Scientists have found that about 3 billion tons of seawater flows into the mantle every year. What’s going on?

The earth is a beautiful blue planet, not only has the species rich each kind of life, but also has the wisdom life humanity. The earth can have such beautiful scenery, with rich water resources have a close relationship.

71% of the earth’s surface area is the ocean, and water is the source of life. It is a large number of liquid water that leads to the birth of life on earth and the birth of human beings. The existence of life on earth can not do without water, 70% of the human body is water, which shows how important water is for life on earth.

The earth is a rocky planet. Apart from its vast surface, it is also a more mysterious and unpredictable internal structure of the earth. At present, scientists mainly explore the earth’s internal structure through seismic waves. The preliminary conclusion is that the earth’s interior is divided into three layers. The top layer is the crustal layer, with an average thickness of about 17000 meters. The middle layer is the slow layer, with an average thickness of about 2865 kilometers. The most central part is the core, with a thickness of about 3400 kilometers.

We all know that the earth’s interior is a high-temperature and high-pressure environment. With the increasing depth, the temperature and pressure are also rising. With such a high temperature and pressure, many people may think that the mantle and the core should be liquid materials, but in fact they are not. Through seismic wave detection, scientists found that there are two huge solid structures in the mantle layer, and their scale is very large Huge, if placed on the surface, its height can be directly into space.

Since the mantle is a solid structure, is there water in the mantle? Many people may think that with such a high temperature and pressure in the mantle, how can there be water? But what is the truth? In November 2018, scientific research on the seismic data of the Mariana Trench revealed a puzzling conclusion: a large amount of water in the ocean is flowing into the earth’s interior.

It is not surprising that water flows from the ground to the interior of the earth. The earth itself is a circular ecosystem, and the flow of water inside and outside is normal. In the past, we thought that even if there was surface water flowing into the earth’s interior, it would flow into the rocks of the crustal layer at most.

However, it is very complicated for scientists to study the inflow of seawater into the Mariana Trench. At present, the tectonic plates under the Mariana Trench are slowly impacting and forming subduction zones, accompanied by seawater infiltration into the earth’s interior. Scientists have set up a network of 19 seismometers around the Mariana Trench to detect undersea vibration pulses for more than a year. The submarine subduction zone is found to be 96000 meters deep, which has reached the upper mantle.

The average thickness of the crust is about 17000 meters. 96000 meters have penetrated into the mantle layer. The subduction zone detected here in the Mariana Trench has penetrated into the mantle layer, which also means that a large amount of sea water flowing into the earth’s interior has flowed into the mantle layer through the crust layer. Scientists have found that the Mariana Trench plate is sliding down to the mantle every year. The sea water in the fault zone infiltrates down the pores.

The closer the water is to the mantle, the higher its temperature and pressure will be. The water is squeezed into the rock at high temperature and pressure, and then transported to the deep mantle with the rock. It turns out that seawater does not flow directly into the mantle layer, but first flows into the rocks of the crust layer, and then with the decline of the plate, finally enters the mantle layer.

The researchers found that about 3 billion tons of water is absorbed by the mantle in this way every year. But it’s not likely that the water will accumulate in the mantle for a long time, but will return to the ocean in another way. For example, when a volcano erupts, the water will return to the atmosphere in the form of steam. However, scientists have found that the amount of water flowing to the surface is far greater than the amount released by the volcanic eruption. So the mantle still absorbs a lot of water every year.

Through these studies of scientists, we have also found that the earth’s water cycle system is more complex and mysterious than originally expected. Now, it is still an unsolved mystery in what form the water flowing into the mantle is released. There is little water flowing into the ground through volcanic eruptions, and a large amount of water is flowing into the ground through other forms.

Now we know that the earth is really a planet rich in water resources. There are not only a lot of water resources on the surface, but also a lot of water inside the earth. Some people even think that the water storage inside the earth is much larger than that on the earth’s surface. The reason why some people think so is that they think of a global flood that happened in ancient times.

I believe many people have heard in some legends that there was a global flood on the earth, which drowned most of the land and caused a lot of extinction. Many people may think that this is just a fairy tale, but later scientists found that such a big flood may have happened in the history of the earth.

If there was a global flood in ancient times, how did so much water come from? We should know that the amount of water on the earth’s surface, even if there will be floods, will never reach the level of drowning the global land. In order to break out the global flood, there must be a large number of external water into the earth’s surface, and these external water may come from the earth’s interior.

It is possible that in ancient times, due to special geological activities, a large number of water from the earth’s interior poured into the ground, causing global floods. Later, the water flowed back to the interior of the earth through geological activities, so that the flood receded, the ocean calmed down again, and a lot of lost land returned. If the global flood in the history of the earth has really happened, then scientists’ conjecture that there may be huge oceans inside the earth may become a fact.

Of course, human beings know very little about the earth’s interior. We have no effective means to go deep into the mantle layer and the core layer. At present, the deepest hole drilled by human beings is only 12000 meters, which has not penetrated the crust, let alone the mantle. The real mystery of the earth’s interior is the mantle layer.

Relying on seismic wave data to detect the earth’s interior is only a very vague detection, it is difficult to really understand the situation of the earth’s interior, we know nothing except that the mantle layer is not entirely composed of liquid matter. At present, scientists have found that about 3 billion tons of seawater flows into the deep mantle layer every year, which is a great discovery. Perhaps in the near future, mankind will have more powerful drilling technology, which can drill deep into the mantle, and perhaps uncover part of the mystery of the mantle layer. We are looking forward to this day.

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