Scientists have found that human body temperature is falling. Is human still evolving?

Scientists have found that human body temperature is falling. Is human still evolving?

With wave after wave of epidemic, we found a subtle change in the human body, that is, the body temperature is gradually decreasing. What’s the matter? We all know that after human death, the body temperature will drop bit by bit, so why does the average human body temperature drop? What factors are influencing it?

Human hypothermia

If our body temperature changes, it’s a sign of a disease. In the 19th century, Karl, a German doctor, obtained the temperature data of human armpit by measuring 25000 patients. He believes that the normal temperature of the human body should be around 37 ℃. Now, if your temperature exceeds 37 degrees centigrade, no more than 37.5 degrees centigrade will be considered a low fever, but in the 19th century, 37 degrees centigrade was a normal body temperature. In the 20th century, a research team conducted a new human experiment. Among 148 participants, the average body temperature decreased again, only 36.8 degrees Celsius. In the British test in 2017, the average body temperature of 35000 people was only 36.6 degrees Celsius, from 37 degrees Celsius to 36.6 degrees Celsius, a full 0.04 degree lower. Why did this happen?

Causes of hypothermia

At the beginning of the measurement process, scientists thought that this may be due to the error between the thermometer and the thermometer, so it led to the measurement data deviation. There is also a difference in the place of measurement. Some people like to measure the forehead, some people measure the armpit, and some people measure the temperature of the mouth. The data are also different. So in 1992, doctors thought it was the problem of thermometer that led to the gradual decrease of human body temperature. In fact, this is not as simple as we think. Is human being evolving?

Later, after certification, the decrease of temperature may have something to do with environmental life. Before the 19th century, most groups lived in a very bad environment, so they often suffered from some infectious diseases or inflammation. After inflammation, the immune system of the human body played a certain role in defense, and the temperature of the human body would increase. Today’s living environment is getting better and better, chronic diseases, virus infection, inflammation and other diseases are also reduced, so our body temperature will drop.

However, in the new study, it is found that hypothermia is not only manifested in the people with superior living environment, but also in many people living in primitive tribes. Some people think that this is caused by the improvement of facilities. For example, in winter, we will provide heat, and it is no longer cold by means of heat preservation. In summer, when facing high temperature, there is air conditioning, so the ability to adjust the temperature inside the body becomes worse and worse, and the body temperature decreases.

Fundamentally speaking, the decrease of human body temperature is not the result of a certain factor, but is caused by the combined action of the surrounding environment, human living habits and other factors. As long as this phenomenon does not affect people’s life and health, and does not affect our lives, it will be harmless. What do you think of it?

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