappear. I believe many friends have heard about prehistoric floods. A long time ago, there was a global flood on the earth, and the whole earth’s land was basically drowned.

This prehistoric flood is a legend to many people, but through a lot of research and exploration, scientists believe that the prehistoric flood may have really happened. More importantly, scientists have found a lot of marine fossils at the foot of Mt. Everest, which shows that the earth was indeed full of water and had been drowned to the foot of Mt. Everest.

So is the melting of Antarctic glaciers the only thing that brings to the earth and human beings is a sharp rise in sea level? Of course not. If it’s just this effect, scientists won’t worry too much. We should know that with the development of human science and technology, we can survive even if the earth has no land in the future. As long as some marine cities are built, this is not difficult for some scientific and technological civilizations.

Therefore, the disappearance of a large number of land in the future will not have a great impact on human beings with advanced technology. What scientists are really worried about is the ancient bacteria and viruses that ice under the permafrost of the north and south poles. I believe many friends know that in addition to ice and snow, there is also permafrost in the Antarctic and Arctic. This is the frozen land formed over thousands of years.

Permafrost can be said to be a natural biological laboratory. In addition to a lot of ancient organisms, it also contains ancient bacteria and viruses. We don’t have to worry about ancient creatures. What we really worry about is bacteria and viruses. We need to know that, in a sense, microorganisms are equivalent to a kind of eternal life. They seem weak, but in fact, their vitality is very tenacious.

Bacteria and viruses are afraid of high temperature and can be completely eliminated in high temperature environment. But they are not afraid of low temperature. If the temperature is too low, bacteria and viruses will fall into deep sleep, and can sleep for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. There are countless ancient bacteria and viruses in the Antarctic permafrost. Once the glacier melts, these permafrost will continue to recover, and the frozen ancient bacteria and viruses may also continue to recover under the adapted temperature.

If you want to ask what is the most threatening life to human beings in the world? I believe many people will answer that bacteria and viruses are the biggest threat to human beings. Any new type of virus will bring great trouble to human beings, but we still know more or less about the new type of virus in modern times, and we can have defensive measures and solutions.

But ancient bacteria and viruses may be totally different from modern viruses. They may be microbes that we don’t know about at all. Once they pose a great threat to the survival of the earth and human beings, then human beings are in great trouble and may bring devastating disasters to the earth’s ecology and human beings.

Therefore, when scientists saw the large and small water holes in Antarctica, they were full of deep concern. This is actually a warning from nature to human beings, telling us that if we do not protect the environment and ecology well. Let the ecology continue to deteriorate, then human beings may usher in a huge disaster in the near future.

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