Scientists have found that Everest is turning green, and there are things that shouldn’t exist. What does that mean?

A few days ago, the Internet was swiped by such a news. In our cognition, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, with a height of 8848.13 meters. Just in May this year, scientists measured the height of Mount Everest again, and the results were released a few days ago. The height of Mount Everest today is 8848.86 meters, which is not much different from the previous figure.

In the eyes of many mountaineers, Mount Qomolangma is a sacred existence. It is always at minus 20 degrees and covered with thick ice and snow. Every year, many mountaineers go to climb Mount Everest. They hope to climb to the highest level to prove their value. Although there are not many successful climbers of Mt. Everest every year, we can still see the real appearance of Mt. Everest. In our cognition, Mount Everest is sacred, but with the deterioration of the earth’s environment, global temperature continues to rise, Mount Everest has also changed, and there are some things that should not exist.

Everest is turning green

British scientists analyzed the images taken by satellites from 1993 to 2018. They found that the vegetation coverage rate in the area above 4150 meters of Everest is getting higher and higher. That is to say, the current Everest is beginning to turn green, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that this is a good thing. It shows that the earth is becoming more and more green, and the environment is gradually improving. But we must not forget one point, that is, Everest is not suitable for human survival. If Everest turns green, is it really a good thing for human beings?

Scientists are worried about this. Everest is covered by heavy glaciers all the year round, and there are very few vegetation that can survive. Although there will be seasonal ice and snow melting every year, it will not bring much change to the green area of Everest, but the global temperature is getting higher and higher in recent years. With the gradual melting of glaciers, even Everest can not escape Because of the melting of the deglaciation, the higher the temperature is, the more green vegetation appears. This is not an impact of global warming, and there may be more disasters in the future.

What happened to Mount Everest?

As more and more people climb Mt. Everest, scientists have collected samples of ice, snow and stream water from Mt. Everest, and they found something that shouldn’t exist on Mt. Everest, which is micro plastic. Scientists think that this may be left by climbers, all kinds of equipment and climbing clothes, but there are not many people who can successfully climb Mount Everest every year, so the plastic particles left in Mount Everest should be relatively small, but we can not ignore this situation.

As the highest peak in the world, they have not been able to escape the doom of the earth’s environmental change, which is enough to show that the disasters caused by human behavior are too great. If, in the future, all the glaciers on the earth melt and the unknown virus tens of thousands of years ago is released, maybe human civilization will really come to an end. What do you think?

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