Scientists have found that planets very similar to the earth are not far away and may have life to live on

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In ancient times, people had all kinds of illusions about the starry sky. They wanted to understand what the stars were? So there are all kinds of myths and legends. With the rapid development of human civilization, we entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago. At that time, we invented the astronomical telescope and finally saw the world beyond the earth. We also understood that the stars in the sky were actually planets.

When human beings walk out of the earth, they really have a new understanding of the vast universe. At this time, human beings also have two major tasks, one is to explore earth like planets similar to the earth, the other is to find alien life, especially alien civilization.

After more than half a century of exploration and search, so far, we have not found extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. However, the exploration of earth like planets similar to the earth has achieved good results. Through the observation of powerful astronomical telescope, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth in the range of 1000 light-years away from the earth. Some of them have high confidence in the earth and may be suitable for human survival.

One of the earth like planets, about 42 light-years away from the earth, is called the twin brother of the earth by science. It is named hd69830d. It is a planet with water and atmosphere, and it is also in the habitable zone of its star system. Hd69830d is about the same size as Uranus. Its main star is an orange star with spectrum type of k0v. Its mass is about 86% of the sun’s, radius is 89%, brightness is about 45%, and its current age is estimated to be about 7 billion years old.

The planet in the habitable zone is very similar to earth in many ways, so scientists speculate that it may be a planet suitable for human survival. Of course, for this planet, scientists have another worry, that is, the existence of life, especially the existence of intelligent life. Although there may be a lot of life in the vast universe, there are various forms of life, and the living environment required may be very different from that of the earth, according to the earth’s ecological model, a planet with such an ecological environment as the earth will naturally have a great possibility of birth of life.

Moreover, the earth is still a civilized planet, giving birth to intelligent life. Therefore, a planet with similar ecological environment to the earth will naturally have a greater possibility of intelligent life. Just like this, scientists speculate that hd69830d may have been a living planet, or even an intelligent civilization planet.

Through the detection of scientists, it is found that the main star around hd69830d is about 7 billion years old, which is 2 billion years older than the sun. For example, early life appeared soon after the birth of this hd69830d planet. After a long period of evolution, it is possible that intelligent life was born much earlier than the earth.

We need to know that human beings were born millions of years ago. If the intelligent life on hd69830d was born tens of millions of years ago, through continuous development, it is possible that the strength of civilization now is far stronger than that of human beings. This is not good news for human beings. The main purpose of human exploration of earth like planets similar to the earth is to find a second and third home suitable for human beings, so as to realize interstellar migration in the future.

The distance of 42 light years is an unimaginable distance and an insurmountable gap in the eyes of human beings. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, when we initially master sublight flight in the future, this distance will be the place that human beings can reach. At that time, we may realize the preliminary interstellar migration.

However, if a powerful civilization has been born on hd69830d, then the hope of human migration to this planet may be dashed. If forced migration is possible, interstellar war may break out. If the strength of the two civilizations is equal, then the final result is that both of them will be defeated, and we will not get the slightest advantage. But if the strength of alien civilization is stronger than ours, then human beings will fail. We can’t bear the consequences, which may lead to the end of civilization.

At the same time, scientists have another worry. If the intelligent civilization on hd69830d is stronger than that of human beings, it may have discovered the existence of the earth and speculate that there may be civilization on the earth. The reason why they haven’t come to earth may be that the strength of their civilization is not enough for interstellar navigation. Of course, it is also possible that the fleet of alien civilizations is already on the way to earth, and will come to the solar system at some time in the future.

Thus, it can be seen that the discovery of earth like planets very similar to the earth near the earth is not only human’s luck, but also human’s misfortune. Fortunately, it is likely to be suitable for human survival, and the distance is relatively close, so we are more hopeful to achieve immigration in the future. Unfortunately, there may be intelligent civilization on this planet. Not only can we not fulfill the dream of immigration, but also it may threaten the safety of the earth and human beings.

That’s why Hawking warned us several times not to try to connect with alien civilization, which may bring disaster to the earth. But in the face of the endless exploration of the universe and the temptation to explore the unknown, few scientists can understand this. In the view of scientists, it is a great and meaningful thing to seek and explore alien civilization and contact with it, which is a milestone in the history of human civilization.

Only when human beings have one day contact with alien civilization, can they really understand the importance of Hawking’s warning. However, it may be too late at that time. In the face of a powerful civilization that can cross the interstellar space and come to the earth, the technological strength of human beings may be similar to that of children’s toys, and we will be no match at all. At that time, it will be a great disaster for mankind. Fortunately, the alien civilization will treat mankind as a subsidiary civilization. If we are not lucky enough to meet the brutal alien civilization, it may be the end of the human race.

Therefore, the strength of human science and technology is still very weak. What we should really do is to develop science and technology rapidly. Only when we become a real interstellar civilization and have strong civilization strength, can we go out of the solar system to explore and find alien civilizations and contact with them. Only with the same strength can civilizations have the right to equal dialogue. This iron law applies both within civilizations and among civilizations in the universe.

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