Scientists have found that seven stars in the Milky way are fleeing out of the galaxy. Where is the power coming from?

Since the birth of the universe from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago, it has maintained a relatively stable state. The main reason why the universe can maintain a relatively stable state is the existence of gravity. Every celestial body has different gravity according to its different mass. The larger the mass, the greater the gravity.

Super gravitational objects will form their own circle of influence, attracting a large number of celestial bodies. We all know that there are many stars in the universe, which are relatively huge objects. They rely on strong gravity to form their own small galaxies, which manage a large number of planets and other small objects. For example, in our solar system, the sun is a huge star, and its mass accounts for 99.86% of the mass of the whole solar system.

Due to the existence of cosmic gravity, a set of natural rules of motion are spontaneously formed among celestial bodies, that is, the motion system, in which planets revolve around stars and small galaxies revolve around large galaxies. For example, the solar system revolves around the center of the Milky way. Of course, there is a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky way, and the gravity of this black hole can constrain stars with a diameter of 100000 light-years, so that they cannot leave the Milky way.

However, everything is not absolute, and the celestial bodies in the universe will not all be honest and revolve around a goal all the time. They also have their own dreams and want to get out and see a broader starry sky. The moon revolves around the earth, but the moon is not at ease. It is also a little far away from the earth. Sooner or later, it will leave the earth and become a free star.

The earth revolves around the solar system. Naturally, the earth is not willing to revolve around the sun forever. Therefore, the earth is slowly moving away from the sun, dreaming that one day it can break away from the shackles of the sun’s gravity and go to a broader starry sky to see the outside world. The stellar sun takes the whole solar system around the Milky way. The solar system is a relatively honest galaxy. Although it is on the edge of the Milky way, it does not give birth to the heart of defection and honestly revolves around the Milky way.

Of course, there are hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky way. Not all stars can be as secure as the sun. There are still some stars trying to escape from the Milky way. Through observation, scientists found that seven stars in the Milky way are escaping from the Milky way. So how fast are the seven stars escaping? Where does their motivation come from?

As we all know, whether stars or planets, their rotational speed is basically constant. For example, the earth’s rotational speed around the sun is about 107 kilometers per hour, which can form a balance with the sun’s gravity. Otherwise, the earth may be pulled and swallowed by the sun’s gravity, and this speed can also be stable in the sun’s orbit. If the speed exceeds 107 kilometers per hour, the earth will be pulled and swallowed by the sun’s gravity At this speed, the earth may break away from the shackles of the sun and become a wandering planet.

In the same way, the speed of the planets in the Milky way around the supermassive black hole in the center of the galactic center is basically constant and will not change easily. And these seven stars who are fleeing the Milky way must also have the ability to escape from the Milky way because of the sudden acceleration of their revolution speed for some reason. What happened to make the speed of the stars increase a lot?

The gravity of the central body of the Milky way is very strong, and our solar system needs to maintain a speed of more than 250 km to revolve around the Milky way if it wants not to be dragged into the Galactic black hole. That is to say, if you want to escape the Milky way, you need at least more speed than the solar system. According to scientists, the escape speed of the Milky way must reach at least 360 kilometers per second.

And these seven stars can escape the shackles of the silver center, which can reach a speed of at least 360 kilometers per second. And the driving force for them to achieve this speed may come from supernova explosions. The so-called supernova explosion is actually a violent explosion that stars experience near the end of their evolution. These explosions are extremely bright, and the sudden electromagnetic radiation in the process can often illuminate the whole galaxy in which they are located.

Supernovae are powerful enough to accelerate stars. However, the stars that can accelerate the supernova explosion are all star systems above binary stars, which is well understood. If there is only one star in the galaxy, it will explode itself, and there will be no stars around that can accelerate.

There are only star systems with more than two stars. There are two or more stars in a galaxy. When one of them reaches the end of life, an ultra new explosion occurs. The huge impact energy accelerates the other stars and gives them the power to escape from the galaxy. The thrust of the explosion may make these stars accelerate enough to escape from the galaxy.

Therefore, the seven stars found by scientists are escaping from the galaxy. They were originally star systems above binary stars, and they gained enough power and speed to escape from the galaxy due to supernova explosion. Of course, not all systems with more than two stars can push stars out of the Milky way after supernova explosion. Although most stars get higher speed, the speed is still not enough, and finally they are pulled back by the Milky way again.

Therefore, the stars who can escape from the galaxy are lucky. They don’t have to stay in the galaxy all their lives. They can go out of the galaxy and enjoy a wider space. They can go to other large galaxies. In fact, in addition to stars escaping from the Milky way, there are also stars coming from other galaxies. These stars may also escape from other galaxies. After a long journey, they come to the Milky way and become a member of the Milky way.

In addition, there are more stars coming to the galaxy than escaping from it. While scientists found that 7 stars are escaping from the galaxy, they also found that 13 stars are flying into the galaxy from outside the galaxy.

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