Scientists have found that human body temperature is mysteriously decreasing, and it will drop by 0.03 ℃ every 10 years

The earth is a world of life rich in species, with millions of species, among which the species and quantity of animals occupy the mainstream. In essence, human beings also belong to animals and are a member of mammals. However, human beings are intelligent life. With the continuous development and progress, human beings are re divided into a family, which we call Hominidae, completely separated from animals.

Each animal has its own body temperature, and in the biological world of the earth, according to the properties of body temperature, it can be divided into cold-blooded animals and thermostatic animals. Cold blooded animals, also known as variable temperature animals, their temperature will change with the change of external temperature. Thermophilic animals dominate the earth’s biosphere, and most of them belong to this category.

The temperature of stellar animals will not change because of the change of external temperature. This is because this kind of organisms have the mechanism of self regulating body temperature. Birds and mammals are basically stellar animals. Humans are mammals, and naturally belong to stellar organisms. There are corresponding mechanisms in our bodies to regulate the stability of body temperature.

When the body temperature drops, the hypothalamic thermoregulatory center will make the muscles tremble to produce more heat; at the same time, it will make the blood vessels contract to reduce heat dissipation. Similarly, when the body temperature rises, the brain will take measures to cool down.

Different organisms have different temperatures, and the difference is also relatively large. It is found that the body temperature of elephant is the lowest, which is 35.5 ℃. The body temperature of bird is the highest, which can reach 42.8 ℃. But the body temperature of human is medium. What is the body temperature of human?

I believe many friends know that the normal body temperature of human beings is 37 ℃. In 1851, Karl wendlich, a German medical professor, measured the armpit temperature of 25000 people and obtained millions of data. This data was later widely used and has been used until now.

Of course, people’s normal body temperature will not always be maintained at 37 ℃, and there will be regular fluctuations at different times of the day. Generally speaking, people’s normal body temperature reaches the highest in the afternoon to the evening, and the lowest when they wake up in the morning. The temperature of men is usually 0.3 ℃ lower than that of women, which I believe most friends can feel.

In the past two years, COVID-19 has continued to make people all over the world enter the ranks of anti epidemic. In order to prevent and detect the virus in time, we need to measure the temperature when we enter some public places. Through the temperature measurement of the instrument, I believe many friends will find that their normal temperature is not 37 ℃, but about 0.3 ℃ lower than this figure. What’s the matter? Is it wrong to use the normal human body temperature data for more than 100 years?

Of course not. More than 100 years ago, the 37 ℃ normal body temperature data obtained by scientists through data collection is undoubtedly correct. If this data is wrong, it can not be used for more than 100 years. If so, why is human body temperature lower than 37 ℃ now?

Through the data comparison of more than 100 years ago, scientists have found a fact that they have to believe: human body temperature is falling, and the normal body temperature is lower than the standard set in the 19th century. Previously, scientists re measured the oral temperature of 35000 people, and the average value was 36.6 ℃, indicating that human body temperature is falling.

In 2020, Stanford University scientists confirmed this conclusion through more detailed research, and also came to a new conclusion: human body temperature will drop by 0.03 ℃ every 10 years. Compared with the data obtained by Professor wendlich in 1851, the normal human body temperature has dropped by 0.4 ℃ to 36.6 ℃. Among them, the body temperature of men drops more than that of women, reaching 0.59 ℃. No wonder there are more and more “cold men” now. The original root is here.

Now scientific research shows that human normal body temperature is indeed falling, and this downward trend seems to continue. So the question arises: why does human body temperature drop? What impact will this change have on human beings? Is it good or bad?

As for the reason why human body temperature has been declining for nearly a century, scientists believe that it may be related to the rapid development of science and technology in human civilization. We all know that the human body has a strong immune system, which can kill the invading viruses and bacteria in the body.

When the immune system wants to eliminate viruses and bacteria, the cytokines produced will increase the body’s metabolic rate, thus releasing more heat and increasing body temperature, so as to better eliminate bacteria. Therefore, we will find in our daily life: when we have a cold, we often have a high fever, which is actually the result of the body’s immune system fighting with bacteria.

More than 100 years ago, human science and technology was far less developed, especially in the field of medicine. At that time, people were much more likely to be killed by bacteria and viruses than they are now. Take tuberculosis. In the 19th century, about 2% to 3% of people were infected with tuberculosis. At present, the proportion is very low.

With the rapid development of science and technology in the past century, medicine has made great progress. The injection of various vaccine antibodies enables us to be immune to many bacteria and viruses, thus greatly reducing the probability of people being infected by bacteria and viruses.

Without the invasion and destruction of a large number of bacteria and viruses, the number of battles of the immune system will be greatly reduced, so that more heat will not be released, and the human body temperature will be able to continuously lower. In addition, the quality of modern human life is also greatly improved, we live in a better house, air conditioning and other cooling means, can make the living space to maintain a good temperature. So our bodies don’t need to release more heat to keep warm.

So what is the effect of low temperature on human beings? Good or bad? At present, scientists have not given a definite answer, because the time span of hypothermia is still relatively short, there is no effect. Some people think that if the body temperature drops, the metabolism of the body will also drop, which can increase the life span of human beings.

It is also believed that hypothermia may lead to a decrease in human resistance to new bacteria and viruses, making it easier to infect unknown bacteria and viruses. Of course, whether the life expectancy increases or the ability to resist the virus weakens, it’s still just people’s speculation. Scientists believe that the average body temperature of human beings may further decrease in the future. Whether this decreasing trend is good or bad for human beings still needs further research.

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